Big Life - Chapter 77

I guess this could be an offering for the new year. 

“Ah, what is this? Jongjin.”

Suhee asked in surprise.

She went to the restroom and all of sudden, everything changed.

There were 30 people in the previously empty line.

“No idea. I think someone posted on Twitter.”

Jongjin said.

“On Twitter and Facebook, there’s news of a Pyung Cheon Yu signing meeting. I searched it up. They’re all Ranking books or Pegelon books.”

“I see, then I guess those genre readers are more active?”

“I don’t know. But it’s more like a Pyung Cheon Yu signing meeting.”

Jongjin laughed.

Suhee smiled as well.

Yet Segyung couldn’t smile.

‘This is awkward.’

She liked that the line was getting more attention. But it wasn’t for Storm and Gale by Ha Jaegun.

But the line blew up again.

It was about 50 people now.

‘I need to do something. Let’s split the line.’

Segyung moved after a thought. There were people who wanted to get Storm and Gale signed. It was fair to get their books signed first.

“I believe we need to split the line.”

Segyung said to him.’

Jaegun nodded without stopping his hand. Segyung went to the see the director.

‘Phew… I’m thirsty.’

Jaegun wiped away his sweat.

There was no time to rest. The line had no intention of moving away.

“Writer Ha. Here take this.”

Somii brought a cold coffee. Jaegun smiled and reached out.

But it wasn’t coffee that he got but corn tea.

“If you drink coffee, it makes it worse. Here.”

Suhee said as she gave him it. She was smiling. Yet, she looked at Somii a bit suspiciously before turning normal.

“O, oh. I’m sorry. Writer.”

Somii greeted Suhee after putting the coffee down.

“Hello. I am Jung Somii that you saw before.”

“Yes, Hello.”

Suhee said in a sort of a cold voice.

That was it.

The two girls had no conversation between them.

Jaegun didn’t have time to look at either one of them.

Jongjin ran quickly just then

“Hey, Jaegun. where’ s your director. The line is all the way out of the front entrance.”

“What? Really?”

“The door’s just not open. There’s about 200 people. Twitter and facebook spread the news.

Jongjin said it. Suhee was taking off her coat. Her figure with the skinny one piece was very pretty.

“I’ll help.”

“Suhee? Are you ok?”

“I will. I’ll get interest back so don’t worry.”

Suhee smiled as she put her coat away.

Somii also put away her coat with a determined face.

“I’ll help too. I will try to turn the line right.”

“Ah I’m sorry. I’ll repay you.”

“No, I like this.”

Suhee and Somii both moved away in different directions.

Jongjin had no idea what to do when the director came back with one employee.

“Are you a friend of Writer Ha? Could you help us set this up?”

“Ah, of course. Here.”

Jongjin with Somii and Suhee had work.

The line continued.

The store employees in the genre section also became busy.

“Hey, do you have any more Modern Rankings?”

“Lee went to the storage. But the Pegelon series might run out.”

“What? Don’t you have 100 books? Crud. Give me everything, but call me.”

Pyung Cheon Yu’s books were selling fast.

The customers were choosing the books quickly.

The employees were busy putting the books back in place from the storage, replacing the taken ones.

About 1 hour from the meeting.

One picture came on the internet.

It was the picture of the line of the signing event.

-Ack. Pyung Cheon Yu signing event. Hahah. One loss to the Writer Ha Jaegun.

-I came to get the Storm and Gale signed, but the line was too long so I barely got it. The line was separated but it got split all of a sudden….

- I don’t like it. Maybe they didn’t realize that these many people might come. It’s not the writer’s fault but..

- Pyung Cheon Yu’s novels are all gone in that store. There are no books. They can’t sell it because they don’t have anymore. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Is everyone who says this in the store? I’m in the line too.

The attention was all coming to the event. The most attention went to the two girls helping the event out.

-I’m in the line. I was close so I came to get a sign. But the girl who is helping out the line, she’s really pretty.

-Ah that, girl with the bun hair? I saw her. Really cute and pretty.

-Not that girl, but the one piece girl???

-I don’t know what;;; it’s the bun girl and not the one piece but with skinny jeans and sneakers

-Nah, the brown one piece girl. The stocking is really great. ㅋㅋ

-The two girls are different. Writer must know them.

-I just talked to the one piece girl. Wow, amazingly beautiful. Thought she was an actress. His girlfriend???

-What. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Not about the signing event? I gotta go too.

-I’m going too. I want to see what this is all about.

-I think the bun girl is cuter. My favorite style.


Suhee and Somii didn’t realize because they were helping out with the event.

That they had turned out on SNS to be a hot searching word with ‘one piece girl’ and ‘bun girl,’

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