Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1477(2)

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“What an overbearing King Fan! He doesn’t even hesitate to kill. And he killed an elder of Genius Prefecture for the sake of his people. It’s worth following this kind of man.”

Dong Fei was deeply attracted and fascinated by King Fan’s dominance. In his point of view, Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen were the same kind of people – they were really strong. In a world governed by the law of the jungle, only the strong ones could survive well.

Yang Ling was dead, but it wasn’t over yet. It was just the beginning judging from Yang Bufan’s momentum. Just like what Yang Bufan had said, Hu Yao would never get away from his destined death.

However, the people didn’t believe that Yang Bufan would really kill Hu Yao. After all, Hu Yao’s identity was incomparable to Yang Ling. Hu Yao was a true Immortal Emperor, the elder in charge of the outer prefecture. He couldn’t be killed just like Yang Ling.

Nevertheless, this line of thought didn’t exist in Yang Bufan’s head. Without looking at Yang Ling’s corpse, he flew skywards in a flash, heading for the palace where Hu Yao lived in the outer prefecture.

“My God! King Fan has gotten really mad. He’s going to cause havoc in Genius Prefecture! Let’s go and see.”

“Is he really going to kill Elder Hu Yao? This is crazy!”

“It’s very likely. King Fan is obviously more ferocious than King Ping and the Crown Prince. He is a kind of man just like Jiang Chen who is not afraid of anything. Elder Hu Yao is going to be in danger today. Although he’s an Immortal Emperor, he can never be compared to a genius like King Fan. Even when King Fan was just a half-step Immortal Emperor, Elder Hu wasn’t necessarily the opponent of King Fan, let alone now.”


The outer prefecture was stirred. A lot of disciples were flying towards the palace frenziedly. The day of King Fan’s advancement to Immortal Emperor was also the day of a major incident in outer prefecture.

Almost all of them had already left. However, the disciple of Crown Prince was still slapping himself very seriously. He had lost count of how many slaps he had made. He must have made a few hundreds slaps. Despite that, he still didn’t dare to stop.

He was truly terrified by King Fan’s ferociousness. Yang Ling had died. If he were to stop his hands, he probably would die as well. All of this was caused by his single sentence which made him feel very aggrieved. 

King Fan was going to kill Elder Hu Yao as well, so he wouldn’t mind killing another little shrimp like this disciple.

“Hey, stop slapping yourself. King Fan has already left,” Someone approached the disciple and said disdainfully.

“Ah! Already left?!”

The swollen face of his revealed a panicked expression. It only dawned unto him that Yang Bufan had ordered him not to stop before he left. Now that King Fan was gone, he could stop for good.


He then fell to the ground on his back. His hands and face were numbed as if he was going to collapse.

Yang Bufan straightaway stepped into the palace of Hu Yao. The whole mountain peak trembled as his foot landed on it. Some rocks rolled down from the peak. Lines of cracks appeared in the palace’ walls as though a big earthquake had happened.

“Hu Yao, show yourself.” Yang Bufan’s voice reverberated through the building.

Hu Yao who was in the middle of seclusion was immediately alarmed. He seemed incomparably angry. He was the elder in charge of the outer prefecture. Given his identity and status, he didn’t believe that someone would actually dare to come to his palace and cause trouble.

“Who has come to disturb this elder?”

Hu Yao’s voice rang from the interior of the palace. In the next moment, Hu Yao rushed out furiously. But when he saw King Fan, his facial expression changed. All of his fury was concealed.

“Congratulations on advancing to the Immortal Emperor realm, King Fan. I wonder why King Fan has come to this elder’s palace, and what has made King Fan so angry,” Hu Yao asked.

“Were you the one who sent Jiang Chen to that valley for a month?” Yang Bufan asked coldly.

“It turns out that King Fan has come for the kid who doesn’t know the height of the Heavens and the thickness of the earth. That’s right. It was my order to send that kid to the valley to reflect on himself. He was just too arrogant. He had no respect for the elders and had beaten up the elder. As the elder of the outer prefecture, I would naturally have to resolve this matter.” Hu Yao said solemnly.

“Hu Yao, listen closely. It’s not up to you to punish my people. As you want to take Jiang Chen’s life, I will use your life to pay for it then.”

Yang Bufan’s momentum was majestic. He made no attempt to conceal his killing intent. Yang Ling had already been killed. Hu Yao would also have to pay a hefty price. He wanted everyone to know that he, King Fan, wasn’t a person to be trifled with.

“Could it be that King Fan wants to fight this old man for real?” Hu Yao was stunned. He never thought that Yang Bufan would be so powerful, however he was not scared. After all, he was also an Immortal Emperor expert and he had a certain status. Even if it was King Fan, Hu Yao couldn’t be killed as King Fan  pleased. Plus, Hu Yao was also an elder of Crown Prince Palace. King Fan couldn’t afford to shame Crown Prince Palace.

“I have come to kill you.”

Yang Bufan said, then turned into a ray of light, rushing at Hu Yao. Hu Yao’s face changed dramatically. He already knew what was coming, seeing Yang Bufan’s action. He also knew that he was not a match for Yang Bufan.

Yang Bufan struck out a palm halfway. The terrifying palm reached Hu Yao’s face in a blink. Without delay, Hu Yao raised his palm to meet the attack.


*Ka Cha!*

The two great Immortal Emperor experts’ palm connected. Boundless Qi waves rolled skywards. A bone-cracking sound rang out. Hu Yao was sent flying away. One of his arms was twisted. 

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