Big Life - Chapter 85

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Jaegun turned the handle as he was heading towards his one room.

“This fast? I thought it would have took at least a few week. Ah, I’ll go. I’m coming.”

Jaegun stopped the car and reinserted the directions in his navigation. The road didn’t have much traffic so it wouldn’t take much time.

Jaegun turned on the new audio story that he had bought.

It was a habit that he had recently gotten.


Listening to the audio, he arrived faster than he expected. The office was in his eyes. Jaegun’s flew into the parking lot.

“Yes, I’m here. 1601? I’m coming.”

“Ah, Writer HA!”

Eunyoung shouted as she saw Jaegun. And then Hyeongyung and Minho looked as well.

“You’re early, Writer Ha.”

“There wasn’t traffic. Wow, the office is really big and good. There won’t be any difficulties in living here.”

Jaegun’s words weren’t completely false.

The office was definitely larger and bigger than he had thought of. Everything including the refrigerator, washing machine, etc. were there.

Jaegun looked throughout the room simply.

There were 3 rooms next to the kitchen. One bathroom in the middle and one in the small room.

“Eunyoung should have to use the big room.”

Jaegun said as he toured the big room. Eunyoung tilted her head in wonder.

Jaegun replied back.

“You’re a girl so it would be best for you to use the room with the bathroom.”

“No, Writer. You don’t have to give me female special deals.”

“I’m uncomfortable.”

Minho jumped in as he was setting his laptop up.

“Hyonegyung and I am used to using the bathroom messy, but you’re too clean. It’s too tiring when I have to clean it everytime I take a shower.”

“Wow, Oppa, If someone heard that, they would think I’m a complete nagger. You know I don’t care?”

Eunyoung pouted.

Everyone laughed at that. And then Hyeongyung said as he pulled out a drink from the frig.

“We don’t know if more female writers will be coming. So use it until someone comes it/ Right?”

“Can I…”

Eunyoung couldn’t erase the feeling of sorriness in her face.

Her two eyes were looking at the office. It was the first time she had seen something good like this. Her writer life wasn’t as plentiful. Her life with her ex-husband was definitely not plentiful.

“So that’s that?”

Jaegun went to eh balcony.

He could see the far people below him. It was so tall.

‘He picked well, well he is that type of person.’

It was way different than the office that was in the basement. It was like a 30 year old bathroom changed into a 24 hour sauna.

What would it feel like.

Jaegun smiled as he looked forward to writing.

Then a hand came up on his shoulder

“Ah, Representative.”

Tewon was standing right behind him.

“How is it? It is good?”

“It’s not just good. If I write here, I’m gonna pull out bestsellers”

“It’s goold that you like it. Tell me if you need anything. And also… this is your office, remember?”

Tewon lowered his voice and said jokingly.

Jaegun only nodded his head embarrassedly.

Just then.

“Wow, Writer Ha is on the top list of Navin again.”

Eunyoung muttered.

Her eyes were looking at her phone

“What is it?”

Hyeongyung went over with curious eyes. Eunyoung answered as she showed her phone.

“Apple Tea Cheylin must have read Writer Ha’s Storm and AGale. She said it was good on twitter?”

“Wow…! Cheylin?!”

Hyeongyung couldn't close her eyes. Jaegun was only standing there because he didn’t know who Apple Tea was.”

“Writer Ha, you don’t know who Apple Tea is?”

“Yes. Who is it?”

Jaegun answered.

He presumed it wasn’t a drink name.

“How do you not know? Even if you don’t watch Tv. there’s the hottest girl group around.”

“Girl group?”

“Yes, Cheylin is the leader and her hobby is reading. She was a literary major, but is on hiatus because of her girl group activities. You should search her up.”

Hyeongyung said.

Jaegun searched her up feeling he was out of this generation.

4. Cheylin Storm and Gale

5. Ha Jaegun

6. Modern Teen Literary Contest Storm and Gale

7. Apple Tea Cheylin Recommendations.

It wasn’t 1st, but 4-7 was filled with Jaegun.


Jaegun was surprised but happy as well.

It was a weird coincidence..

Out of all the writers and the projects, she picked his book.

‘It increased again.;

Jaegun looked on twitter.

His twitter followers number which was about 60,000 increased to over 70,000. And there were so many tweets.

It was the people who came from the tweet link.

Jaegun searched up Cheylin on Navin. It was a face that he had seen before. Cheylin was pretty as all the girl celebrities.

“You must be happy. Being recommended by a girl group leader.”

Tewon smiled as he said

Jaegun only shook his head.

“It’s nice, but it’s weird. Maybe she heard Writer’s Night?”

“It doesn't have to be that. It’s the Modern Literary Contest. If she reads usually, she would have taken interest. This is going to help your sales. Ah!”

Tewon continued.

“You should invite people over. Your office. All the writers are here, what do you feel like?”

“I’m fine. I’ll buy since I got recommended. Tell me if you want anything.”

But just then a call came.

Jaegun smiled as he looked at his phone.

It was a call from Dasul.

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