Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1264

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“Thank you, Brother Yang.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists at Yang Bufan. Besides the Evil Lord, there was no other people who could help him get out of the Evil Abyss. So, it seemed like everything that Jiang Chen did here was very wise after all. If he had been concealing himself all this while, he wouldn’t have today’s opportunity.

Tyrant and Big Yellow silently gave Jiang Chen a praising look. A successful person would always be able to do something which ordinary people couldn’t do, anywhere and any time. People like Jiang Chen could never live their lives in mediocrity as that was akin to wasting time.

Jiang Chen was a person who was good at creating miracles. Take the Evil Abyss for example, after just a month since his arrival, he had already created plenty of miracles such as unifying the outer region and calling the Evil Lord ‘brother’. they were afraid that only Jiang Chen could do things like this.

“Brother Jiang, we will now open the passageway to One-Line-Sky,” said Yang Bufan. 

A spirit talisman materialized in his hand. It was a spatial spirit talisman as it exuded a thick spatial aura. That was to say, all the passageways that were linked to dozens of domains were in the control of Yang Bufan.

“Hold on, Brother Yang, I have brought two girls with me earlier on. They are also my friends. They had been swept into the Evil Abyss by accident. Given their cultivation base, they will only be a nuisance if they stayed here, also, this place is extremely unsuitable for them. I would like take them with me as well so that they can leave this dangerous place,” said Jiang Chen. He must get Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying out of here because having them here was like having some kind of inhibition.


Yang Bufan nodded, and he immediately grasped at the air. Light flickered and shadows suffused the spatial zone. Then, two figures were grabbed by his hands. They were no doubt the shocked Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying.

This was the means of an Immortal King. He could shake the spatial law and move mountains with a single movement, like an omnipotent being.

The two girls were sitting in the prefecture as guests. All of a sudden, a gale surged around them and pulled them to an unknown area. Such a situation could certainly induce panic to anyone, but after seeing Jiang Chen and the others, they heaved a sigh of relief.

“Big Brother Jiang.” Yan Qingcheng came to Jiang Chen’s side.

“Qingcheng, Sister Ying, quickly greet the Evil Lord. Evil Lord will send you all back to One-Line-Sky,” said Jiang Chen.

After knowing that they could finally leave this gruesome place, Yan Qingcheng didn’t seem to be much affected, she thought that being with Jiang Chen was the happiest thing ever, except for Sister Ying who seemed extremely excited, as leaving Evil Abyss was something she had been longing for.

“Greetings, Evil Lord.”

Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying saluted Yang Bufan deeply. They were in too much pressure standing in front of the Evil Lord, they didn’t even have the courage to lift their heads. To them, the Evil Lord was a legendary figure, the true emperor whom they wouldn’t have the chance to meet in their lives. Undeniably, the incredible Qi of an Immortal King made them nervous. 

An Immortal King was a peak existence that they could never reach in their lifetime.


Yang Bufan nodded with a grim face. When he was in front of Jiang Chen, he was in a jovial mood, but when he was in front of others, he was back in his demeanour of being the Evil Lord.

*Hua La…*

The spirit talisman in Yang Bufan’s hands cracked before turning into an ethereal passageway. The unceasing rays of light and dense spatial Qi made their scalp numb.

“Brother Jiang, the passageway is already opened,” said Yang Bufan.

“Thanks Brother Yang.” Jiang Chen cupped his fists once more.

“Big Brother Jiang, you have to be careful in here.”

Yan Qingcheng pulled Jiang Chen’s arm and spoke. Her eyes were filled with reluctance. She thought that the Evil Lord had opened this passageway especially for her and Huang Ying, and Jiang Chen wouldn’t be leaving with them.

“I would naturally be always careful when I’m here, but now I’m going back with the both of you,” said Jiang Chen. 

Without giving Yan Qingcheng and Huang Ying the time to feel surprised, he pulled the two girls with his hands and vanished in the passageway.

In the sky above a vast expanse of mountains in One-Line-Sky, an opening burst open in the void. Three silhouettes staggered out from it and almost lost their balance.

Two were female and one was a male. Without a doubt, they were Jiang Chen and the two girls. 

“I’m finally back. I can finally say goodbye to that hell-like place.”

Huang Ying looked at the surrounding with excitement. She stretched out her arms and showed a face of joy. That was right. Everything here was an enjoyment to her. This place was like a paradise compared to the Evil Abyss.

Yan Qingcheng also seemed very delighted. She, too, didn’t want to stay in a place like Evil Abyss for a long time. 

Jiang Chen smiled while staring at the girls. He could understand their current mood. They had suffered so much in Evil Abyss and if they hadn’t met him at the last second, he was afraid that they would’ve already died somewhere in Evil Abyss.

After all, they weren’t like Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen always like stimulation and yearned for passion, which was why the environment in Evil Abyss was so intoxicating for him.    

“Big Brother Jiang, why have you come with us? Why hadn’t Big Yellow and Tyrant come out?” asked Yan Qingcheng curiously.

“I left the Evil Abyss because I have matters to attend to. Once I’m done with them, I would still have to return as an agreement has been made between me and the Evil Lord,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

At this time, Huang Ying approached Jiang Chen and saluted Jiang Chen with her utmost sincerity.

“Young Master Jiang, I can never repay your kindness, but when you are in need of me, I’ll be there and will provide any help that I can give,” said Huang Ying. 

Jiang Chen was the most outstanding person she had ever met. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, her own fate would be unimaginable.

“There’s no need to be polite, Sister Ying. I can see that we’re in the boundary of One-Line-Sky, which isn’t far away from Yan City. I will send you two back to Yan City, and I’ll be off after that,” said Jiang Chen. 

Judging by the terrain, there were only a few thousand miles away from Yan City, which was the safest place he could leave these two girls at. Subsequently, he would have to return to One-Line-Sky to check the latest event.

“Big Brother Jiang.”

Yan Qingcheng wanted to say something, but she stopped herself. Last time, she decided to leave Yan City all because of Jiang Chen. She had never thought that this would only lead her back to the starting point. But the good thing was, she had met Jiang Chen once more. 

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