Big Life - Chapter 71

Many people came to the ceremony.

His dad and his family. As well as his friend Jongjin and Suhee.

Tewon and his wife Dongmi came as well, and Jonggu and Gyungsu from Hetae Media too.

Minho and Hyeongyung from the office gave up a day of writing to come.

“This guy actually cared about his clothes? Didn’t it get better from before?”

Jongjin whispered to Suhee beside him.

Suhee smiled and nodded.

She couldn’t get her glance off of Jaegun.

Jaegun was saying his speech up on the podium with his fancy clothes.

“This is really good, Jaegun. He looks so big even though he’s this far away.”

“Yeah, he doesn’t feel like my friend anymore. It feels so weird.”

“But, he’s not talking about the fantasy that he wrote?”

Suhee asked quietly.

Jongjin looked around and whispered.

“I think they wanted to keep quiet about that. Because there’s still the question of selling from the Contest side. The literary readers might feel angry.”

“I see…”

“It will get known someday. Just not right now. I understand.”

Suhee nodded as well.

Jaegun was concluding his speech.

“Thank you for everyone. But really, the motif for the main characters Sangjin and Heyoung deserves the most credit. The male main is one of my best friends. He came here together with me.”

Jaegun looked towards Jongjin.

Jongjin felt emotional as he waved.

“… and someone else. She created the female main character who carried this story, so I’d like to express my thanks. She said she was busy so she couldn’t come, but I credit this book to her. Thank you.”

From someone, the stage filled with claps of people.

Jaegun bowed his head 90 degrees.

The clapping noise didn’t know when to stop.

The cameraman took one more step.

His camera was only focused on Jaegun.

The ceremony was on the radio, the internet, and TV.

It was going up live for people with interest in literary works.

Myunghoon was one of these as well.

“That… IDIOT. He’s not saying anything…!”

His hand crumpled the empty beer can.”

Myunghoon threw the can across the table.

And he brought another from the fridge.

“You have something. Right? You’re feeling guilty. Why can’t you say it? That you write fantasy? Are you ashamed? Of course, you should be.”

Myunghoon muttered to himself.

He said he wouldn’t care. But he was still suddenly drinking one, two, three and more.

He turned off the TV and drank another bottle.

When he drank about half, he felt like he was going to throw up so he quickly stopped.

The beer spilled on his leg


Myunghoon’s hands fell across the keyboard.

He had no thoughts in his blank head.

It was instinct.

-It’s the winner of Modern Teen Literary Contest. He’s actually that Pyung Cheon Yu;;;

-AH? That Ranking Series? That no meaning nonsense. I read anything but that, I really couldn’t read…

-There’s no way that should be a writer at all. To say it, fantasy shouldn’t even be writing.

-It’s nonsense for a reader who likes writing. This award to that type of writer. I’m ashamed.

-The judges should be better.

-I really feel worried about the writing of the future….

Myunghoon wrote criticisms of Jaegun using different IDs and social media sites.

His face had a huge smile.

The drinks were greatly increasing his happiness.

‘’Can’t you say it yourself. Then I will help, as a colleague.’

Tap! Tap! Tap1

Myunghoon didn’t know the time going past as he kept writing

His hands didn’t stop until he felt so tired.

“Ah… Ha Jaegun… Ha Jaegun…”

Myunghoon fell asleep in his chair.

His dark smile didn’t disappear after he was sleeping.

The words were huge.

Through SNS, the news went across the internet.

The write Ha Jaegun and the writer Pyung Cheon Yu, the fact that they were the same person came to many internet users.

And then…

Many things occurred.

The 5000 people that were followers of Jaegun’s twitter blew up to 50,000. The Breath’s views went up over 10 percent.

The books, ‘A Dumb Woman.’ and ‘90s Child.’ was in the top 10 in many internet sites.

All in one day.

Myunghoon didn’t know that the things were happening in the opposite way of what he wanted.



Jaegun was dreaming

In front of him, it was completely foggy.

Just in a while, he could finally see something.

Jaegun now knew he was on the ground, which was parallel to his body. A car’s engine sound was moving farther.

He felt a rough feeling on his nose

It was a feeling of fur. He could tell it was Rika. Rika started to lick his face everywhere.

‘Rika… rika…’

His voice didn’t come

He wanted to move but he couldn’t. His body was so heavy.

He felt someone’s hands. It was a strong and heavy hand. The hand was moving his hand across his bag’s zipper. And then, he could hear footsteps moving quickly away.

‘I didn’t get to finish… it…’

His mind started to blur. At the last moment, Jaegun reached out his hand and put it on Rika’s neck. Rika was crying at the sky.


“Jaegun, Ha Jaegun.”

“Um… ugh…”

“Hey, Jaegun, wake up. Come one.”

Jaegun opened his eyes quickly. He could see Jongjin’s worried face. Jaegun lifted his body quickly.

“Hey, what’s up. Nightmare?”


“Yeah, dream. Look at that cold sweat. Wipe it.”

Jongjin gave him a towel.

Jaegun sighed and looked at his body without even looking at the towel. His body was covered in sweat.

‘Only a dream…?’

It was too realistic to be a dream.

He was on the ground for no reason with Rika. He could feel that hand in his memories.

“What is it? I’m worried.”

Jongjin asked. Jaegun slowly turned and looked at him. Moving away, his glance was looking at the house.

‘Ah, that happened….’

Jaegun accepted it and took the towel. It was Suhee’s apartment.

After the ceremony.

Suhee and Jongjin and him went once more. Hyojin came in, and drinks were pouring. And they went to Suhee and the 4 friends drank till the night ended.

“Hey, Ha Jaegun. You’re still drunk?”

“No, I’m not awake. But the house is quiet?”

“Suhee and Hyojin went to the mart. To give us food. About 30 minutes? They’ll be here.”

Jonjin tapped him.

“Go and clean up.”

“Ha, Ok.”

Jaegun smiled and went to the bathroom. He could hear Jongjin’s voice as he closed the door.

“There’s a toothbrush and a shaver on the sink. Use that. Suhee put it out. Towels’ in the drawer.”


Jaegun took off his clothes. It was a track suit.

It was something that his brother wore when he came, Suhee said. Jaegun opened the shower door.

‘This is good. Maybe I should get something like this. No water comes out of the tub.’

Jaegun cleaned himself. He used the toothbrush and the shaver.

“Are you done?”

Jongjin turned around.

Jaegun stood next to him. The view from above was beautiful.

“This is great. When will I have enough for a place like this?”

Jaegun smiled at that.

He knew Suhee’s family was rich. She never said it but he could feel it.

“About 500,000 dollars?”

“More, probably. Today’s houses are crazy.”

“Wow. Let’s see. My wage is 30,000… Save about 20,000… give me a cigarette. Are we allowed to smoke here?”

“Stop it.”

Jaegun turned around. He didn’t get to look around the house yesterday. He toured around the house.

‘It’s like Suhee.’

The interior was comforting and clean.

Jaegun moved around the TV and went to the next room. It was a study.

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