Big Life - Chapter 69

“I’m sorry but a contract would be hard for a while.”

Jaegun said firmly.

The two people’s faces turned pale. It was Hetae Media’s Ma Jonggu and Park Gyungsu. The few pieces left of sirloin was burning away

“If I have to say it, I have solved my living conditions. There’s no reason to write forcefully, so I want to write something I want to write about. And I want to write fantasy or martial arts someday, but not now.”

“Hm, yes… If you think so… I understand. Then…”

Jonggu face turned pale.

The mission from the representative to get a contract was going to be failed. There was no way to avoid the screams from the representative.

“I’m really sorry. Manager Ma. And you too, Park.”

“No, no, no. It’s fine. We’re sorry. And thank you. You’re probably busy.”

“Then we should stand up?”

“Ah, yes, let’s stand up.”

Jaegun pulled out his money. Horrified, Jonggu and Gyungsu ran over and blocked him.

“No, Writer, we’re paying.”

“I’ll buy. You didn’t get a contract and it’s kind of bad to use the card.”

“There’s no reason. It was a place for us to buy you food. Please put it away.”

“Just think of it as my gift. I got your help a lot.”

Jaegun cleared Gyungsu and Jonggu’s pleas and paid. It was about 200 dollars because it was an expensive sirloin steak.

“Thank you.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Jaegun laughed as he left.

He remembered the time when he was shivering to pay for a ramen. It didn’t feel that different from now and then. He felt happy.

“Then I’ll go. You go too.”

Jonggu couldn’t even offer that he was going to take him home because Jaegun had a car. So suppressing the regret, they greeted.

“Go nicely. We’ll see you again.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

Jaegun clicked the navigation to a saved place.

‘When are they announcing it?’

Jaegun thought to look at the time

Today was the time that the Modern Teen Literary Contest results were going to be announced.

The family, friends, and others. They were all going to be all surprised.

Jaegun pressed on the accelerator.



The basement office.

Hyeongyung put his hands on his head. His debut novel Slaughter that started paid chapters 4 days ago wasn’t doing too well.

“How could… not even a half but by ⅔.”

The number of likes that was over 6000 when it was free was now at 2000. It was not up to Hyeongyung’s expectations.

“Stop looking and write.”

Minho said while turning around from his seat.

“How could you do that for 4 days? I’m not trying to be annoying, but you don’t have any in storage. If you fail one day, it’s gonna go down more.”

“I know, I should stop, but it’s making me angry….”

Hyeongyung put his head down.

To the Minho who looks at Hyeongyung pitifully, Hyeongyung continued.

“You must be happy. Each chapter is getting over 1000 payments. You already got 1500 dollars. Me… what is 300? I won’t even get 500 dollars.”

“You’re funny. Hey, be happy that you’re getting that much. There’s so many not doing so well.”


“And am I the same? I’m 34, no 35, and I just made one good novel. You’re younger. For a debut, that’s good.”

Minho was trying hard to help Hyeongyung.

To Minho who failed his debut, Hyeongyung’s wasn’t that bad. It was only a debut.

“You’re good at everything, Hyeongyung. You have good writing, but you have a weak heart. Check that mental. Be confident.”

“I know…”

“That face isn’t a knowing one. Do you want to go out? Yes, we have to eat lunch. Let’s go out. I’ll buy you something.”

“I’m fine. Your wallet is still empty. You have to wait 2 months for the money.”

Hyeongyung sighed. He went to the kitchen and brought two ramen.

“This is it for ramen. We don’t even have any rice at all.”

“I’ll buy.”

“I’ll come. I’m staying with you so we should split.”

“We need more writers.”

This was an office for 4.

But now only two people used it., The 2 people gave up writing to get a job.

Now it was harder to survive. The money that was paid by 4 had to be paid by 2.

The situation was hard.

“What about that writer that we met?”

“Yes, he lives in Jinju. It might be hard for him to come to Seoul.”

Hyeongyung answered.

Minho muttered as he looked up at the ceiling.

“Do I have to get this person…”

“Hm? What?”

“I have a person I know. A writer who wrote romance and adult novels. Just recently got divorced.”


“I said I’m living in an office and the writer wants to come in. Of course, with the money as well.”

Hyeongyung brightened.

