Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1409(2)

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“A Trade Fair?”

Jiang Chen seemed dumbfounded. This explained why there were so many people here.

“Don’t listen to the nonsense of this guard. It’s your first time in Eastern Profound Domain, you must have lots of doubts about the situation in Futian Manor. The good thing is, this old man knows everything. There’s nothing in this domain that I don’t know. As long as you bring me in, you will know whatever you want to know.”

The old liar chided in like a typical shameless man. After being shoved by the guard, he didn’t even feel the slightest bit angry.

“Son of a b*tch! If you don’t get out of here now, don’t blame me for being rude.”

The guard was obviously angry, seemingly ready to attack the old man.


Jiang Chen raised his hand, seeming somewhat irritated, then tossed 30 high grade Immortal Meta Stones to the guard.

“Let him in.” Jiang Chen said.

“Haha! This Young Master truly has a good eye, unlike these snobbish bastards. As long as old man is following you, your ten Immortal Meta Stones won’t be wasted,” the old man laughed with great excitement.

“Uh, does Young Master really want to bring this old swindler in?”

The guard seemed somewhat awkward, obviously feeling that letting the old man in was polluting the image of the manor.

“Do I need you to tell me what to do?” Jiang Chen darted the guard a glare.

“I don’t dare. This way, Young Master.” The guard showed an inviting gesture.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow swaggered their way into the interior of the manor, with the old swindler following close behind, jogging and opening his mouth big, revealing a row of teeth. The image was dreadful. If it wasn’t because Jiang Chen had felt that this old man might not be ordinary, he would regret not bringing the old man in.

“Young Master does have a very good eyesight. You are the one with the best eyesight in Eastern Profound Domain. I wonder how I can address you,” the old liar asked.

“Jiang Chen,” said Jiang Chen flatly.

“Not bad. It’s a good name.” The old liar flattered.

“By the way, didn’t you say that you understand Eastern Profound Domain very well? Why don’t you introduce the domain to me?”

Jiang Chen looked over at the old liar. Since he had brought this bastard in, he naturally would have to know something valuable.

Hearing that Jiang Chen was asking him a question, the old liar was instantly alerted. He made a light cough and spoke solemnly: “If you want to talk about Eastern Profound Domain, there are 11 major forces you have to know. The Eastern Profound Domain is boundless and large in size. Naturally the experts here are innumerable. There are two great aristocratic families, three great empires, six great immortal sects. So basically 11 of the major powers have conquered the entire Eastern Profound Domain.”

“What kind of forces.” 

Jiang Chen asked curiously. The number of major powers in Eastern Profound Domain was incomparable to One-Line-Sky. But this was enough to indicate the boundlessness of Eastern Profound Domain, one of the most important domains in the Immortal World.

“Let’s talk about the two great aristocratic families first. They are Zhuge and Nanbei Aristocratic Family. These two great families act as a counterweight to the other empires and immortal sects. Obviously, there are mighty Immortal Venerables guarding those major powers. As for the three great empires, they are namely Great Qian Empire, Great Cloud Empire, and Heavenly Jade Dynasty. These empires have never gotten along with one another. There were often fights among each other and even horrific battles have broken out before. Lastly, the six great immortal sects. They are Limitless Immortal Sect, Exquisite Paradise, Celestial Flower Valley, Divine Line Sect, Yellow Spring Sect and Yin Corpse Sect. There are good and evil in the six of them, having nothing in common with each other.”

Just as the old liar had claimed about knowing everything, he introduced all 11 major powers to Jiang Chen in detail. But as a cultivator of Eastern Profound Domain, it was extremely normal for one to have knowledge about these major forces. He was afraid that anyone in the street would know about this. If they didn’t know about the 11 major forces, how could they continue living around with the others in this domain?

“Great Qian Empire, Nanbei Aristocratic Family.”

A ray of light glittered in Jiang Chen’s eyes. Of the 11 major forces, the ones that aroused his interest the most were Great Qian Empire and Nanbei Aristocratic Family. Back when Yang Bufan left, he told Jiang Chen to find him in Great Qian Empire if Jiang Chen ever arrived in Eastern Profound Domain. Which was why Jiang Chen’s memory of the Great Qian Empire was still fresh.

As for Nanbei Aristocratic Family, though this was a rare surname, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but relate it to Nanbei Chao. Although Jiang Chen had killed two of Nanbei Chao’s clones, he was almost sure that the true Nanbei Chao was in this world. So there was still a possibility that the real Nanbei Chao was related to this Nanbei Aristocratic Family of Eastern Profound Domain.

“Little Chen, do you think that Nanbei Chao will be in this Nanbei Aristocratic Family? If he’s there, I’m afraid we are going to meet him again soon.”

Big Yellow whispered through divine sense, knowing that Nanbei Chao was Jiang Chen’s mortal enemy ever since they were in Saint Origin World.

“This must be fate. I’m looking forward in meeting him again.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He and Nanbei Chao were fated mortal enemies to one another that neither of them could avoid. Jiang Chen knew that the true battle with Nanbei Chao was going to break out in no time. It was always better to fight the enemy himself than its clones. 

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