Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1691

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“Daoist Yufeng, don’t spread the news of my return. I don’t want to cause any ruckus out there as it won’t do Skycloud Pavilion any good. I’ll leave after healing master’s injuries,” said Jiang Chen to Daoist Yufeng.

“Yes, master.”

Daoist Yufeng nodded without asking why. He knew Jiang Chen must have his own reasons for doing this. Jiang Chen’s main goal in returning was to treat Tianji Zi, and he would leave after that. 

After a while, Jiang Chen brought Tianji Zi into the thirty-third level of the pagoda. The healing might take a long time so the pagoda was undeniably the best place.

As to why Jiang Chen had personally told Daoist Yufeng to conceal his presence, it was for the sake of Skycloud Pavilion. Given his reputation and status, once the news was spread, the disciples of the pavilion would be stirred. However, this wasn’t what he was worried about. What he was worried about was if the news reached Eastern Profound Domain. Base on the current situation, he was afraid that it would bring real annihilation to Skycloud Pavilion as his enemies were much more powerful than the old devil.

In the thirty-third level, Tianji Zi sat cross-legged. His face was filled with anticipation. To a crippled man, there was nothing more exciting than recovering what he had lost.

Jiang Chen retrieved a drop of Great Earth Immortal Milk and brought it to Tianji Zi’s front.

“Master, this is the Great Earth Immortal Milk. It has the effect of reviving the dead. It will be able to help you reconstruct your meridians and veins. Not only will you be healed, but also your cultivation base and physique will also be improved greatly as though you are reborn,” explained Jiang Chen. 

One drop of Great Earth Immortal Milk was already sufficient for Tianji Zi to recover.

“What? The legendary Great Earth Immortal Milk?”

Tianji Zi was unable to keep his calm. He had read lots of ancient books and knew numerous divine treasures. The Great Earth Immortal Milk wasn’t new to him, however this scared item existed only in the books and legends. He had never expected that Jiang Chen would actually obtain it. How could he not feel excited about it knowing what the Great Earth Immortal Milk could do?

“Master, you can consume it straightaway. I will help you refine it,” said Jiang Chen.


Tianji Zi settled his emotions and did as he was told. Under normal circumstances, even if he was in his prime, he wouldn’t have the courage to swallow it directly. The energy contained in a drop of such a divine treasure was beyond imagination. Even if he didn’t lose his cultivation, consuming it straightaway was no different than seeking death.

However, today was totally a different scenario. He trusted Jiang Chen too much.


The Great Earth Immortal Milk entered his body. Terrifying and unbearable energy immediately spread across in his body, causing him to spurt out a mouthful of blood.

“Be calm and seek peace in your mind.”

Jiang Chen shouted, his hands grabbed Tianji Zi’s wrists, allowing traces of the energy to penetrate his master’s body. Under the guidance of Jiang Chen, the incredible energy of the Great Earth Immortal Milk was soon brought under control.

Three days later!

Tianji Zi’s originally broken meridians were all completely repaired and reconstructed, shining bright milky white light. Every part of his body was filled with the qi of Great Earth Immortal Milk, and his meridians had become so tough that it was unlikely to be destroyed again.

One had to say that the Great Earth Immortal Milk was indeed a rare treasure that could revive the dead, build white bones and reconstruct meridians. Compared to Tianji Zi’s previous meridians when he was still in his prime, his current meridians were so much stronger.

Powerful energy surged out of his body. The moment all his meridians were reconstructed, his cultivation base reached the Immortal King realm.

At this moment, Tianji Zi wanted to yell to his heart’s content. Ever since his cultivation base was crippled, he had been depressed. Today, he had finally been freed from his helplessness. Not only was his injuries fully healed, he also reached the cultivation realm he had dreamt of. There was no way that he wouldn’t feel excited.

This was just the beginning, however. Jiang Chen was still guiding the energy inside of Tianji Zi as there was still a huge amount of energy left in his body that he couldn’t control even though Tianji Zi had already successfully broken through to the Immortal King realm. 

Another seven days passed. Tianji Zi has already advanced to the late Immortal King realm. Most of the energy from the Great Earth Immortal Milk had already been absorbed, leaving only a small portion which Tianji Zi would have no trouble managing it himself. 

Jiang Chen removed his palms. He couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the vibrant and invigorated Tianji Zi.

“Haha! Late Immortal King realm… Chen Er, this is a realm that I hadn’t even even dreamt of.”

Tianji Zi couldn’t restrain his emotion, and burst into laughter. The progress was too great for him to imagine. With his current cultivation base, he wouldn’t find a worthy opponent in the entire One-Line-Sky.

The Great Earth Immortal Milk indeed had a very powerful effect. Even Jiang Chen had advanced one cultivation realm after taking a drop of it. So, it wasn’t an exaggeration that Tianji Zi was pushed to the late Immortal King realm after consuming such a divine treasure.

“Master, I’m relieved to see you recovered. At long last, one load has been lifted off from my heart,” said Jiang Chen with a smile. Back when he left One-Line-Sky, he swore that he would cure Tianji Zi, and now his wish had been realized.

“Chen Er, are you leaving again?”

Tianji Zi asked, feeling slightly reluctant, however he knew that someone like Jiang Chen would never stay in One-Line-Sky, this place wasn’t remotely challenging to Jiang Chen.

“Yes, master. There are still a lot of things that I need to do. I’m leaving now.”

Jiang Chen brought Tianji Zi out of the pagoda. Although ten days had passed in the thirty-third level of the pagoda, it hadn’t been a day outside and the sun has just started to rise.

“En, go on, remember to be careful always.”

Tianji Zi patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. He never asked about the things in Eastern Profound Domain as it was unnecessary.

Jiang Chen set off. Before he left, he had deployed a heavy seal outside Skycloud Pavilion, and gave Tianji Zi an Emperor Immortal Weapon and some rare medicinal herbs. No one could tell when he would be back. Perhaps, Skycloud Pavilion was only one of his stops. He had already done the best that he could for them.

The reason he didn’t bring Tianji Zi along was that the Eastern Profound Domain wasn’t suitable for his master. Also, it was inconvenient for Tianji Zi to follow his side now, he was the most wanted criminal who could die at any second. Therefore, the best choice was to be on his own while fighting the enemies of various major powers unconcernedly. 

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