Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1684

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Meanwhile, all the noble and highly respected higher-ups of Nanbei Family, the oldest clan in Eastern Profound Domain, were also waiting on an empty platform. As Nanbei Chao was leading this expedition, the top officials of Nanbei Family were incomparably confident in their group of geniuses. The Patriarch of this ancient family is Nanbei Taisheng. He wore a brocade robe, with a sturdy physique, unordinary demeanour and seemed to be in his forties.

However his facial expression changed dramatically when he saw that there were only twenty people coming back from the spatial passageway, each looking extremely flurried. When they found out that Nanbei Chao wasn’t with them, clamorous uproar filled the air.

“Tell me, what had happened? Where’s Young Master Chao?”

Nanbei Taisheng’s voice became almost shrill. He hadn’t thought of such a situation happening even in his dream. How could a dignified family fall into such a state?

“Patriarch, it was all because of Jiang Chen.”

One of the disciples spoke, his eyes sparkling, gnashing his teeth as if he was going to eat someone at the mention of Jiang Chen.

“What Jiang Chen? Who is he?” Nanbei Taisheng asked darkly.

Subsequently, the disciple told everything that happened in Golden Horizon which caused Nanbei Taisheng and all the higher-ups of the family to stamp with rage.

“Did you all see that Young Master Chao was cut in half by Jiang Chen using the Sun Divine Feather?” One of the higher ups asked.

“Yes, we have seen it with our own eyes,” one of them answered.

“The soul fire of Young Master Chao hasn’t been extinguished yet. Which means the young master isn’t dead yet. He’s the reincarnation of a Great Sovereign. A mere Jiang Chen won’t be able to kill him. Even though he was cut into two, he can still recover from it, however, we certainly can’t let this matter rest.”

Nanbei Taisheng was a mighty cultivator whose cultivation base had already stepped into the intermediate Immortal Venerable realm. A figure like him had an extremely calm temperament, but now he was losing control over his emotion. He had forgotten when was the last time he had ever felt so angry.

“The brat that came out from nowhere has cost us so many casualties. We must hold him accountable for this.”

“We must find and kill him even if he’s at the most remote corner of the world.”

“He’s a genius of Great Qian Empire. He will definitely seek protection from the empire. Now we just have to go there and find him.”’


A few Immortal Venerable Elders of Nanbei Family were having a hard time coping with their anger. One should know that many of those that Jiang Chen killed were their direct descendants who rarely showed up in public. They were the hopes and future of their family. The higher-ups simply couldn’t accept that all of them had been killed. This ancient family had never suffered such a huge loss.

A large group of cultivators vanished into the sky, just like Corpse Yin Sect, heading towards Great Qian Empire.

For a moment, turbulence seemed to be taking place under the Heavens. All of them were heading towards the same destination – the Genius Prefecture of Great Qian Empire.

“What’s going on? That’s a very powerful pressure. Could it be that the weather is changing?”

“That’s the pressure from an Immortal Venerable. Many Immortal Venerables have emerged at the same time. We rarely see such supreme beings under normal situation. I wonder what has happened.”

“They seem to be flying towards the same direction. Could this be the start of a revolution in Eastern Profound Domain?”


The whole Eastern Profound Domain was shaken. Many faces changed greatly as they had never experienced this kind of thing. Immortal Venerables would never appear during ordinary times, but now so many of them had emerged at once. In the face of such an event, even an idiot would know that something big was about to happen in Eastern Profound Domain.

At the present moment, all the higher-ups of Great Qian Empire had gathered at Genius Prefecture. The Emperor, Yang Yu, came with haste along with his subordinates after receiving the news. The matter was so great that even the Emperor had lost his composure.

“Father.” Seeing Yang Yu’s arrival, Yang Bufan hastily walked forth.

“You don’t have to explain anymore. I’m already informed.”

Yang Yu was an intermediate Immortal Venerable wore a dragon robe; his bearing was extraordinary. Superior dignity radiated from his simple gestures. He was the Imperial Emperor whom people were in awe.

He raised his head and looked at the incredible pressure spreading towards their direction and frowned. Given his cultivation base, he could already feel that the real chaos was about to come.

“Jiang Chen, I have really underestimated you.”

He couldn’t help shaking his head. Not just him, everyone had underestimated Jiang Chen. None of them expected that Jiang Chen would create such an earth-shattering incident in Golden Horizon. Not long after that, the world would be plunged into chaos because of him. Yang Yu was quite impressed by the young man who was able to stir the entire domain.

“Emperor, it seems like those experts are heading our way,” Yang Zanqing said.

“Yes, it’s only a matter of time. I now declare that Jiang Chen is officially expelled from Genius Prefecture. He has nothing to do with us anymore from now on,” Yang Yu announced.

Everyone nodded in secret after hearing such a decision. They didn’t feel that Yang Yu was excessive. Even Yang Bufan, Han Yan and the rest understood the decision well. Great Qian Empire was now facing the pressure from eight major powers. It was the best option to cut off their relationship with Jiang Chen now. This was Jiang Chen’s intention when he chose not to follow them back from the Golden Horizon for he didn’t want to bring disaster to Great Qian Empire.

Not long after Yang Yu made the announcement, the experts of the eight major powers arrived from eight different directions, full of momentum, encircling Genius Prefecture almost simultaneously. Rolling waves of qi were everywhere. Numerous Immortal Venerables had also appeared. Boundless pressure lingered in the sky above the prefecture. Great Qian Empire had never been under so much pressure before. 

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