Big Life - Chapter 80

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“Good work Dojun.”

“The PD and the writers did the work. I’ll be going first.”

Park Dojun greeted them with a smiling face. When he went out, his face was wrinkled with stress.

‘I’m so tired.’

It was already over 8.

Because of a drama that he was filming, he had to be at the set by 3 am.

‘Too late to go home.’

8 years since his debut.

He debuted as a magazine model and he piled up skill and fame with small roles in dramas.

Last year was the first drama he had gotten a lead role in.

The drama went on to be a huge success and now he was molding from a simple star into a real actor.

Dojun went into the bathroom and went to the sink.

He looked at himself with his eyes while calling his manager with his other hand.

“Where are you? You went to get the tires fixed? Why is it breaking so much? Call me when you’re done. I’ll be resting. Ok.”

Dojun put the phone down next to the sink and washed his face with cold water.

It didn’t totally remove his sleepiness, but it helped. He pulled out paper towels, wiped his face, and started to walk out when he hit someone that was coming in.

“Ah, Fu…!”

He couldn’t finish the word. In front of Dojun with a furious face, Jaegun was picking up his script from the ground.

“I’m sorry.”

“... Watch where you’re going.”

Dojun said as he went past him.

Jaegun smiled bitterly at that.

It was his fault who didn’t see where he was going. He moved away to the side, but the man still moved towards him.

‘I think I saw him before tho. Is he an actor?;

He didn’t watch the TV much. He didn’t know unless it was a really famous actor.

‘Ah, this?’

There was a phone next to the sink.

Thinking it was that man’s, he picked it up and went outside of the bathroom. He was at the vending machine taking out a drink.

“Hello, Excuse me.”

As Jaegun said, Dojun narrowed his eyes. He didn’t want to talk to anyone. He was planning to rest until his manager came.

‘I don’t think he’s in this business... Ah, I’m lazy.’

Probably waiting for a signature.

Dojun looked away hoping he would understood and leave.

Jaegun pulled out the phone and continued.

“Is this yours?”


Dojun lifted his waist with his eyes widened. His hands went towards his pockets.

“Ah, I must have left it…”

Dojun muttered as he got the phone back.

He had forgotten this. He must have been really tired.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

Jaegun, finished, went towards the vending machine. He didn’t have any change and only had 10 dollars bill.

Seeing that, Dojun pulled out his own wallet.

“Are you going to eat?”

“Ah, it’s fine.”

“I have a lot of change. Just say it.”

“Then a coffee.”

Dojun put the money in and pressed the button.

He picked up the coffee and gave it to Jaegun.

“I’ll drink it well.”

“It’s nothing.”

There were 2 chairs next to the vending machine, looking at each other.

Jaegun sat on one.

Dojun sat on the other. He was trying to sleep, but his glance kept going to Jaegun.



“What do you do”

“I’m a writer.”

“For what program?”

“No, I’m not for producing shows. I write stories.”

“Ah, a novelist…”

Dojun looked at the air and nodded.

“Where are you going on?”

“Writer’s Night.”

“I see. There’s a program like that. But, do you not know me?”

It was the time to see if he was a real actor or not. Sensitive about these things, Dojun couldn’t wait and asked Jaegun.

Jaegun answered apologetically.

“I’m sorry. I think I’ve seen you but I don’t really know.”

“You don’t watch the TV.”

He said cheerfully, but he was a bit irritated.

Even though he didn’t watch the TV, how could he not know the person who had 5 commercials going on the air. And they looked about to be the same age.”

“Teacher Ha Jaegun. I think you have to standby.”

Segyung said looking for Jaegun. He nodded and said thanks to Dojun again.

“Thank you for the coffee. Excuse me.”

“It’s fine.”

Dojun sniffed slightly looking at Jaegun moving away.

He didn’t understand what kind of writer he was to deserve being called a teacher at such a young age.


The phone that Jaegun got back rung.

It was the manager, so he pulled himself but. His two long legs with his over 6 feet body went towards the elevator.

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