Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1687

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Powerful experts of various major powers had been sent out to hunt and kill the same target. Such a hunt was the first ever in the history of Eastern Profound Domain. Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan had become celebrities. Everyone was talking about the two of them everywhere, on the streets and alleys, people couldn’t help praising these two men who seemed to have become legends.

“They have risen to fame after just one expedition. If I were the one who killed so many geniuses, my life is already worthwhile even if I was captured and killed by the eight major powers.”

“Everyone in the world is eager to do something magnificent, so that they wouldn’t feel that they are wasting their lives, just like what Jiang Chen did. Even if they die, their names will surely be recorded in history, and be remembered and respected by later generations.”

“That’s true. This is the miracle of the young generation, and the idol of countless youths. As men, we should always do what other people can’t or won’t dare to do, just like Jiang Chen.”


Jiang Chen’s actions had inspired countless of cultivators’ passion as he had done the things they yearned so much. Instantly, their impression of him skyrocketed to the top.

The experts of the eight major powers were now looking for Jiang Chen everywhere in the domain. They were all Immortal Venerables. Any cultivator below that cultivation realm wasn’t allowed in the hunt, and could only stay and defend the sect. All eight major powers knew the terror of Jiang Chen, or it should be the terror of the Sun Divine Feather. Even the half-step Immortal Venerable geniuses of Immortal Court couldn’t stand a blow from the divine feather. Anyone below Immortal Venerable realm would surely be killed by it. Given Jiang Chen’s ruthlessness, he definitely wouldn’t show mercy to his enemies.

The next day, cultivators from various major powers from the three domains—Northern Profound Domain, Southern Profound Domain, and Western Profound Domain—were constantly appearing on the land of Eastern Profound Domain. As the number of these cultivators were increasing non-stop, the situation in Eastern Profound Domain was getting even more chaotic, even though this hadn’t included the Immortal Court yet, and was only happening within the Ethereal Immortal Domain.

The Eastern Profound Domain was billions of miles wide. Currently, there was incredible pressure flowing everywhere in the sky. It was causing people to panic. Some of them didn’t even dare to leave the safety of their homes.

There were too many Immortal Venerables. Each of them was scanning the whole Eastern Profound Domain numerous times with their divine sense, determined to find the whereabouts of Jiang Chen and Dragon Shisan.

It was just that those two seemed to have disappeared from the world. The experts from various major powers had spent so much effort and time in the hunt, but to no avail. They couldn’t even find a hair.

In the depths of the void, within the crevice of space was a silhouette traveling continuously back and forth like a dragon. He was precisely Jiang Chen.

His face of full of sadness, even though he had no idea what’s happening outside, and was only thinking about his present situation as this wasn’t his first time making the whole world his enemy. There seemed to be a rock weighing down on his heart. The blazing Sun Divine Feather in his hand reminded him of the desperate departure of Big Yellow.

At the present moment, there was still no news about Yan Chenyu ever since he saw her inside the Zang Xian Coffin; Wu Ningzhu had vanished in the vault of Empress Xiao Yao; Big Yellow had entered the legendary Great Thousand Mirror. All of a sudden, Jiang Chen had become a loner. Although he was used to being alone, at the same time, he also feared loneliness. There were two types of loneliness. The first was when one never experienced friendship or love and wasn’t bothered by isolation as one had already gotten used to it. The second was when one lost the person he was closest to, he would certainly feel lonely.

Jiang Chen was now feeling the latter. His thoughts were growing heavier. Despite him being the greatest saint and a peerless old ancestor at one point, he couldn’t escape the entanglement of problems.

There were too many questions he couldn’t answer, and secrets he knew nothing about.

“Why was Xiao Yu in Zang Xian Coffin? Was the one in the coffin really Xiao Yu? If she wasn’t, where’s Xiao Yu now? If she was, what is her connection to the Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian? Damned that Big Yellow for leaving so many doubts behind.” Jiang Chen shook his head.

Big Yellow had been full of mystery when he was with Jiang Chen. Big Yellow seemed to know everything, but Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry back then, and felt that the dog would tell him everything when it was the right time, but now that Big Yellow was gone, he had suddenly lost sight of the next step.

So it turned out that he had developed a sense of dependence on that dog. 

“What has actually happened to the Golden Clan in the past? Why couldn’t I see the faces of the enemies clearly? What is the meaning of those pictures projected by the Great Thousand Mirror? Was it meant to warn the future generations? Who was that youth Demon Sovereign that came out in the end? Why was Big Yellow moved by it? Could he be the real self of Big Yellow?” 

There were too many questions and doubts in his mind. Thousands of thoughts were racing in Jiang Chen’s mind non-stop. The once all-powerful Jiang Chen suddenly felt so insignificant.

Since he couldn’t understand anything, he thought he might as well stop thinking about them and begin focusing on the dragon transformation skill. A while ago, the skill had shown signs of evolution. Even the illusion of the Ancestral Dragon of Slaughter had emerged. Unfortunately, he was still far away from mastering the Dao of Slaughter, and all the signs of evolution had disappeared once more.

He knew that was because the killings weren’t enough to stimulate the next evolution of the dragon transformation skill.

“After being in the spatial crevice for so long, I don’t know what is happening outside. Let’s go out and see.”

Locking in on a direction, he found an exit through the spatial crevice and flew out of it in a flash. He had used the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda to conceal all of his qi. With his current condition, he had become the most ordinary person amongst the people outside. It would become incomparably hard for those experts to find him.

As soon as he left the spatial crevice, his facial expression changed in an instant as he could feel the oppressive aura flowing in the air.

Motherf***er! This is the qi of numerous Immortal Venerable experts. It seems like even the experts from the other domains have come looking for me. They truly have a high impression of me.

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth curled into a smile. With his intelligence, he could naturally guess why so many experts had arrived in Eastern Profound Domain.

After a while, he fixed his gaze on one direction and murmured, “After I settle this matter, I will return to stir up this piece of Heaven and Earth.”

After that, he cast the Great Void Technique and vanished in the blink of an eye. 

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