Big Life - Chapter 74

Happy New Year. Sort of. Not the most happiest of new years but be happy nonetheless.

His footsteps were as light and happy as his mind.

His surroundings were getting prettier and brighter.

‘Phew, I still have plenty of time.’

Jaegun turned on the engine.

He needed to meet Dasul.

She was the person that had given him the most help. He needed to meet her today.

It would be fine if he met her earlier.

He didn’t really have anything else to do either. Jaegun called her.

-Hm, yes Writer?

With Dasul’s energetic voice, Jaegun smiled. He answered back with his phone between his head and his shoulder.

“I’m open now. Do you want to meet earlier?”

-Whatever you want. I’m at the bookstore.

“Store? Why?”

-Wow, not the best reaction. If someone heard that, they would think I’m an idiot who never reads books.

“No, not like…”

-Again, Being too serious. I came to buy your book. Haha.

“Wait, Don’t buy it. I have it right now.”

Jaegun said looking at the book. He bought it today. It had his sign and everything.

-Come quickly. I’m at the 4th exit.

“Ok. I’ll be there in 30 minutes.

The traffic was serious.

It felt like there was crash somewhere. Jaegun was waiting impatiently, tapping his hands.

“I’m gonna be late. Is there really a crash?”

He didn’t think he would make it in 30 minutes.

Just then his phone vibrated on the passenger seat.

It was from his sister Jaeyn.

Jaegun laughed. She probably called as soon as she had gotten the book that he had sent to Suwon earlier.

“How is it? Is it good?”

Jaegun asked.

But just then, the next second. His face froze in place. He could hear Jaeyn crying voice.

“What. What is it? What happened?”

-Jaegun…. How….!

Jaegun turned pale as he heard the following words.

The cars were driving ahead in the green light.

However, Jaegun quickly turned to the 1st lane for a u-turn.



‘Hahah, I’m still gonna buy one.’

Dasul smiled like a kid and put his phone away. With her new shoes, she headed towards the store.

‘Ah, I found it.’

She found the book between the many books. It had the banner around it that said ‘31st Modern Teen Literary Contest Winner.’

‘It looks good. Even though he looks cuter in real life.

Dasul smiled again when she saw his picture.

She couldn't stop the laughing when she kept seeing his face. And her fingers were turning the page.

-I offer this book to Dasul and her life.


The one sentence in the blank page.

Dasul looked with a shocked face in that page.

Her eyes couldn't believe it. It was her name.

The people were moving around in the store.

There were people moving behind her. Yet, with this, Dasul felt like time stopped for ther.


She sighed. Her body turned numb and she felt no sense at all.

And then, her two eyes turned wet.

Her lips were slowly moving up.

“Sorry, But excuse me…”

A person said to Dasul. Just then, Dasul nodded her head and moved away.

‘I’m so mad. Where is he.’

Dasul pushed her wet eyes with her fingers and headed towards the counter.

In her hand, she held the book that made her cry.

She ignored Jaegun who told her not to buy it and went out.

‘About 30 minutes?’

She moved to a cafe. She ordered coffee and started to read.

‘Wow, this is about me from the beginning/’

Dasul fell in the story. The feeling was amazing with her as the model for the character.

Dasul’s expression changed.

She turned surprised, happy, and sad, but the pages kept turning.

She had turned into the character Heyoung.

‘Can I live like that…’

Dasul thought as she read.

It was a feeling that she had felt. When she had gotten a scarf from Jaegun.

The character in the book was surviving by herself. She hadn’t read the ending yet, but she was surviving by herself.

Dasul bitterly smiled.

She didn’t have the confidence to go for her dream like Heyoung did. As she thought of that, she didn’t want to read anymore.

She felt her relationship with Jaegun felt awkward as well.

‘He doesn’t fit with me.’

She knew from the beginning.

A totally different person from her.

She had avoided him since.

What did she come out her to meet him for?

Because of his personality?

He listens well?

A famous and good writer?

She had no answer. A sigh came out.


The phone vibrated.

It was from Jaegun.

Dasul coughed and took the call.

“Hm, Writer.”

-Dasul, I’m sorry, but I can’t go.


“I think my dad had just been in a car crash.”


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