Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1589(2)

Two thousand miles away ahead, the qi of the immortal vault spread rapidly. Many nearby geniuses were attracted to it. Powerful silhouettes began to flew towards that direction.

Of course, the Golden Horizon was too big, divided into innumerable regions and had many different spaces. There were geniuses in every region. There were also immortal vaults in every region. Perhaps at this very moment, there was also another immortal vault that had emerged and attracted a great number of geniuses.

Thousands of geniuses were scattered into the countless regions. It was impossible for one immortal vault to attract all the geniuses. Furthermore, the Golden Horizon had been open for approximately nine days. All the forces had been separated. To every geniuses, it was a very difficult thing to find their own allies.

However, this immortal vault had attracted at least two thousand experts. This amount of experts was undeniably a huge camp. There had to be peerless cultivators among these people. They would include the geniuses of all three Immortal Domains. Perhaps there were even the geniuses of Immortal Court.

Jiang Chen was incomparably clear about this and was filled with anticipation. Since he entered the Golden Horizon, the people he encountered were still the people of Eastern Profound Domain. The emergence of the immortal vault had without a doubt given Jiang Chen a great chance to meet the geniuses of the three Immortal Domains. Certainly, Jiang Chen was very excited about this.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

Along the way, silhouettes were speeding like shooting stars from different directions. Each of their face was filled with thrill. Clearly, they had come for the immortal vault. The ray of light in the sky became stronger and stronger. The qi it emitted had been spread at least ten thousands of miles away. That was to say, even the evil creatures that were within this range were the first to discover the situation and would scramble to fly this way. No one would miss the opportunity of getting into the treasure vault.

“Quickly! It’s been so long since we’ve been in here. An immortal vault has shown up at last. Judging from the qi of the white light, it has to be the inheritance of at least an Immortal Venerable expert.”

“That’s true. It should be an ancient tomb. That person must have been an unparalleled expert in his previous life. That’s indisputable. The ruins have existed for countless years, and finally, it’s about to open.”

“There must be plenty of benefits in there. Isn’t that why we came to the Golden Horizon?”


All the experts who were heading to the immortal vault were filled with anticipation. Every geniuses who entered the Golden Horizon was the genius of the geniuses. Each of them were very confident in their own luck and believed that they could acquire huge fortune and benefits, and desired that they could make their mark at the first shot. Right now, there was only the ray of light. There wasn’t any entrance to the immortal vault yet.

Presently, numerous people had thickly dotted a place on the mountain range. There seemed to be at least a thousand of them. There were still powerful experts flying towards this direction. It seemed like the emergence of the immortal vault had caused quite a commotion.

“The immortal vault hasn’t been truly unearthed yet. The entrance to it hasn’t appeared. We still have to wait.”

“I estimate that it won’t take long. At most, another two hours and the entrance to the vault will emerge.”

“Motherf***er! This time, the emergence of this immortal vault certainly attracted numerous powerful experts. Look at that man. I heard that he’s the expert of the Immortal Court of Mi Luo Immortal Domain. He has already reached the late Immortal Emperor realm at a very young age.”

“He’s called Ye Peng, a genius of the Immortal Court of Mi Luo Immortal Domain. He’s not someone we can afford to offend. See that? A few intermediate Immortal Emperor geniuses have come as well. They are the powerful figures of some major powers. With their presence, it will be hard for us to obtain benefits even if we have enter the immortal vault.”

“That’s not necessarily the case. No one can determine the opportunities accurately. If we are able to obtain the inheritance of a mighty Immortal Venerable, our cultivation base will improve by leaps and bounds. At that time, we won’t fear them anymore.”


The entrance to the immortal vault hasn’t appeared yet. The people around began to raise their topics talking not about the situation in the immortal vault but the true experts that had emerged amongst them.

Jiang Chen gazed across and sighed. The Immortal World was just too big. There were too many geniuses and experts. It didn’t seem to be an easy task to take the first place among the young generation.

Jiang Chen’s eyes fell upon Ye Peng. The fact that this man could enter the Golden Horizon proved that his age was less than fifty. His ability to reach the late Immortal Emperor realm at such a young age was enough to tell that he had heaven defying talent. Such a genius was destined to be a shining and dazzling star wherever he went.

Apart from Ye Peng, there were also plenty of other geniuses of other major powers of the three great Immortal Domains. A few of them were intermediate Immortal Emperors that were on par with Yang Lang and Shan Chong. People like them were dragons amongst their peers. At least, with Jiang Chen’s current cultivation base, he was absolutely no match for them.

“Wait until Master Monkey is born. These bastards aren’t even strong enough to be my opponent.” Dragon Shisan said proudly.

Regarding this fact, Jiang Chen had no doubt about it. The fact that Dragon Shisan could send Nanbei Chao away with a strike of the iron staff was enough to indicate the terror of his power. The thought of Nanbei Chao’s miserable condition made Jiang Chen smile. The Eye of Heaven that Nanbei Chao cultivated was supposed to allow him to disdain the whole world, but a tragedy had happened when he met the monkey, who had blinded his Eye of Heaven using the Fiery Golden Eyes. The efforts he had spent for so long had become in vain. It was imaginable how angry and aggrieved he was right now. 

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