Big Life - Chapter 72

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‘Just like a literary avid.’

Jaegun looked in on the books in the bookshelves. Jaegun read many books, but there were many books he hasn’t read yet.

‘Wow, this is…’

Jaegun pulled out his hand. There were more books behind the ones in front.

Just then.

“Hey, so much stuff.”

With the sound of the door opening, he could hear Hyojin’s tired voice. Jaegun went out of the house. Suhee and Hyojin came back with a shopping bag.

“Hey, why didn’t you call us.”

Jongjin ran to them quickly. Hyojin looked at him.

“I called twice.”

“Oh? Yeah, I have it on mute. Then what about Jaegun?”

“I called him three times.”

Suhee looked at him and said. Jaegun, behind Jongjin, scratched his head.

“I also…”

Hyojin clucked her tongue.

“You guys… The strong men won’t help the weak ladies. Don’t block me.”


Hyojin pushed Jongjin away and moved in. Suhee followed her. As she saw the open study door, her face hardened a bit.

“Ah, Suhee, you have a lot of books.”

Jaegun went to Suhee and said. Suhee looked with a stiffened face.


“You have a lot of books. I’m jealous. I wish I had something like this. I can read these books, right?”

Jaegun was already going into the study.

Suhee’s face became pale.

She had completely forgotten. She had to stop him. Especially Jaegun who would read so much.

“Hm. What. Jaegun.”

“What? Why?”

Jaegun answered as he was pulling out a book. Suhee said plainly, trying to hide her feelings.

“We have to eat. Read later.”

“Ok. Just 10 minutes.”

“No.. no…!”

Jaegun would pull out every book in 10 minutes. She knew how much he loved books. Suhee stopped Jaegun just as he was about to pull out a book.

“Wa, wait. You have to help me.”

“Oh? Ok.”

Jaegun put the book back and went out of the study. Suhee locked the door and sighed in relief. It would be a horror if she was a just a minute late. Her heart beat quickly.

“What should I do?”

“Hm? Ah…”

Suhee stopped. She actually didn’t need help.

“Could you wash the rice? Only for 3 bowls.”


Jaegun quickly cleaned the rice. He already knew how to do this.

He quickly went back to the study and pulled the door. But it didn’t move.

“Ah? Wait, why is it locked?”

“Oh… I think it’s locked. What do I do?I don’t know where the key is.”

Suhee was saying calmly.

“Don’t worry. It’s somewhere here. I can search after you leave.”

“Oh? I’m sorry. I think it’s my fault.”

“No, I must have accidentally locked it.”

The problem was solved. Suhee moved away and started to cook. Hyojin helped.

As the girls prepared the dishes. Jaegun and Jongjin was sitting down.

Jongjin said looking at them.

“Such a girl who cooks is so pretty.”

“Not a girl, but Hyojin. You say that even though you went to go get a karaoke helper.”

“Shush. They can hear. And only that time. Not anymore.”

Jongjin warned him.

Jaegun smiled bitterly and shook his head. He thought of Dasul. She was probably sleeping after a working day.

‘Oh, I haven’t gotten a reply yet.’

He sent a message. When the book comes out, he would sign it and give the first one to her. But Dasul didn’t reply.

‘What happened?’

Jaegun was worried.

Dasul was now an important person to his life. He had gotten a huge help from her. Any person who had helped his life, little or big, deserved a place in his heart.

“Hey, what’s this?”

Jongjin muttered in surprise. Jaegun pushed his thoughts away and said.


“This is ...crazy?!”

Suhee and Hyojin turned around at the loudness.

Jongjin pushed the phone into Jaegun’s eyes. It was the top ten search list of Navin.

  1. Modern Teen Literary Contest Ha Jaegun

  2. A Dumb Woman

  3. Pyung Cheon Yu Ha Jaegun.

  4. Digital Literary Award Ha Jaegun.

  5. Pyung Cheon Yu previous works

  6. 90s Child.

  7. Ha Jaegun Webtoon

  8. Pegelon’s Magician Download.

  9. The Breathe

  10. Pyung Cheon Yu Novels.

“What… What?!”

