Big Life - Chapter 9

Jaegun shook his tired hands and resolved his mind.

‘I’ll try to make a record with finishing a book in one day’

“Rika, you’re the witness. Check out how fast I type.”

“Meow. Meow.”

Jaegun shoved his face into the computer and started to write the novel. Rika secretly slipped out of the her house and moved under the bed. In that position, she looked at Jaegun typing the book.


“I’m so tired.”

6:30 in the afternoon.

Jongjin, who just finished overtime, was wearing slippers. The dungeon project was not looking to an end. The private testing was right ahead. Until the deadline, overtime was going to be his closest friend.

“Manager Lee, would you want a cup of coffee?”

Jongjin asked passing by. Manager Lee was one of those people in this loud office that didn’t fit well with him.

“Assistant Manager Park, Sorry. I want to finish reading this book before overtime starts. Go ahead and have a drink.”

Manager Lee responded with his head down. In his hands, he had a book.

Jonjin stepped forward and asked.

“What’s that book you’re reading so intently?”

“All I read is martial arts. But seriously, this is pretty entertaining.”

“Martial Arts?”

Jongjin’s two eyes shined bright. Obviously, his best friend’s job came to mind.

Manager Lee continued.

“This writer’s previous works was… what should I say? Syntax and order had the basics, but the story was awfully boring. There was useless information everywhere. So I read about 2 or 3 books and just threw it away. And then he hasn’t released anything for a while but it seems like he studied a lot. I can’t stop reading.”

Jongin couldn’t stop his curiosity and looked at the book cover. And then his eyes widened. The book name was Martial Rankings. The author’s name was Pyung Cheon Yu.

“What? Wha, what?”

“What? Did you read this before? Do you know this writer?”

“N-no. It’s just… yes. I just thought it looked like something I read before. The name seems similar.”

Jongjin answered quickly.

Manager Lee just shook his head and went back to reading.

“Well, all martial arts books have similar titles and have that feeling.”

“Haha, that’s right. Anyway, Manager Lee, I’ll just go get that cup of coffee and come back.”

“Go ahead.”

Jongjin left the office in a hurry.

As soon as he pressed the elevator button, he pulled out his phone and called Jaegun. The only person who used Pyung Cheon Yu as a pen name was his best friend.


Jaegun quickly picked up the phone.

In an elevator all by himself, Jongjin asked.

“Hey, do you know anyone who uses the same pen name as you?”

“What is this random question about?”

“Speak up, man. Is there anyone else who uses Pyung Cheon Yu?

“Don’t think so. No. There isn’t. At least to my knowledge.”

“Then is your new book called Martial Rankings?”

“Dude, are you so busy that you couldn’t even read my book?”

“Sorry, but I was so occupied that I couldn’t read. I called because my Manager in the office is reading the crap out of your book.”


Jaegun’s reply was full of happiness.

Jongjin, as a friend, felt his happiness and quickly continued his words.

“Hey, this isn’t to make you feel good. That Manager, he’s a complete genre reading. He reads a lot and he’s also awfully stubborn. Because he read most things he should have. A person like that says your book is fun; He says he can’t stop reading. He even denied my offer to drink coffee.

“Dang. That feels good.”

“How’s the book? Is it printing well?”

“Don’t be surprised. I got it printed. A 1000 copies.”

Jongjin was so surprised that he bent his waist and hit the back of the elevator and moaned.

“Aoohhhh…? Seriously! In this small amount of time, you freaking got a 1000 copies printed? Isn’t this a success omen?! Aren’t your days of suffering gonna end?! Are you going to buy a house and stuff like that?!”

“Don’t get too excited. Buying a house isn’t a few coins.”

“Yeah ok. Getting too excited and later it could be weird. Hey, I was just feeling happy. I’m just spitting out words now. Hey, awesome job, Jaegun. I feel freaking good.”

“Just you wait, I’ll finish the series and I’ll get you a feast.”

“I’m gonna eat the plates clean. Finish the series and call me.”

“Thanks. You have fun, too.”


The phone shut off.

Jaegun, who was busy typing before he picked up the phone, put down the phone smiling and sat down.

Jongjin’s phone call was thankful. His words helped him and it served as a purpose for him to stop and take a break.

‘There actually is people who says it’s fun.’

It was Jaegun who felt weird.

It was a long time ago that Jaegun threw out his habit of searching his own books online. It was because of all the critics.

Is this a book,etc, aren’t you sorry to the trees, etc. All these comments made him so depressed that it made him harder to write books. It was better to not see them.

‘Let’s endure it.’

He wanted to see the comments on the new book, but Jaegun pushed down that feeling. Even if he checked, he was going to check after he finished the series to comfort his mind.



“Hello, sir. This is writer Ha Jaegun, right?”

“… who is this?”

“Oh sorry. You don’t know me? This is Hetae Media’s Ma Jonggu. Hahaha, I’m not sure how you’ve been living.

Jaegun’s hand which were holding the phone shook. Without realizing it, he was biting too hard and his teeth were making his lips bleed. It was an uncontrollable reaction.

Hetae Media.

It was the company that released his debut work 5 years ago.

It was the company that gave him so much suffering and sadness.

It was a memory that he wanted to forget. It was the reason why he deleted their phone number.

The other person’s calm voice continued.

“I couldn’t ask how you were for a couple of years. There was a lot of things going on. Today’s market issues, me doing work meant for the above people…”

“What is it.”

Jaegun cut him off.

“I’m busy writing my book. If you have anything to say, you should just say it.”

“Ah yes. You are writing, right? I was having fun reading it.”

The other person mentioned Jaegun’s new project.

From Jaegun’s lip, a small laugh came out. Jongjin’s overreaction wasn’t too overreacted, he thought. His book was getting up there. No message for a couple of years and now these hyenas come smelling and calling.

“It was really fun. The story is clear and straightforward. A marvelous work. I always knew you were going to make a blast some day. Hahaha.”

‘This bitch.’ an ugly facial expression came onto Jaegun’s face.

This was the person who didn’t even consider him a writer and humiliated him when his statistics were low. Now the same person was spitting out compliments.

“Like I said last time, I want to say some greetings. Do you still live in Suwon? I can come and serve you some dinner…”

“No. I’m fine.”

Jaegun completely cut him off and rejected him. It was obvious. He was going to buy expensive food and slip a contract in the talk. He didn’t even remotely think to sign with Hetae Media.

“I’m eating well without missing any meals. I don’t think you have any other things to talk about so I’ll cut off.”

“Writer Ha? W, wait. No. Writer Ha, please don’t cut off and listen to me for a lit… !


Jaegun ignored the other’s fast talking and cut off the phone. A call came back just 10 seconds. Jaegun just blocked the phone number.

The world became completely quiet.

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