Big Life - Chapter 7

The next morning.

Jaegun let out a sigh of relief as he checked his bank account. 2,100,000 Won was deposited in his account.

‘I’m alive…’

Even though it was only the money from making books 1 and 2, he felt glad for the money he earned.

‘This is really a gift from the heavens.’

Today was his father’s birthday.

He was just about to go there empty-handed, but now, with the newly earned money, he could actually prepare a gift.

“Rika, I’m really sorry, but stay home today. My parents really don’t like animals, so it’s gonna be hard to take you; I’ll come back early.”


Rika shook her head; it was as if she understood and hopped onto the bed. Jaegun quickly put on some clothes and left. It was a one hour journey by subway to go there.

‘It might be better giving cash’

Jaegun changed his mind about the present. It would be awkward if his father didn’t like the present. He hadn’t heard anything good come out of his dad’s mouth ever since he was little. Unlike his mother and sister, his dad was always cold to his son.

As Jaegun left the station, he put 300,000 Won into an envelope. He bought a cream cake as well. His dad wouldn’t eat it, but his sugar loving mom and sister would.

-Ding Dong~

Jaegun arrived at the villa and pressed the doorbell.

The door opened: “I didn’t expect you to arrive this soon. How did you come this early?”

Jaeyn looked at the clock that showed 2 and asked as if she was surprised. Jaegun smiled as he took off his shoes.

“What have you been doing?”

“Since it was a holiday, I was just resting.”

He could tell that was a lie as he looked towards the kitchen. On the table, there were many ingredients and dishes with boiling soup. It was obvious that she has been busily preparing since this morning.

“Did you eat lunch yet? Nevermind, there is no way that you would have.”

“Where’s mom?”

“She went hiking with dad. It should be time for them to come back. Eat first.”


Jaegun pulled out a chair and sat in front of the table.

Jaeyn made many dishes for her younger brother. She pulled out ham, eggs, beef, kimchi and also, the rice; everything that he liked.

“Thank you for the food.”

“Just eat. Tell me if you want more.”

The food was just as good as ever. The deep taste was something he had never savoured before in any restaurant. Jaegun sometimes told her to set up  a restaurant. It wasn’t a joke, he was serious. His sister’s cooking skill was that good.

“Is it good?”

“Why ask something so obvious?”

“Even though you’re living alone, eat well.”

“Yeah, I got it.”

“It would be good if you come back home…”

“You know our dad doesn’t like me.”

“That’s why I can’t say it, you idiot.”



Jaegun put down his spoon. He swallowed everything inside his mouth and spoke.

“I think everything’s going to work out for me soon.”

“Yeah? What happened?”

Jaegun lowered his eyes and smiled embarrassedly.

Jaeyn slapped his thighs and urged him to continue.

“Come on, stop holding me in suspense. Tell me quickly. Tell me~.”

“The editor said that my book was good.”

“Really? The editor that you spoke to me about on the phone? The one you said that was strict?”

“Yeah, he said it was good. he even gave me money a lot of money, and that’s why…”

He pulled out the envelope that contained 300,000 Won and handed it to Jaeyn.

“Here, a present. Since he’s not gonna take it from me, I think it would be the best if you gave it to him.”


Jaeyn took the envelope. As she felt the unexpectedly thick envelope and looked inside, she was shocked.

“How much is this? Wow, this is 300,000?!”

“Why are you surprised by only that much.”

“Hey, take some out, you only have to give dad 100,000 Won”

“Hey, don’t do that.”

“You have to take care of your life first. Don’t overdo it; there’s no need to be prideful towards me.”

Jaegun grabbed her arms and pressured it as he shook his head.

“I’m not being prideful. Just think about how I lived like a loser all these years. Do I have the right to be a miser at this moment?”


“300,000 Won? That’s nothing. In a little while, 3,000,000, no 30,000,000 Won will be coming in. Just please don’t say anything and take it. I’m not burdened by this. I can at least give this much as a gift to dad.”

Jaeyn dropped her head. Jaegun was surprised and took her shoulders and lightly shook them as he spoke.

“You’re going to cry again. Don’t cry. If you cry, I’m leaving.”

“I’m not crying. It’s just some dust in my eyes.”

“You’re lying. Dust, what dust.”

Jaeyn lifted her head and bitterly smiled with a red nose.

“You’re handsome, my little brother.”

“Don’t talk to me like I’m a kid. You’re only three years older.”

“Only three years? Hey, that means I ate 3000 more meals than you. What are you talking about?”

“So that’s why you’re so fat these days.”

“Hey, are you teasing me? I’m exactly 50 kg. Come over here you little brat.”

“Hey, hey. I was joking. I can’t breathe.”

She put her two arms around his neck and squeezed Jaegun’s neck. At that moment, the doorbell rang ‘Ding Dong’.

“You’re saved by the bell.”

Jaeyn went to the door and opened it. Jaegun also stood up and watched the door. His dad and his mother were stepping in with their hiking attire.

“You came back.”

“Ooooohhh, you’re here early, my Jaegun.”

His mother took off her shoes and immediately came to hug him.

His dad stood behind her and slowly took off his shoes.

“Why are you so slim. You only eat ramen now, don’t you?”

“No, I’m eating well. Why are you so slim though?”

“This kid’s teasing his mom? I’ve put on a lot of weight these days. Honey, don’t you think Jaegun is teasing me? Right?”

His father didn’t respond. He took off his shoes and stepped onto to the living room with a stoic face, brushed past Jaegun and went into his room.

“Hoooh, that old man… Jaegun, you understand. He just had a drink.”

“I’m fine.”

“I’ll go and see to him. Go with your sister, son.”

His mother slapped him on the butt, and she followed his father into the room.

He could hear their voices from the room. Their volume slowly got louder and louder and eventually turned into shouts.

“Why are you acting like this, honey! Don’t you think about Jaegun’s feelings? Let’s take it easy today, okay?!”

“What would even come out of that bastard’s feelings? Who told him he could come here! I can’t stand his face! What? Writing? Ha, he can’t even provide for himself and he wants to write novels like others? There’s no need to feed a pathetic bastard like him so take him out quickly! Get him out! Go tell him to write his so-called poems and roleplay as a scholar!”

“You’re really!”

Jaegun slowly moved his footsteps to the front door. While Jaegun was putting on his shoes, Jaeyn behind him was about to implode with emotion and tears.


She had no words to say to her brother.

He didn’t know his father would be like this on his birthday. Taking on a job of a writer had its consequences. From the moment he set out on that path, his father rejected him. His dad’s fury still lasted until now. Today was a reality check.

“Give mom some comforting words. I’m leaving”

“I’m sorry. I’ll come over soon when I get a day off.”

“You don’t have to. I’ll call.”

Jaegun turned around and walked away from the house with Jaeyn’s teary eyes behind him. As he walked towards the subway station, his heart wasn’t only filled with sadness; it was now filled with determination. His walking grew more resolute and filled with strength.

‘Just you wait, father. I’ll be back.’

Jaegun gathered his will power and bit his lips.

In the past, when he was chewed out by his father, he abandoned his writing and looked for a bottle of soju. That was how much of a mental impact the insults had on him. However, today wasn’t the day for that. He started to see a glimpse of his future that had been fading out now. He quickened his footsteps; he needed to write the next martial arts novel for the contract.

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