Big Life - Chapter 70

About 1 hour after that.

Hetae Media also found the news. The first person to find out was the representative.

“Now, we need to get a contract!”

He was screaming to Gyungsu and Jonggu. The two people were putting their head down.

They got screamed at by their failure at a resign. But just 10 minutes later, they were back.

“Get a contract! Get the best! Really the best!”

“The representative?! What is…?”

“Are you asking me! 15 percent!”


Jonggu and Gyungsu couldn’t say anything.

There were 3 books that got 15 percent rate. It needed about 10000 books to sell to get a profit.

‘It’s not that bad! The situation is different. We have an electronic platform now too. We get money there, so just contract. Give him any money he wanted beforehand, too.”

Gyungsu carefully opened his mouth.

“Um, sir… I’m not trying to be… but the Modern Teen Literary Award is way away from this genre. These readers and those readers don’t mix. So.. ack.”

Gyungsu stopped.

Jonggu hit him from the side. Jonggu knew that Gyungsu was wrong.

The representative was saying to him now.

“Park, you know one, but not two. Don’t you know what will happen to Writer Ha? There’s going to be so many deals for him! And if he gets pride in writing a literary novel… what do we do now if he doesn’t write anything in this genre?!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t think.

Gyungsu put his head down

The representative said in a quieter voice.

“Attend the ceremony. Make him annoyed.”

“Yes, representative.”

“What did you send him as a present?”

“We bought a beef set and vitamins to Suwon.”

“Weak. Give more. Not too more, though. I think he’s trying to cut us off as he paid for the meal himself. Don’t cut that line, ok?!”

“Yes. Representative!”

“Yes, I trust you. Now go.”

Jonggu and Gyungsu left.

The representative was scratching his head. Thinking maybe I should go the ceremony too.



Myunghoon sighed as he stopped typing on the keyboard.

His three sides were covered except for his back with dividers

It was a place that Nexon gave specially to Myunghoon.

Myunghoon was going to work every single day as the game scenario writer.

He said that it would help concentration and help communication.

But of course, the main reason was Suhee.

To fix the bad relationship between them to act better and get better.

This was the main reason why Myunghoon went to this trashy place compared to his great study at home.

‘Why is it not that good.’

Myunghoon wrinkled his face as he looked at the monitor.

The cursor was flickering as he stopped typing.

He pressed the backspace until he erased everything that he had typed so far.

‘Concentrate, come one.’

Myunghoon wasn’t feeling very good today.

He knew why.

And he was trying not to think about it at all.

He tried to concentrate on writing the scenario for the entire morning.

He hadn’t gotten on the internet or looked at his phone at all.

“Umm… Writer Oh Myunghoon.”

Myunghoon lifted his head.

It was employee Hemii.

Hemii shivered for a second feeling Myunghoon piercing glance.

“What is it?”

“You didn’t give us a reply. The Team Leader was asking when the draft would be done by.”

Hemii looked like she was scared.

It was obvious.

She remembered the times that she gotten hurt by Myunghoon.

Hemii even cried during that time.


Myunghoon wondered in his head as he pressed on the shoulder.

He looked at the empty word document and said clearly.

“I’ll be there in a few seconds.”


Hemii immediately started to turn back.

Just then, Myunghoon felt like he forgotten something and widened his eyes

“Wait, Hemii.”

Hemii stopped turning and stayed in a sideways direction

Myunghoon stood up.

He looked down on the small Hemii and said clearly.

“I’m sorry about the things before.”


“I’m apologizing for the things I’ve done before. I get really sensitive when I’m working so I can’t take into consideration about other people very well. So I know I can be insulting and hurting. I know. I will try not to. To you and to the rest of the team.”

“Yeah… I… I’m fine…”

Hemii reddened and muttered.

He thought so, but she really was a simple and easy girl.

Myunghoon said again thinking that.

“So I want to buy you dinner in terms of an apology.”


“If it’s too much, you can bring the others. But…”

Myunghoon slurred his words and looked around.

And leaned into Hemii and whispered quietly.

“I want you to know that I really want to apologize to Hemii the most.”

“Ah, yes… ah… yes…”

Hemii was wiping away her sweat in her cheek even though it wasn’t hot at all.

To say, Myunghoon had many qualities that Hemii liked.

He was handsome, with a dandy style, and the song of the biggest publishing company in Korea.

“I’m fine… Writer Oh…”

The bad feelings were already gone.

It was already a small feeling of dislike.

Now her heart was beating like a little girl.

“I will…. Bye…”

“You too.”

Hemii started to move towards the resting room instead of her spot.

Myunghoon laughed quietly to himself.

It was obvious she wanted to cool off.

‘It is good. There might be a time when I need her. Dumb girls are easy to control.’

He knew how much Suhee loved her employees.

There was no reason not to be friendly with employees here.

Apologizing to Hemii was the first step.

‘I can’t do this today.’

Myunghoon stopped even though he didn’t write anything and stood up.

And he started to move towards Suhee’s place.

“Suhee, no, Team Leader.”

Myunghoon changed his words.

Suhee looked away from her monitor to look at Myunghoon.

She had a big smile on her face.

“Yes, Writer OH.”

Suddenly Myunghoon felt his chest expand.

The air was coming through his chest quickly.


Suhee’s beautiful face was still smiling widely.

It wasn’t just any girl but Suhee.

She was smiling and looking at him.

He didn’t even remember how long it was since she had smiled last.

“Uh… just today, I don’t feel very good, so I might have to leave.”

“Ah, yes?”

Suhee was answering like she was preoccupied with something on her monitor.

Myunghoon was curious about what she was looking at.

Just then, Myunghoon stopped and stood in place.

It was a feeling that a huge steel hammer hit him on the head.

A warning. That she wasn’t smiling at him.

“Then when will you give it to me by?”

Suhee was still smiling a bit when she said to him.

Myunghoon tried not to show anything as he answered slowly.

“By tomorrow.”

“Yes, Writer Oh. Good work.”

Suhee said very formally as she hid her face back into her monitor.,

Myunghoon back stepped away.

‘I’m me….! I can go my way…!’

Myunghoon was saying to himself.

As he got on the elevator.

Myunghoon pulled out his phone and got on the internet.

It wasn’t a problem of hiding.

He needed to know why Suhee was smiling.

He entered Modern Teen Literary Contest in the search bar.

As he pressed the search bar, news started to come up.

-The winner of the 31st Modern Teen Literary Contest, Writer Ha Jaegun, is the youngest winner ever…

-Writing about the hard daily life of a worker’s life in such a sad but interesting manner…

-He had already swept the Digital Literary Contest before…

Myunghoon glared at his phone.

The feeling that he would fall was broken

He hated that smiling face on the news so much.


Myunghoon shivered as he clinched his fists.

The fact that Ha Jaegun and Pyung Cheon Yu was the same person didn’t do anything to stop his winning.

It was a total defeat.

‘Lee Suhee….!’

Suhee’s smiling face was still on Myunghoon’s face.

It was a cruel smile that hurt him so much.

Myunghoon started to scream as hard as he could in the elevator.

A huge roar.

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