Big Life - Chapter 75

“What?! A car crash?!”

Dasul said loudly.

A few customers looked at her.

“H, How? How did that happen? How badly?”

- I don’t know, I have to go to the hospital. I got my sister’s call so I’m going. My mom hasn’t picked up. I’m sorry for calling so late.

Just then Dasul realized it’s already been 30 minutes.

But she didn’t care. She shook her head and continued.

“Don’t worry about me. You’re driving, right? Don’t drive recklessly even though you’re in a hurry. Ok?”

-Ok. I’ll call later.

“Hm. Be ok. Your dad will be fine.’

-thank you. I’ll call later.

The call hung up.

Dasul closed her eyes. She didn’t have a religion but she still prayed.


“Stop it. No one died!”

Sukjae said annoyed.

He had just lied down in the bed.

Myungja, Jaeyn, and Jaegun were standing next to the bed. The two girls were sniffling as they had just cried.

“Stop, really. Jaegun, you take your mom and sister and go home.”

Jaegun only looked down at his body. His left wrist and the ball of his right foot was fractured. There were small hits around his body as well.

It was a crash from the apartment that he had worked in. A person had back up, not seeing Sukjae taking out the trash.

Jaegun felt horrible and guilty

If he had just told him more forcefully to stop working.

Then this wouldn’t have happened. It was his fault.

“Now, stop.”

Sukjae’s glance turned to Jaegun. Jaegun continued.

“Don’t work. Stop working. Please,”

Sukjae closed his eyes.

Jaegun waited for an answer.

But Sukjae didn’t respond or open his eyes.

John sighed and turned around.

“Where are you going?”

“To get his clothes.”

“Let me go too. I need to get stuff too. Mom, I’ll go with him.”

Jaegun and Jaeyn went away.

Myungja sat in the chair next to eh bed and said.

“I know you’re not sleeping.”


“Say something. How bad do you think he feels. Why are you so reactionless?”

“I’ll do better so don’t talk to me.”

“What if you had just stopped when he told you to. He’s doing well. He already got so many awards. His books are selling well? He comes up on the internet. Aren’t you proud? Why do you not like him?”

Myungja stood up. She didn’t really expect an answer.

Just then.

“It’s not that.”

Myungja stopped.

He was breathing heavily with his eyes closed. And his voice came out slowly.

“I don’t want to see Jaegun tirelessly writing. He doesn’t sleep or eat for 4 days to write. He smiles and cries in his own thoughts. He doesn’t listen. I screamed and told him to write while taking care of himself. But he doesn’t listen.”


Myungja sat back down.

He continued as he swallowed once.

“He became a writer even when I warned him. That summer, he didn’t come out of his room even once because he was writing.”

She nodded her head. She knew it too.

“Some days, I couldn’t sleep. So I got up pretending to go to the bathroom. And I looked at Jaegun’s room. And you know what I saw? He was bleeding from his nose but he was still typing.”


“I knew then as a father. If this is a writer’s job, I’m not going to let him do that. What does it matter if you’re going to write something for others but you can’t help yourself?”

His face turned pale.

Myungja's hand was on his hand.

“That day, I hit him. I just had to. It hurts when I think of him. He’s going to write like that forever. Probably yesterday, and today too if I didn’t get hurt.”

Myungja put her head on his chest.

Sukjae put his hand on her hair. It was the result of the years of age.


On Sunday, Bandi and Lunia had a lot of customers.

There was a place for one person just close to the entrance. It was the sign meeting for Writer Ha Jaegun.

‘Phew, I’m nervous.’

Jaegun was looking at himself through the bathroom mirror. His clothes looked nice with a plain sweater and jeans. He wanted to look comfortable to the readers.

‘What if no one comes.’

Jongjin came in.

“Hey, It’s about to start. When are you going to be there?”

“So it’s not like no one came.”

“What. What’s that?”

“No, let’s go.”

Jaegun came out of the bathroom with Jongjin.

It felt good to be with Jongjin.

“Is there a problem?”

A 40s woman smiled at him and said. It was Segyung. It was the first time that he had actually seen her.

“No, I’m fine.”

“Sit down. It’s about to come on the announcements.”

“Jaegun, I’ll be over there.”

“Ah, yes…”

Jaegun sat down on his special place. The people were looking at him. It was so awkward for Jaegun.

“Um… you’re Pyung Cheon Yu, right?”

Jaegun lifted his head quickly.

A teen looking to be in college looked shyly at him.

“Ahah, yes. It’s right.”

“I’m sorry, I was wondering if you could sign this, too.”

The teen pulled out a book of Pegelon’s Magician. Jaegun smiled and nodded.

“Of course.”

“Ah, thank you. I thought you would only do Storm and Gale so I wasn’t sure if I should ask.”

“No this is mine too. What is your name?”

“Ah, Im Park Jusik.”

Jaegun signed carefully.

His practice paid off.

He didn’t care that it wasn’t Storm and Gale.


“Thank you writer. I’ll be reading.”

“Yes, thank you.”


The teen was smiling to himself.

And he pulled out his phone and took a picture of the signature. And went to twitter and posted it.

-ㅋㅋㅋ Pyung Cheon Yu. Got it signed. It was a Storm and Gale sign meeting but I got a sign with Pegelon’s Magician. Haha

There were so many comments that couldn’t all be read.

At the same time, the news spread through the many SNS users.

Not knowing this, Jaegun was only worried about getting embarrassed because no one would come.

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