Big Life - Chapter 76

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“The announcement is coming.”

Segyung said to Jaegun.

There wasn’t music from the speaker.

Jaegun nervously nodded.

And then

The speaker broadcasted

  • Announcement. In 5 minutes, on the right side of the front entrance, there will be a signing from Ha Jaegun, the winner of the 31st Modern Teen Literary Contest, for the book Storm and Gale. One more time. In 5 minutes….

“Hm? What. A signing?”

A few people in front of Jaegun stopped and was listening.

And they realized that they were in front of the signing place and looked towards him.

“Who is that? Storm and Gale?”

“I don’t know.”

“Ah, let’s go. I’m hungry,”

“Ok, what?”

The people moved away, losing interest.

Jaegun didn’t really care too much, but Segyung smiled bitterly and said to him.

“Don’t worry.”

“Ah, yes. I’m fine.”

It felt weirder like this.

Jaegun sat down and looked down. It was better than to meet the glances of the people.

The time was moving.

About 10 minutes passed, he thought, and he looked up at the watch.

But it was only about 3 minutes.

‘I didn’t think this would happen…’

He didn’t care about how many people came. It would fine if it ended with that one person. He felt like that before this started.

But the problem was that time moved so slowly.

If this continued for a few hours with no one coming?

Seeing the glances of the people?

It was horror.

“Sign please.”

Jaegun looked up. He smiled happily.

“What’s up? I thought you had work?”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

It was Suhee. By her clothes, he could tell the coldness of the outside.

“Sign it.”

Ah, ok.”

Jaegun signed carefully. He did it more carefully because it was Suhee. But the result was a mess.

“I’m sorry, I practiced…”

Suhee laughed as she check it.

“No, it’s cute. But you look nervous.”

“I’m a human. Ah, did you see Jongjin.”

“Oh, Jongjin. Hey.”

Suhee moved towards Jongjin. Her shoes made a sound on the ground.

Jaegun looked ahead of him. The presence of Suhee was giving him confidence.

“Hello. We want a sign please.”

Two girls came and pulled out Storm and Gale.

About 20 years old. It was a young face.

Jaegun asked.

“Thank you. What’s your name”

“Se Gisu.”

“I’m Jung Yehin. Oh and I’m your college junior.”


“I’m a student in the literary department for Myunggyung University.”

The two girls laughed, looking at each other.

Jaegun stopped his signing and looked up surprised.

“Welcome. Wow, I will see you at orientation then.”

“Oh, really? Writer, you’re coming? To give a lecture?”

Jaegun answered with a shy smile and finished the sign. And added.

“I’ll see you then.”

“Yes… and oh! Can you take a picture with us?”

Jaegun turned around to Segyung. She smiled comfortably and said yes.

And then the two girls went next to Jaegun and took a picture.

“Thank you. You really write well. I brag about you alot.”

“No, he’s busy. We’ll leave. Good luck.”

“Yes, thank you.”

The two girls bowed to him and turned around.

Jaegun looked at them with proudness in his heart. It was the good feeling that he was a good senior for them.


“Aha, yes, thank you.”

A few readers also came and got a sign. It was about 3-4 minutes per person, so it wasn’t huge.


‘Maybe there wasn’t enough advertising…?’

Segyung felt a bit worried.

It was already 30 minutes.

And there were only 11 people who came to get the book signed.

Jongin and Suhee was worrying as well. There were way too little people coming.

Just then.


Suhee looked.

The girl that came out Jaegun felt familiar. She remembered that it was Jaegun’s previous editor. She saw her at Jaegun’s room.

“It’s nice to see you here.”

Jaegun was taking the book from her. He didn’t know that Somii would come as well,

“Of course. I’m a reader of yours.”

Somii smiled cutely and shook her body from side to side. She had a bun with her hair.

“Is it doing well?”

“Of course. My wrist already hurts. I forgot how much I signed from the 10th book.”

Somii laughed at that.

Next to her, a few teens came to him.

“Um…Writer Pyung Cheon Yu, could you sign this?”

“Me too.”

It was the Modern Rankings and the Pegelon’s Swordsman.

Jaegun signed. The teens couldn’t hide their joy.

“Somii, did you eat?”

Three more people came at that. They all pulled out the Ranking series.

“Could you sign this?”

“Of course. What’s your name?”

Jaegun told Somii to wait a bit with his glance.

But before that, more readers came.

“Ah thank you. Here. What’s your name?”

“Kim Jung Tek.”

More readers came behind those readers. And after that, more readers stood behind those.

There were already 10 people in the line.

‘Ah? What.’

Jaegun was surprised at the sudden increase, but he started to sign.

There was no Storm and Gale. They were all previous books he wrote with the name Pyung Cheon Yu

“Writer, here. Won’t you write more Pegelon?”

“When is the Ranking webtoon coming out? And could you sign all 10 books?”

“Writer, can you take a picture with me?”

Jaegun had no time to stop talking or writing.

He could feel the sweat dripping from his forehead and the stress from his hands and shoulders.


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