Big Life - Chapter 81

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“I’m sorry, Dojun, I’m a bit late.”


A manager in the 30s quickly opened the back door for him. He was waiting in the basement parking lot.

Dojun got on and laid down.

“Can you turn on the radio.”

“Isn’t it better to get a bit of sleep while you're going?”

“If it’s too quiet. I can’t sleep. Let me listen to it as a lullaby.”

The manager turned on the radio.

There was loud pop music coming out of the speaker. Seeing the Dojun’s wrinkled face, the manager turned down the noise.

“Is this good?”

“I think that’s fine.”

The car went out of the parking lot.

The road was a quiet one.

The manager drove with a steady speed.

“Ah wait! Do you know Writer’s Night?”

Dojun asked as they went into a toll gate.

The manager nodded his head and answered.

“I know. It’s Writer Park’s show. The show must have started a few minutes ago. There aren't not many views, so there’s a lot of worries.”

“Could you turn it on.”

The manager was surprised.

It was about one year since he got this job

Dojun wasn’t a person who like shows like Writer’s Night, But he followed his orders and changed the show.

- … As the winner of the Modern Literary Teen Contest, you had a signing meeting just recently right? Do you have anything that you remember memorable?

The female’s clear voice came out.

The manager turned the volume up.

Dojun listened with his eyes closed.

  • I’m surprised with the amount of people here today. There’s a lot of individuals who wanted to see Pyung Cheon Yu instead of Ha Jaegun.

  • Yes. It means that there’s a lot of fans of your genre novels. Do you think that the readers combined?

  • I think so. The person who directed the signing meeting was also surprised at some individuals.

  • The person who is sitting outside the booth right now? Hahaha. You must have been surprised. About 1500 books got sold during that time. Storm and Gale got 300 books as well. As a newcomer, I think that’s a great result. What do you think?

  • I can’t say anything other than thanks to the readers

‘Hm, idiot.’

Dojun thought.

He thought of his girlfriend who liked books and called her.

-Hm, yeah.

“Where are you?

- I finished dancing practice, and I’m at the horse. I was about to call. Are you going to Gangwon Do? Tired?

“The same as you. Chelyn, do you know a writer called Ha Jaegun?

-Ha Jaegun? What novel?

“I’ve heard it’s Storm and Gale? The winner of the Modern Literary Teen Contest?

-I’m not sure? Hm… Ha Jaegun? OH! Yeah. The writer of a Dumb Woman? I was reading it on the car, and you asked me why I was reading a book with such a stupid title.

“I think so.”

-It’s probably right. Um, I covered in sweat. Can I call you after I shower?


Dojun searched up Ha Jaegun on Navin.

His projects were coming up in the profile picture.

A Dumb Woman was also there with Storm and Gale.

‘There’s an electronic book.’

Since his girlfriend knew him too, he was interested.

Dojun bought the book and pulled it up. But before he read the 10th line on the first page, he couldn’t resist his fatigue and fell asleep.



The radio was heading towards its end.

There were many people who were watching. His dad, his mom, and his sister, Suhee, Jongjin and Somii as well.

Everyone wasn’t sleeping and was listening.

All people who were close to Jaegun.

Of course, there were others.

The son of the representative of Eunsung Publishing Group and editor Myungsuk was also listening in the study.

‘And amazing person.’

A genre writer who came out of the sky.

Taking the Digital Literary Contest and the Modern Literary Teen Contest. A star rookie.

It was Myungsuk’s thoughts.

‘It’s hard to write pure literary novels when you’re used to genre novels…’

There were others connections.

Since Storm and Gale were published with Eunsung Publishing Group’s brand Sky Sam so he was a writer that Myungsuk had an interest in.


Myungsuk drank a sip of coffee.

He couldn’t stop the pain in his head. He was worried about one thing.

A brand with a mystery/horror novel was in planning, but he didn’t have any projects to release.

‘Everyone is just…’

On Myungsuk’s desk, there were many drafts of many writers. About 20 projects.

All of them, in Myungsuk’s eyes, were trash.

‘They send this saying it’s writing, what do they think? Do they think their name is amazing? These idiots who live off of winning just a few awards.’

Myungsuk got angry and ripped up the drafts.

The drafts that many writers took days to work on dropped on the ground in rips.

Just then, a last question from the female radio announcer came into his ear.

-When do you think we can see your next work?

-It’s in planning. Just today, no yesterday because it’s after midnight, yesterday, I thought of a story. It’s about 10 hours since then.

-I see. What is it about?

-I’m not trying to hide, but I can’t answer it because I don’t know for sure. One thing I can tell is, I think it will be a mystery novel to find out why the college girl killed herself.



Myungsuk widened his eyes.

He heard it. Jaegun said a mystery in his show.

‘A mystery…?’

Only a few seconds of disbelief.

It wasn’t impossible for a writer like Jaegun to write a mystery.

‘I don’t know, but it might be interesting to see.’

There was a good probability that JAegun might write something good as a mystery.

Anyway, Writer’s Night ended with the ending song playing.

Myungsuk turned it off and thought to himself.

If Jaegun wrote something great as a mystery, he was going to get a contract.

It was easy for the publishing company to market such a rookie like Jaegun as well.

Costs would be decreased, and readers would love the rookie as well.

‘I’m worried about Myunghoon, but this is a business.’

Myungsuk took his phone and added a line in tomorrow’s schedule.

It was a meeting with Writer Ha Jaegun for talks about the mystery novel

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