Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1589(1)

Jiang Chen had no doubts about the words of the monkey. He kept the two blood demon kings in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and flew quickly in the direction where Dragon Shisan had pointed. Instinct told him that there must be fortunes there. As the Golden Horizon had already been opened for eight or nine days, it should be the time for a great fortune to emerge.

Furthermore, if it wasn’t Dragon Shisan who selected the direction, Jiang Chen would never encounter Yun Zhangxiao, got rid of the mortal enemy and vented the stifled anger built inside of him when he was hunted down by Nanbei Chao. At least, he felt more refreshed and comfortable now.

*Hong Long……*

Just as Jiang Chen had flown thousands of miles away, a dull roar suddenly rang from the front, followed by a light that soared through the clouds into the sky. Though the light was a few thousand miles away, Jiang Chen could see it very clearly.

A ray of light that was as thick as an arm, as white as jade swinging back and forth in the void like a white dragon. The void where the white light swayed trembled. That was caused by the tearing of the void. It was amazing that a mere ray of white light could have such a powerful force.

“Haha! Did you see that? The immortal vault is going to be unearthed soon. Little Chen, I told you that as long as you work with Master Monkey, I guarantee that it will benefit you boundlessly.”

Upon seeing the white light, Dragon Shisan got excited, burst into laughter, not forgetting to praise himself, however.

Jiang Chen secretly nodded and tolerated the monkey’s narcissism, because he had to admit that this monkey was indeed very impressive. The monkey was almost on par with Big Yellow in the aspect of sensing treasures. One of them was the abnormal kind of Dragon-Horse while the other was a Battle Saint Ape. Both of them were the most unusual kind in the Heavens and Earth that couldn’t be judged using common sense.

“Sure enough, that white light is full of luck and it came right from the ground below. It’s precisely the qi of the immortal vault. Master Dongfang has once said that although the Golden Horizon was an ancient battlefield, there are loads of ancient inheritances existing under the ground. Most of them were left behind by the ancient experts. During that period, innumerable mighty Immortal Venerables had fallen here. There were even Great Sovereigns who died here. So the divinity of this place is unpredictable. I wonder what kind of treasure is contained within this immortal vault,” Jiang Chen spoke. 

Any abnormal changes that happened here couldn’t be overlooked. The opening of each immortal vault indicated great luck and opportunities. It would attract numerous geniuses to come and compete for it.

“Don’t delay any more. Hurry over there now.” Dragon Shisan urged.

“How can you be more excited than me when you are still in the rock?”

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. This monkey couldn’t get out of the rock for the time being, so even if there was a massive treasure vault outside, it had nothing to do with him.

“Of course I am. Master Monkey, I’m relying on the qi of your Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to nurture me. The stronger your pagoda gets, the faster I can come out of the rock. Any part of this place is full of danger and mighty evil creatures. When the time came, you have to conduct a massacre to restore the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.” Dragon Shisan said.

“So it turns out that you have taken a fancy to the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. No wonder you were willing to be taken by me.”

Jiang Chen understood it finally. Recalling back the time when he first met the wondrous rock in the ancient tomb, no one was able to lift it with their qi, except for him who was able raise the wondrous rock, he then kept it in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Now, it seemed like it wasn’t because of his capability, but because Dragon Shisan had a liking for the environment in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda.

It seemed like the environment in the pagoda had certainly helped Dragon Shisan a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have grown so quickly. In the previous fight with Nanbei Chao, the pagoda had suffered severe damage which wouldn’t be favourable to the birth of Dragon Shisan. If Jiang Chen was able to slaughter some powerful evil creatures and restore the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda completely, it would surely have a tremendous help to Dragon Shisan’s cultivation.

“Well, will go now and have a look.”

In a flash, Jiang Chen disappeared from the where he was like a ghostly figure. It now seem worthwhile to have given Dragon Shisan the space in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. After all, Dragon Shisan had saved his life previously. There was no doubt that Jiang Chen would gain lots of benefits if he walked the path with this immemorial combat soul. 

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