Jaegun widened his eyes at that too. He didn’t know what happened. 1-10 was all about him.

“Hey, look at your twitter.”

“Ah? Ah.”

Jaegun pulled out his phone. He went on twitter and he breathed in shock.

  • Amazing writer...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Fantasy and Literary at the same time.. GGGG.

  • Those haters hate. Readers read if it’s good. I hope people won’t care about the genre.

  • Writer is a genius;;; Fantasy, martial arts, and just pure literature.

  • Is Ha Jaegun the name. Or Pyung Cheon Yu?

  • I’m in middle school. But my mom doesn’t want me to read fantasy. But she bought me Ha Jaegun’s the Breathe. She might let me buy the Pegelon series as well. Writer, Thank you.

  • Wrecking the Harry Potter in one year?

  • When he going into Hollywood?”

  • When the nobel literature prize???ㅋㅋㅋ

He thought it was someone else’s.

But it was his. His 5000 followers blew up to about 55000.

What happened in one day? Even though the this award was a big one, it wouldn’t have been this big.


His phone vibrated. The name of Jo Segyung flashed on his screen. He remembered his promise to not reveal his fantasy novels.

He answered the call nervously.


-Hello, Teacher Ha Jaegun, this is Jo Segyung. (TN: Couldn’t think of a better word for a respectable name)

“Yes, Hello.”

Jaegun felt weird listening to that.

He was a writer and now he was being called a teacher. It was kind of embarrassing to hear that.

-I’d like to talk to you. Are you busy?

“I’m fine. You can go ahead.”

Jaegun answered.

Jongjin went over to Suhee and Hyojin and showed them his phone. The two girls couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the list.

-The book is planned to be published in 4 weeks. There will be no changes in the schedule as of now.

“Ah, thank you.”

-And also, about the schedule. There will be a signing event at a store as stated on the contract. Do you have any problems?


Jaegun was shaking his hand.

He was going to have to change his signature to something better.

-And there is a radio show.

“Yes? Radio?”

-Yes, Writer’s Night. It will just be mostly a question and answer show. It’s not that long either.

“Hm, ok. I will remember.”

-Thank you. Do you have any question?”

“There’s nothing really… hm…”

Jaegun looked towards the kitchen

They were still looking at him in surprise.

“Did you see the internet?”

-The internet?

“I think everyone knows I’m Pyung Cheon Yu and I wrote novels with that name.

The other person laughed slightly

An answer continued.

-Yes I saw. It’s a better reaction than we expected. Personally, I felt that the readers are less stubborn with their choices now. It’s a good thing. I don’t think you need to worry.


-Is there anything else?

“That was it. Thank you.”

-Ok. I will contact you later.

“Yes, thank you.”

Jaegun hung up. Jongjin and Hyojin both ran over quickly. And fought to ask.

“What? Where is it from?”

“It’s the contest, right? Is it because of that?”

Suhee was also looking with worried eyes.

Jaegun waved.

“Nothing. She said not to worry.”

“And then. A radio?”

“I have to have a signing event. And a radio.”


“Yeah, Writer’s Night.”

Jongjin grabbed his neck and acted like he was dying.

Hyojin was also acting up.

“Han Hesun went there too. Wow, this is crazy.”

“Yes, Jaegun. You might become a star?”

Jaegun shook his head and smiled shyly.

“A star for one radio? And not many people watch that. How many people would watch that?”

“Who cares about who watches and stuff? It’s all about the fact that you’re good enough to make it on the show, no?”

Suhee came over and said the same.

“Yes, Jaegun. It doesn't matter. That is good enough in itself. Congrats.”

Jaegun looked up at Suhee.

In her face, there a beautiful smile. Jaegun smiled awkwardly back when his eyes glanced at the kitchen.

“Ah, Suhee. The stew.”

“Oh. What!”

Suhee ran over there.

Hyojin ran over too.

Jaegun and Jongjin smiled at each other and fist bumped.

It was a personal signal. One that showed that spring wasn’t far away

TL NOTE - ㅋㅋㅋ means a laugh. I don’t really want to replace it with like lol or anything so.

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