It was the March of spring, and the flourishing grass swayed in the wind. In a coastal city located on the far east of the land, the March weather began to warm up. Dashing young men and charming ladies had already switched to the latest style of summer wear.

*Ding ding ding*

The sound of a clock’s alarm continuously rang. It was time for Chen Xuan to get up from the bed. If he was late, his roommate would hassle him nonstop.

“How annoying!” Chen Xuan grumbled.

Yesterday was his birthday, and a group of his friends had organized his celebration party. His buddies had stopped at nothing to get him drunk. At the very last moment, he had become so drunk that he had passed out. Chen Xuan didn’t know how he had returned to his rented apartment.

At this point in time, Chen Xuan swiftly dressed up and rushed to his company building.

He was just an ordinary office worker but a professional one nevertheless. In today’s society, professionalism was a virtue.

After he had graduated from university, Chen Xuan’s biggest aspiration was to integrate well into society. To his dismay, society wasn’t what he had imagined it to be. Selfishness, narcissism, and politics were omnipresent wherever he went. The simple-minded youth had now become a mature man.

“Agh, I’m so tired. After busying myself for an entire day, it’s now time to get off work. I’m already twenty-five, yet I don’t even have a partner who’s compatible with me. Just when I thought that I had found someone, she resents me for having no money and no status. What’s u with women being so snobby nowadays?” Chen Xuan gazed at various couples holding hands as they crossed the crosswalk, and he inwardly sighed.

After he had finished lamenting his case, an idea suddenly popped up in his mind. “Since today’s a weekend and it’s still early, I might as well go take a look around the flea market. Maybe I can discover some valuables. Earlier, I heard that someone had managed to find a Song Dynasty ceramic. Not sure if it’s even authentic.”

He arrived at the flea market by bus. It was a good thing that it was the weekend. Many sellers hurried to set up their stalls.

Chen Xuan mingled with the crowd and looked left and right, seeing if there was anything that would catch his fancy.

He enjoyed collecting, even if he clearly knew that it was a fake. However, he would take it nonetheless because it suited his interest.

Chen Xuan slowly walked up to one corner of a stall and stopped in front of it. He glanced over the objects on display. Some of the paintings were obviously fake, one of them being “Along the River During the Qingming Festival”. Only an idiot would buy them. There were also a few fake jade carvings that were scattered around.

He was immediately drawn to a stone that was about the size of a fist. He asked the seller, “What is this? Why is this stone for sale?”

“I got that from some remote village. Someone was desperate for money, so he sold it to me. He said it was his family heirloom. I thought he was lying to me at that time, but I got this strange feeling when I held the stone. There seemed to be this cool air that drilled in my hand.” The seller had this cryptic expression on his face as he introduced the stone to Chen Xuan.

Chen Xuan examined the rock again. Indeed, it emanated a cool air into his body. Instantly, his curiosity for the stone grew. “How much will you sell this for?”

“It was three hundred when I first bought it. It’s now been two years already. If you really want it, just give me three hundred and fifty and it’s yours!” The seller briskly replied to him.

After a round of bargaining, the final price was set at three hundred and twenty yuan. The stone was eventually purchased by Chen Xuan. Since his roommate wasn’t back at their apartment yet, he ate a simple meal outside and then returned home.

Chen Xuan picked up his stone and played with it. What was wrong with him today? He had never had this strong urge to buy something. It was as if he was afraid that someone would buy it before he did.

He shook his head. The decision has been made. I already bought it. He walked under the lighting of the lamp and surveyed the stone, looking to see if it had any unusual properties.

“Something’s amiss!” He somehow sensed movement in the stone and following that was the discharge of bright light. The stone then began to fly towards him.

“No!” Chen Yuan screamed, but the stone nonetheless smashed onto his head.

Intense pain radiated throughout his body. He then lost consciousness.


A woman’s piercing cry resonated throughout the exquisite, small courtyard. “Please, doctor! I beg of you! You must save my son!” After she screamed, the young woman fell to the ground.

Next to her was an old man in his fifties who sighed in helplessness. “Mistress, it’s not that I don’t want to help him. Young Master’s injuries are just too grave! Seven of his ribs are broken, his organs have shifted, and his blood clots haven’t dissolved yet. The only way left is for him to regain consciousness. Otherwise, even the gods can’t help him!”

The beautiful young women looked in the direction where the young boy lay and bewailed, “Xuan’er, who hurt you like this?”

Lying on the bed was a boy about thirteen to fourteen years of age. His complexion was yellowed, and his eyes were tightly shut. He was breathing weakly, just one step shy of death.

Standing at the bedside was a middle-aged man in his forties. His brows were tightly drawn, and his face was sullen. He was Chenmu, the head of the Chen family which was one of the three prominent families in Hongling Town. After finding out that his sole heir had been ambushed and gravely injured, he rushed back to only to see his son hanging on for dear life. Who had committed abominable act?!

“Ling’er, retrieve ten silver coins from the accounting room and hand it to the doctor!” The young woman wiped away her tears and commanded the maid who was to the side.

“Master and Mistress, my condolences go out to you and your family.” After consoling them, the old man followed the maid and left.

Two days passed by, but the young boy was still breathing. It was as if he was telling everyone that he was still alive. Even the old man who tended him thought that this was a miracle. What sort of will is that young boy clinging on to that allows him to persist this long?

“Ugh…. I have finally woken up, but why do my eyelids feel so heavy? I can’t even open them at all. Can it be that I’ve been blinded? The last thing that I can recall is blacking out from getting hit on the head by the stone which I have bought.”

“Maybe I have died? Is this the underworld? But I can faintly hear a female crying.”

Just what is that stone, and where am I now?

Chen Xuan kept asking himself these questions, but no matter what, his eyelids wouldn’t budge. His entire body was numb.

Another five days had passed by before Chen Xuan eventually walked out of the darkness. His head ached with a stinging pain just when he opened his eyes, and then he passed out again. However, there was a tiny stream of green-colored energy that flowed out from between his brows which then circulated his body, and a healing process was initiated.

When he opened his eyes again, Chen Xuan fell into a daze. He glanced around the antique architecture of the room and then took a good look at himself. He wondered, “How did I get here? And how did I transform into a thirteen to fourteen-year-old youth?”

Chen Xuan surveyed his surroundings again while he organized the information in his head. His mind was filled with numerous memories that weren’t originally his. “Is it possible that I have died, so my soul has moved on to another body and I am now reborn?!”