Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1263

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After listening to what Jiang Chen had said, the Evil Lord burst into laughter whilst looking at Jiang Chen with admiration. This young man had left him an extremely deep impression. Wisdom, bravery, composure and all the qualities that a successful cultivator supposed to have were projected out from Jiang Chen’s demeanour.

“Jiang Chen, you’re a wise man and I like making friends with wise people. You’re right about one thing. Your skill should have originated from the supreme Edifying Light of Buddha Sect. I realized this when I saw the little monk. I knew some eminent monks in White Dragon Temple, so I knew about the Edifying Light. As I’m not fated to cultivate Buddha Sect’s techniques, I won’t be able to acquire it even if you told me how to cultivate it. As such, what I need is your assistance,” said the Evil Lord.

The fact that the Evil Lord could discern the origin of the Edifying Light surprised Tyrant and Jiang Chen internally. It changed their view of the Evil Lord once more.

It seems like this Evil Lord isn’t an ordinary person, a normal expert won’t have a chance of seeing an eminent monk of the White Dragon Temple. But I kinda have a pleasant impression for this man, perhaps he’s a person worth making friends with. 

Jiang Chen spoke in his heart. The Evil Lord had indirectly unveiled his identity in the outside world. Even in Evil Abyss, the Evil Lord was a highly dignified and supreme being. So, building a good rapport with such a man would be beneficial to him.

Currently, Jiang Chen already had a basic idea that the Evil Lord treated this Evil Abyss as merely a place for tough-training, a training that required a longer period of time to be completed. Once the Evil Lord accomplished this venture, there would be nothing left for him to dominate. By that time, he would leave for sure.

The Evil Lord and Jiang Chen fell into the same category. They were the kind of people that always seek challenges and would never stop until they overcome them. Currently, the demonic devils was the Evil Lord’s biggest challenge. Once he succeeded in this challenge, he would continue to look for more challenges.

“That’s right. You and I are partners now. You want to use my skill to fulfil your wish of unifying the entire Evil Abyss. As for me, I cultivate a special technique wherein I can enhance my strength by absorbing the blood and Qi essence of devils, so the demonic devils are going to be my greatest nourishment in my cultivation. Therefore, our cooperation is a win-win situation,”said Jiang Chen, without attempting to hide any facts. 

Although he couldn’t share the matter of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to the Evil Lord, he could only tell that he had the ability to absorb the blood and Qi essence of demonic devils as he believed that the Evil Lord must have seen everything that had happened in Yi Mo and Dark Yang City. 

“Very well. Working with smart people is an exhilarating thing. Jiang Chen, I have to say that you are the most powerful young genius that I’ve ever met. Perhaps we can be friends in the future. My real name is Yang Bufan. The title Evil Lord was given by the people after I arrived here,” replied the Evil Lord with a smile. 

There were only few in the entire Evil Abyss who knew about his real name. The fact that he told Jiang Chen his real name proved that he was sincere in making friends with this young junior.

“Brother Yang sure is forthright.”

Jiang Chen clasped his fists at Yang Bufan. This had improved his impression of the Evil Lord once more. Both of them were smart people. They both knew that they needed no indirect speeches -- they had no barriers. This kind of people was what Jiang Chen liked to make friends with the most.

Across the entire Evil Abyss no one, including those late Golden Immortal experts, had called the Evil Lord ‘Brother Yang’. Jiang Chen had the nerve to call the Evil Lord so casually because he didn’t feel that his status was lower than Yang Bufan. As for their gap in cultivation, he was confident that it was only a matter of time before he reached Yang Bufan’s level or even surpass him.

In the same way, Yang Bufan didn’t show any signs of unpleasantness towards Jiang Chen’s way of addressing him. Instead, he felt delighted. In Evil Abyss, he had been used to people being afraid of him and that kind of high and mighty feeling had placed him at a lonely height. Jiang Chen’s emergence on the other hand had given him another kind of feeling. He believed that given Jiang Chen’s talent, Jiang Chen surely had an immeasurable future. As such, being a ‘brother’ of Jiang Chen wasn’t a humiliation to him.

“Brother Yang, although we have already agreed to cooperate, I’m still too weak to be of any help if we go to war with the Evil Clan now. So we need a long-term plan if we want to exterminate the Evil Clan,” said Jiang Chen, harking back to the main topic. At this point, it was necessary for him to voice out the critical factor of the matter.

“I’m aware of this. I know that exterminating the Evil Clan couldn’t be done in a short period of time. I don’t mind waiting a little longer given that I’ve already waited for ten years here. I will do my best to provide you with the greatest help to boost your strength,”Yang Bufan said. 

Given his wisdom, he was naturally able to grasp what Jiang Chen meant. To him, time was no longer an issue, the most important thing for him now was to help Jiang Chen boost his cultivation. Since he had already decided to make Jiang Chen his friend, he would show his utmost sincerity to this new friend.

“To be frank Brother Yang, I’m also a master in the art of divination and have seen that something big will take place in One-Line-Sky. I would like to make a trip back first. I have also calculated that I may obtain some kind of rare benefit this time. So I hope that Brother Yang could help open the passageway to One-Line-Sky for me to return first. Once the matter over there is over, I’ll be back immediately,” said Jiang Chen. 

This had been his greatest objective after he arrived in this place. If it wasn’t because of the divination art, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to come back, the Evil Abyss was no doubt a great place to improve his cultivation.

And since he had already divined the situation in One-Line-Sky, he had to return to find out what it was, otherwise he wouldn’t be at ease.

“Oh? Brother Jiang wants to return?”

Yang Bufan seemed surprised as he hadn’t expected Jiang Chen to leave at this moment.

“Rest assured Brother Yang, Tyrant and Big Yellow will stay here to assist you and to take note of the recent movement of the Evil Clan. After annihilating many demonic devils in Yi Mo and Dark Yang city, I’m afraid that it had already stirred up the other demonic devils in the Evil Clan,” said Jiang Chen. 

In order to reassure Yang Bufan and avoid creating any grudges inside of him, he must leave Tyrant and Big Yellow here.  

“Alright. In that case, I will open the passageway to One-Line-Sky for you. I will wait for you to come back, then we will achieve great things together.”

Yang Bufan didn’t like to beat around the bush. He agreed to it immediately. 

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