Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1476(2)

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“King Fan, Jiang Chen is already dead. There’s no point in making such a fuss.”

A man spoke. The man’s cultivation base had already reached the late Immortal King realm. He was a genius of Crown Prince Palace. He had been used to being arrogant in the prefecture. Seeing King Fan was going to deal with Yang Ling, he couldn’t help but blurt out.


Yang Bufan just darted that disciple a glance. That cold eyes instantly froze the disciple. The disciple trembled intensely. He was almost paralyzed by fear. He had already come into contact with numerous Immortal Emperors, and even the Royal Highnesses. He had also seen Crown Prince’s fury before. However, he was certain that not even the high and mighty existence like Crown Prince could be compared to Yang Bufan’s momentum.

He was sure that this was the Qi of death. One glance was already enough to sentence a person to death. This was a true superior existence. It was like King Fan was the ruler of all, making people not dare cross him.

Regret. That disciple regretted blurting out those words. He thought that he could act wildly just because he was a genius of Crown Prince Palace. How ridiculous!

“Let me tell you this. Even if all the geniuses of Crown Prince Palace die, Jiang Chen will still be alive. Slap your own mouth. Don’t wait for me to do it.”

Yang Bufan’s tone was incomparably cold. Despite knowing that Jiang Chen had already entered the valley, he still felt and believed that Jiang Chen wouldn’t die. Jiang Chen absolutely wasn’t a person who would die so easily. Of course, this was in accordance to a certain fact. He knew Jiang Chen’s character. Given Jiang Chen’s personality, he absolutely wouldn’t do what Hu Yao told him to. Jiang Chen had the nerve to look down everything.

It must be because Jiang Chen had found out something mysterious about that valley and wanted to go in and explore it. Plus, Jiang Chen wouldn’t do something that he wasn’t certain. Therefore, since Jiang Chen had taken the initiative of entering that place, Yang Bufan had reason to believe that Jiang Chen wouldn’t die.

Whether Jiang Chen was dead or not, Yang Bufan would surely not be lenient to this matter. Now that he had returned to Great Qian Empire and was crowned as King, he must establish the prestige of King Fan Prefecture. The fact that Jiang Chen beat up an elder had already ignited the momentum of King Fan Prefecture. Today, he was going to support Jiang Chen.

By saying a word of slapping himself, that disciple slowly lifted his palm. His palm was still shaking, seemingly reluctant to slap himself. Given his character, even if the opponent was an Immortal Emperor, he surely wouldn’t be frozen by just a single word from the opponent. After all, he was a genius of Crown Prince Palace. He had Crown Prince behind his back, backing him up.

His opponent was King Fan, however. He felt that all the powers behind him were pointless. King Fan was just too terrifying. King Fan was a true superior existence that allowed no violation. The desciple strongly believed that if he didn’t slap his mouth now, Yang Bufan would be likely to cripple him immediately. In Genius Prefecture, given King Fan’s status and identity, no one would pursue the matter even if King Fan killed him.

Numerous disciples shifted their gaze at that disciple with a mocking look. It only showed that this disciple had stirred up lots of discontentment by always acting arrogantly during normal days. The fact that this fool had tried to act arrogantly before King Fan today would immediately be turned into a joke.

*Pa…* *Pa…*

That disciple was helpless. He had no choice but to put up with the humiliation of slapping himself in public.

“You cannot stop before I leave. Or else, I will throw you out of Genius Prefecture.”

Yang Bufan said plainly, a word that made that disciple almost cough up blood, but he didn’t intend to stop as he didn’t have the audacity to defy King Fan’s words. The only thought in the disciple’s mind right now was regret. He berated himself secretly for being such a fool and speaking such nonsense. This time, he had lost all of his face. He would never be able to mingle around anymore in the outer prefecture.

Along with the sounds of slapping, Yang Ling followed Dong Fei out of the Registration Centre. That day, when Yang Ling was beaten up by Jiang Chen, he only suffered external injuries. He had recovered from it in half a month’s time. He was after all a half-step Immortal Emperor and had a pretty good immune system.

Upon seeing King Fan, Yang Ling burst into laughter. “Congratulations King Fan. A peerless genius has been born in Yang Family once more. It seems like the royal family is going to hold a big feast soon.”

“Yang Ling, stop flattering me. Why did you make things difficult for Jiang Chen that day?”

Yang Ling’s smile melted into awkwardness, but he wasn’t afraid. He wasn’t like those disciples of outer prefecture. He was an elder, a family member of Yang Family, and a member of Crown Prince Palace. Whether it was his identity or his backer, it was incomparable to anyone. So he believed that even Yang Bufan wouldn’t dare do anything to him.

“King Fan, that Jiang Chen had no respect for his elders and had attacked me. Many people had witnessed that scene. So Elder Hu Yao had sentenced him a punishment, which is just appropriate,” Yang Ling said.

“Is that so? I heard that you assigned Jiang Chen to that valley at the very beginning. Do you think I don’t know about your evil intentions?” Yang Bufan smiled coldly.

Upon hearing this, Yang Ling couldn’t help darting a glare at Dong Fei. Dong Fei had been standing next to King Fan the whole time. He must be the one who told King Fan about it. Otherwise, King Fan wouldn’t have known about this.

“The fact remains that Jiang Chen has beaten up an elder. So he should be punished. I believe that King Fan is a reasonable person. This is an impartial settlement of Elder Hu Yao, sentencing Jiang Chen to stay in the valley for one month,” Yang Ling said.

“Don’t you know that entering that valley is equivalent to death? One month is already enough to kill a person ten thousand times. Since you want to kill my genius, you won’t live as well.” Killing intent was directly exuded from King Fan’s words. It seemed like he was going to kill someone.

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