Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1688

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Ever since Tian Muyun was killed by Jiang Chen, Skycloud Pavilion had conquered the whole One-Line-Sky. Under the leadership of Daoist Yufeng, the whole One-Line-Sky had become increasingly prosperous. Clearly, Daoist Yufeng had contributed immeasurably to this success.

Furthermore, Daoist Yufeng was highly respected and supported by people and was also a trusted friend of Ouyang He. Adding the fact that it was Jiang Chen who personally authorized him to become the Pavilion Master of Skycloud Pavilion, no one in the sect had the slightest bit of refusal.

Currently, the sun had set. A layer of shadow had been cast over Skycloud Pavilion in the sky. The entire mountain was filled with oppressive qi, making it hard for people to breathe.

In the meeting hall of Skycloud Pavilion, a group of elders had sat together, each wearing a sour face. The silent scene had become especially stressful.

There were two people sitting in the seat of honour. One was naturally Daoist Yufeng. The other was Tianji Zi whose meridians and veins had been destroyed because of Tian Muyun. Although Jiang Chen had helped him recover his vital force with the wood spiritual qi, he could no longer cultivate for the rest of his life.

However, no one in the entire Skycloud Pavilion dared to regard Tianji Zi as a crippled person. The respect everyone had for him even exceeded that of Daoist Yufeng’s. He was like the supreme ruler of Skycloud Pavilion, however he usually didn’t speak much, but the moment he spoke, everyone felt compelled to listen.

This was mainly because Tianji Zi was the master of Jiang Chen, and Skycloud Pavilion was saved by Jiang Chen.

Today, even Tianji Zi was showing a worried face.

“Master, Elder Tianji, that old devil gave us three days to decide, and tomorrow is the deadline. We can’t do much just by sitting here.” An elder spoke while sighing.

“Could it be that we really have to go to other places?” Another elder said angrily.

“No, the Skycloud Pavilion has been established in One-Line-Sky for so many years, and it was Brother Ouyang who founded it. This is his blood, sweat, and tears. Moreover, Jiang Chen has entrusted me with the pavilion before he left. How can I face Jiang Chen if I were to surrender the pavilion to someone else so easily? If I die, I will not have the face to meet Master Ouyang,” said Daoist Yufeng with anger. His fists were clenched tightly. He was still an Immortal King, powerless against the old devil.

“I’m afraid that we can’t do much. We have to move out of here. As long as the green hills are here, one needs not to worry about firewood. We must protect the lives of the thousands of disciples in Skycloud Pavilion,” Tianji Zi spoke. It could be seen that he was really struggling inside when he spoke those words.

Three days ago, an old man, who was a mighty Immortal Emperor, suddenly appeared in the sky above Skycloud Pavilion. The sight of the mountain gate of Skycloud Pavilion instantly caught his interest and he had made up his mind to conquer it, giving them three days’ time to leave the pavilion, otherwise, every one of them would be slaughtered. Tomorrow’s the deadline.

To Daoist Yufeng, this was an incredibly difficult thing to decide. He would defend the gates of Skycloud Pavilion even if it would cost him his life. There was nothing more important than the mountain gates to a major power. It would be a disgrace if one’s gates were just seized.

Furthermore, these mountain gates were the biggest foundation of Skycloud Pavilion that had existed for many years. It was Ouyang He who built those and was then rescued by Jiang Chen who later passed those on to Daoist Yufeng. This had put Daoist Yufeng under loads of pressure. If they moved out from Skycloud Pavilion, he was afraid that they wouldn’t have the chance of recovering the gates anymore. However, if they didn’t move out, the disciples of Skycloud Pavilion would lose their lives. To a bloodthirsty devil, slaughtering was nothing special. Besides, that devil was an Immortal Emperor. There was nothing Skycloud Pavilion could do to resist.

*Jie…* *Jie…*

As soon as Tianji Zi’s words fell, a sinister laugh reverberated across the void in the main hall. Then, a dark mist emerged and turned into a human figure. He was an old man in black clothes, seeming to be in the sixties and so skinny that any normal wind can lift him off the ground.

However, the qi radiating from him was startling. His eyes were like a cross between a venomous snake and a ghost. It represented the will to die.


The appearance of the old man made everyone stand up. Their facial expression began to darken.

“Old Devil, what are you doing here? It hasn’t reached the deadline yet,” an elder spoke.

“What made you think that you can speak like that in front of me?”

With a sway of the devil’s body, he appeared in front of the elder. With tremendous speed, his palm grasped tightly at the elder’s chest with a puff, and then slowly took out the elder’s heart, tossed it into his mouth and began eating it. Blood was all over his hand and mouth. His face was full of relish.

“Delicious! Truly delicious!” The old devil licked his mouth. The scene was appalling.

This was too gruesome. Even Daoist Yufeng felt his breathing turning heavy. They were utterly powerless in front of this devil.

“I have given you three days, but you are showing no signs of moving. How insincere you are! I can’t wait any longer. It’s already too late for you to move out now. Tonight, I will have a pleasurable massacre in this sect. None of you will live. *Jie…* *Jie…*” The old devil broke into serious cackle. It seemed like slaughtering was one of his ways to have fun.

Upon hearing this, everyone’s expression changed dramatically. They only had one thought in their heads right now – they’re finished. The end of Skycloud Pavilion had come, and this old devil was the disaster that would annihilate their sect.

“Could you please give our pavilion another chance to move out? We’re willing to move out immediately,” Tianji Zi spoke, intending to fight for the last bit of chance for the Pavilion.

“No. I will not go back on my words. Since I have already said that I would kill you all, I will kill you all. What right do you all have to bargain with me?”

It seemed like slaughtering had become this old man’s nature. In his eyes, all of them were just insects that he could pinch to death at any time, and tools from which he could extract pleasure.

“Esteemed expert, I’m the master of Skycloud Pavilion. How about you kill me, and let those disciples of mine go?” Daoist Yufeng spoke helplessly. 

He could already see that they couldn’t talk sense into such a person or bargain with him. If his life could be exchanged for the lives of thousands of disciples, he had no objection.

“No, not only do I want your life, but also the others’ lives. Now, I’m going to kill you all. I will stain this place with fresh blood. *Jie…* *Jie…*”

The old devil chortled with delight. He liked it best to see the despair on people’s face before they died as he found that very enjoying.

“Is that so? I’m afraid that you won’t be able to kill even one today.” Suddenly, a vigorous voice echoed from the void into the main hall.  

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