Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1409(1)

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Jiang Chen and Big Yellow shifted their gaze to the voice and saw an old man with ragged clothes pestering the guards of the entrance door. The old man looked very scrawny, totally neglectful of his appearance. His beard was shabby and his hair was a mess.

“What a group of bastards that look down on people! Do you have any idea who I am? At the time when I crossed the Eastern Profound Domain, you brats weren’t even born yet.”

The old man put his hand on his waist and showed a proud look.

“You lying son of a b*tch ! Don’t you know what place this is? Don’t let me see you again! Your presence is affecting the grandeur of Futian Manor.”

The guard waved his hand casually, seeming annoyed, but he didn’t attack the old man. Apparently, the guard thought of himself as an incomparably noble person, as though by staining himself with the Qi of this manor would instantly turn one noble. So if a noble person wasted his time to teach some lowly man common sense, it would be equivalent to throwing away his identity.

“Such a snob! Bah!”

The filthy old man seemed offended. He flicked his sleeves, spun and left. Obviously, this wasn’t his first time trying to enter the manor. Unfortunately, he failed every time. The guards, however, were decent enough not to hit the old man.

“Hey, old furry thing, you can come in, but you have to take out 10 high grade Immortal Meta Stones.”

Another guard mocked the old man. Then, the few of them burst into laughter. It turned out that they were treating this old man as an amusement, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to take out ten high grade Immortal Meta Stones.

“This is a joke. This old man will go wherever I want in Eastern Profound Domain. Who would dare to take my money?”

The old man still showed a proud-looking face, but the truth was he didn’t even have ten high grade Immortal Meta Stones.

Jiang Chen didn’t put this little interlude in his heart. He strode towards the front gate of the manor. At this time, the old liar saw Jiang Chen and immediately revealed a smiling face that he thought was a kind face. He then walked towards Jiang Chen by swaying his buttocks left and right. Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but frown. He had just arrived here and didn’t want trouble; this old dude looked just like one.

“Young Master. You must have come from far away. If this old man is not mistaken, this should be Young Master’s first time arriving in Eastern Profound Domain?”

The old liar stroke his beard, showing the look of a man with high virtue.

“Oh? How can you tell that I’m coming here for the first time?”

Jiang Chen was stunned, he couldn’t help but glance another time at the old man. He didn’t intend to bother the old liar, but the fact that the old man could discern his identity at first glance aroused his interest. At least, he needed answers for that.

“This old man knows about astronomy and geography. There’s nothing in the Heavens and Earth that I don’t know. I can see dark patches at the center of your forehead. You will certainly be in trouble in the future. If you can take out a hundred high grade Immortal Meta Stones, I will help you to break it and solve your future troubles,” said the old liar casually.

After listening to him, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but roll his eyes, then ignored the old liar and continued striding towards the front gate of the manor.

“Hey-hey! Don’t you Young Master! You don’t have to give 100 high grade Immortal Meta Stones. You only have to bring me in.”

Seeing failure in his attempt to deceive, the old man quickly chased after Jiang Chen. It wasn’t easy for him to encounter a newcomer, so he naturally wouldn’t miss it.

“Beat it!”

When they saw Jiang Chen being disturbed, a guard stepped forward, grabbed the old liar’s arm and hurled him out.

*Deng!* *Deng!*

The old man seemed unable to bear the force and couldn’t help but retreat two steps. But these two steps had changed the way Jiang Chen and Big Yellow looked at the old liar.

“Little Chen, this old man isn’t simple.”

Big Yellow whispered to Jiang Chen. Both of them had a pair of sharp eyes. From the surface, the old man seemed merely an early Earth Immortal expert. Such cultivation base was basically the rock bottom in Eastern Profound Domain. Expert with this cultivation base would find it extremely difficult to survive, but this old man had already lived for so long. More importantly, the old man had yet to be beaten to death for deceiving so many people.

This wasn’t the most important thing. The key was that the guard was an intermediate Heaven Immortal. The gap between an early Earth Immortal and intermediate Heaven Immortal was inconceivable. Despite that, the old man only retreated two steps after being hurled by the guard.

Certainly, this wasn’t normal. The only explanation was that the old man was doing this on purpose. He had concealed his cultivation base—early Earth Immortal wasn’t his true cultivation base. Plus, even with Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s eyesight, they weren’t able to discern the true cultivation base of the old man.

“Don’t pay attention to this old swindler, Young Master. He often lingers around here to deceive people, especially those that have come to Eastern Profound Domain for the first time like you. Today, a Trade Fair is going to take place soon. This old swindler wanted to join in, but he has always forgotten what place this is. This isn’t a place for filthy people.”

The guard spoke in a very decent tone. After all, Jiang Chen was a mighty Golden Immortal expert while Big Yellow was a half-step Immortal King expert. No matter how much pride he had, he was only a Heaven Immortal and wouldn’t dare show his snobbishness in front of them.

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