Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1689

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The sudden voice immediately broke the tense and violent atmosphere.

“Who is it?”

The old devil’s face became stern, and he yelled in alarm. Someone had suddenly appeared in the main hall so stealthily that not even he was able to sense anything. 

Daoist Yufeng and the rest of the higher-ups couldn’t help showing joyful faces, they could vaguely recognize the familiarity of the voice.

The air in the void rippled, and a silhouette emerged. Standing in front of the old devil was a handsome youth clad in white robe. Who could he be if he wasn’t Jiang Chen?

“Chen Er!”


The sight of Jiang Chen suddenly appearing made Tianji Zi and the others exclaim. In their hearts, this youth was the true Pavilion Master. Even Daoist Yufeng stood aside in the presence of this young man.

A few elders immediately burst into tears and recovered from despair. Jiang Chen was an omnipotent existence to them as he had created too many miracles. Now that he had appeared again, Skycloud Pavilion would be well-protected. They didn’t care anymore how powerful the enemy was because they believed that Jiang Chen would absolutely be able to deal with the enemy.

The name of Jiang Chen was like a deity in everyone’s heart. Their confidence in him was absolute.

This was undoubtedly a surprise. Who would have thought that the long gone Jiang Chen would come back in the middle of the night? It was as though he had predicted the crisis of Skycloud Pavilion. It turned out that he didn’t abandon the Pavilion.

Tianji Zi came to Jiang Chen’s side, his face full of relief. The constant growth of Jiang Chen made him undeniably proud.

“Sorry if I had startled you, Master.”

Jiang Chen saluted to his master deeply. Of the people he respected, Tianji Zi was definitely one of them. Back then, Tianji Zi gave up cultivation for his sake, thus he had sworn to seek ways to heal his master in a year’s time before he left. The first thing that he wanted to do after coming out of Golden Horizon was to help Tianji Zi recover his cultivation. This was a fundamental act in respecting one’s master. Also, this was Jiang Chen’s promise.

He was glad that he had came back in time. If he were a little late, Skycloud Pavilion would be annihilated, and any action would be already too late.

“Master is fine. Master is very pleased that you have returned at this time.” Tianji Zi said with a smile. This young man in front was the person he was proudest of.

“Who are you, kid?”

The old devil’s cold gaze fell upon Jiang Chen. When he noticed that Jiang Chen was merely a half-step Immortal Emperor, he instantly looked down on Jiang Chen.

Instead of replying to the old devil, Jiang Chen casted his eyes on the elder’s corpse whose heart had been dug out by the old devil. Killing intent surged out of his body.

“I don’t care who you are or where you came from. You have come to the wrong place today,” said Jiang Chen coldly.

“Haha! What an arrogant brat! Even a puny half-step Immortal Emperor dares to speak in such manner in front of me. You really have no idea what death is.”

The old devil laughed gleefully, totally not putting Jiang Chen in his heart. He was only surprised by the fact that a young half-step Immortal Emperor was produced in such a small sect. One should know that a figure like this young man was already considered a rare genius even in a big area like Eastern Profound Domain.

“Old bastard, you really shouldn’t have killed people here.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. This old man was merely a puny intermediate Immortal Emperor. It was true that such an expert was beyond imagination to Skycloud Pavilion, but to him, such an expert could easily be killed.

“Brat, it seems like you are exceedingly arrogant. In that case, I’ll start my massacre with you.”

The old devil was angered. Whether it was his cultivation base or status, he had never been spoken to in such a way by a young brat. He just couldn’t stand it.

The old devil moved, striking out his terrifying sharp claw at Jiang Chen. His face was full of a sinister smile as he stuck out his tongue to lick the blood that stained the edge of his mouth. In his opinion, the heart of such a genius was the most delicious. Jiang Chen had merely come here to present himself as food to the old devil.

“Be careful Master.”

Daoist Yufeng warned hastily as he had already witnessed the horror of this devil earlier.


There was a sound of a tremble in the void before the sharp claw touched Jiang Chen’s body. Jiang Chen’s palm was currently grasping the claw of the old devil firmly.


The old devil was shocked. Immediately, he exerted incredible strength but was even more horrified when he found out that no matter how much strength he exerted, his claw remained motionless. He wasn’t a fool. He knew that he had encountered a monstrous genius. He was afraid that he had kicked an iron plate today.

*Chi…* *Chi…*

Wisps of flames rushed out of Jiang Chen’s palm, like spiritual serpents. In the blink of an eye, the arm of the old devil was enshrouded by flames.


The old devil let out a shrill cry. The cultivation law he practiced was evil; like the natural enemy of evil, the flame seemed to be making him suffer horrendously.

It was the Fire of Sun that had integrated with Jiang Chen’s energy. It wasn’t something that the old devil could withstand. His entire arm was instantly burnt to ashes.


Light shone from Daoist Yufeng and Tianji Zi’s eyes. Jiang Chen’s growth had always transcended their imagination. Only now did Daoist Yufeng realize that his warning for Jiang Chen was completely unnecessary. This old devil, who was high and mighty and invincible to them, was as weak as an infant before Jiang Chen.

“Brat, I’m going all out with you!” The old devil roared loudly. Three figures encircled Jiang Chen all of a sudden.

Corpse puppets!

Jiang Chen’s eyes sharpened. There was no way he wouldn’t recognize it. He was too familiar with this sort of thing. 

“It turns out that you are one of those scums from Corpse Yin Sect.” Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He didn’t feel the slightest bit of burden in killing the people of Corpse Yin Sect.

The three corpse puppets were of intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. Under the control of the old devil, the three of them lunged at Jiang Chen. 

But to Jiang Chen, they posed no threat at all. He struck out a finger, three streams of sun fire rushed forward. With the sound of a blast, the three corpse puppets turned into a sea of fire and were burnt to ashes.

“Dammit! My corpse puppets!”

The old devil almost spurt out blood. The people of Corpse Yin Sect cared most about their corpse puppets. They always regarded them as treasures. The old devil had put most of his effort to refine the three corpse puppets. He couldn’t accept that his corpse puppets were so easily destroyed by Jiang Chen.

However, there was nothing he could do about it. This young man who came out of nowhere was too powerful, and he was no match for him.

“Brat! Just wait and see! Today’s matter isn’t over. Your sect will be levelled sooner or later.” 

Leaving these string of words, he tore open the void and escaped. In his opinion, even if he wasn’t the opponent of the youth, it would be an easy task to escape with his life. 

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