“Then come here.”

“It’s a girl.”


Hyeongyung asked.

Minho yawned and continued.

“It’s a girl. She’s cool. But the problem is if we have a girl, there are so many problems. There’s one bathroom. And we’re going to have to give a room.”


“So I’m asking. What do you think?”

Hyeongyung put the soup and ramen in. And he said after a thought.

“She doesn’t have bathroom issues right?”


“If she doesn’t use the bathroom too much, I’m fine.”

Minho smiled at that.

Hyeongyung bitterly smiled at that too.

“We don’t have much money. Why should I worry about that? And if her personality is good, I’ll agree. I don’t mind.”

“Hyeongyung, thanks.”

“What. Oh, the eggs.”

Hyeongyung opened the fridge.

Just then, the door opened.

“Ah? Writer Ha, what are you doing?”

“What? Writer Ha?”

Minho stood up from his seat and went out to eh kitchen. Jaegun was smiling in front of the door.

“You were cooking ramen. I was late.”

“Ah? You haven’t eaten either? Then eat first. I”m not that hungry.”

“No, I’ve eaten. I”m sorry but you might have to help me.”

“What? Of course.”

“Then come out for a second.”

The two went out of the villa. Jaegun’s car was in front of it. Jaegun said as he opened the trunk.

“There’s too much so I can’t lift it by myself.”

“What? That…?!”

Minho opened his mouth as he looked in the trunk

There were 3 boxes of food. From rice, and dumplings, and beef, cold products, ham, eggs, milk, etc. Everything was there.

“Don’t eat only ramen. Your faces look too skinny now.”

“Writer Ha…!”

Minho was so happy.

He couldn’t say anything with his mouth

Jaegun was Minho’s savior as he helped Minho with writing. Now with this… He wasn’t even a good writer yet.

Minho’s eyes turned red.

“I, I’ll lift it.”

Hyeongyung said first. And lifting a box, he went in.

“Writer Ha, leave it. I’ll do it.”

“There’s two left so one for each. Ha!”

The two each brought a box into the office.

Jaegun said as he put it down.

“And two, some money will be coming in by 4.”


Minho and Hyeongyung both tilted their heads. It was not a paper book but a pay per chapter style. There was no money beforehand.

“I called the representative. It’s not much, but it will be enough for now. Just wait for 2 months and write hard.”

“Ah, Writer Ha, ah really…”

Now Hyeongyung couldn’t open his mouth.

He felt very ashamed for being mad about his debut work.

This great writer was helping him, but he was just laying out complaints.

“Ramen is for today only. Eat it because you already put it in”


“I get it.”


Jaegun read a novel as Minho and Hyeongyung were eating. Hyeongyung was already reading the news with his phone


Hyeongyung let out a sound. Minho covered it.

“Wait, this…?”

Hyeongyung muttered louder. Minho asked while picking up a dish.

“What is it?”

“Wait, I’m reading the news, but your name is coming up?”

Jaegun lifted his head too.

Hyeongyung put his phone in front of Jaegun.

“This… is this someone else?”

It was the news of the Modern Teen Literary Contest results.

The name was Storm and Gale. The writer’s name was Ha Jaegun.

“Ah, this just came up?”

Jaegun answered indifferently with a smile.

Hyeongyung’s mouth started to open and kept opening.

“Ha, Ha, Writer Ha…! This really is you?”

“Wow, this is for literary? You write well for anything, writer. Congratulations”

Minho also congratulated Jaegun.

But Hyeongyung was way more surprised than Minho. He knew how hard it was to get this award.

“I, I, I was a literary major. But really. Modern Teen Literary Award?! Wow, I, I really can’t say anything. This is crazy.”

“Is that really that good?”

“Minho, really? There are writers who spend 10 years trying to win this. This is the award that gets you recognized by the literary world. Really amazing!”

Jaegun scratched his head embarrassed.

And he said softly.

“I hope you’re coming to the ceremony.”

“Me… Of Course! Of course, I’m coming.”

Jaegun looked at Minho

“You too, Writer Kang.”

“Of course, but if I go, are you buying us dinner?”

Jaegun laughed widely at that. The other two laughed as well.

The weather was cold outside. but now, the office inside didn’t seem too cold anymore.

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