Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1694

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Jiang Chen had appeared, his dark hair rippling in the breeze; he didn’t use the transformation technique. With his current condition, it wouldn’t matter much whether he changed into his dragon form or not as the power that he could exert was the same. Currently, his eyes were already blood-red and his body was full of killing intent. The Ancestral Dragon of Slaughter was constantly roaring in the depths of his soul. All his abilities had been displayed to the full extent. He had undoubtedly become an unparalleled god of slaughter.

“Jiang Chen, you can’t escape. We have already broken our signaling spiritual talisman. Powerful experts will be here soon. Surrender now!”

One of them yelled but his tone was unsteady, it clearly lacked strength.


Jiang Chen roared madly, shaking the sky above. It was like an outbreak of the beast of slaughter. The tens of thousands of rays of light dispersed across, wrapping the three cultivators.

The three of them were deeply startled as they scattered and fled to different directions. They wouldn’t dare to confront Jiang Chen because that was akin to seeking death.

“Argh!” “Argh!”

Despite their incredible speed, two of them still died under the attack of the Sun Divine Feather. Jiang Chen held the heads of the two cultivators, but didn’t pursue the fourth one. Using the Great Void Technique, he hurtled to one direction and was then out of sight.

He absolutely wasn’t craving for a drawn-out fight right now as he knew very well that these Immortal Venerables had signaled the other experts who would be here in no time. Hence, he didn’t chase the fourth one and disappeared without a trace.

*Whoosh…* *Whoosh…* *Whoosh…*

Just like before, almost as soon as Jiang Chen left, numerous experts arrived. There were quite a few intermediate Immortal Venerables among them. Unfortunately they only saw three headless corpses when they arrived.

“Dammit! He has escaped again!”

The Sect Master of Paragon Sect stamped with rage. As a powerful Immortal Venerable, he had never felt so stifled. The young man was absolutely teasing him.

“Sect Master, that kid has already mastered the Great Void Technique which allows him to come and go without a trace. It’s very hard for us to catch him. Besides, he has the Sun Divine Feather. It seems as though he’s treating us as his prey,” one man said furiously.

At this time, the half-step Immortal Venerable who escaped from Jiang Chen’s grasp re-emerged. He was lucky enough that he was able to escape. The previous scene still gave him palpitations.

“The Sun Divine Feather is just too scary. That kid is a murderous demon.” The cultivator had yet to recover from his shock. This was the first time he ever felt shocked.

In the following time, Jiang Chen never stopped appearing on different places of Eastern Profound Domain. Every time the Sun Divine Feather was swung, there’s death and heads of Immortal Venerables were detached. At this point, numerous Immortal Venerables began to feel panic-stricken. Those who had been looking forward to encounter Jiang Chen at first feared meeting him now. They were supposed to be the one looking for him all over the place but now, they seemed to have become his prey, trembling with fear, fearing that he might emerge at any time.

This was because Jiang Chen was very fast, had no distinct patterns and untraceable. Plus, there was hardly any teamwork between the experts of various major powers for it was their first time cooperating. Now that every one of them was in constant vigilance, it was impossible for them to come up with a perfect solution.

That night, Jiang Chen appeared again on top of the highest mountain in Eastern Profound Domain, he then hung a dozen heads high in the sky on a line. Violent wind was blowing under the dark sky. The scene was gruesome.

For an instant, the entire place was in great chaos. The whole Eastern Profound Domain had lost its peace. This was a naked provocation. Jiang Chen alone was challenging numerous major powers. Those hideous heads represented their failures and losses, leaving traumas in their hearts.

The major powers were no longer as high-spirited as before. To them, Jiang Chen and the Sun Divine Feather wasn’t the scary part. What terrified them was that they could never find Jiang Chen, as if he was a ghost. No one knew when and where he would appear. Those lethal strikes that came out of nowhere was the scariest.

“My God! Everyone knows that they were all renowned experts and the strongest among them is at the early Immortal Venerable realm, but now, their heads have been hung in such an orderly fashion. Jiang Chen is definitely provoking the major powers.”

“So many have died on the first day, and Jiang Chen is just beginning. His grudges with those major powers have become irreconcilable. With the Sun Divine Feather and the Great Void Technique, no one can stop him. It’s like he has turned into a god of slaughter, reaping the souls of his enemies. Those high and mighty Immortal Venerables had now become his prey. He’s just like a ferocious tiger in the dark which could pounce out and bite you at any time.”

“No one as peerless as him has ever emerged in this world. He’s truly a heaven-defying one. The situation will only get more and more intense. I’m afraid today is only the beginning. I guess those major powers are already feeling very furious and nervous at the same time.”


The incidents surprised everyone. The whole domain was in chaos. There was killing every time Jiang Chen appeared. Within just a day, a dozen powerful experts were killed and their heads were hung in the sky.

Back in Genius Prefecture of Great Qian Empire!

Han Yan and Tyrant were wearing a thrilled expression.

“Little Chen has begun the attack, and it is only the beginning. Those major powers will have more to suffer.”

Han Yan smiled. He and Tyrant knew Jiang Chen all too well. The world would surely be shaken the moment Jiang Chen had decided to attack. Jiang Chen had always been fearless and cruel to his enemies. This was a world governed by the law of the jungle. When someone wanted to kill you, you needed to fight back hard to kill the enemy.

“If Jiang Chen isn’t dead, he will become the greatest Sovereign in the world.”

Yang Zanqing spoke in a solemn tone. Yang Yu and Dongfang Yu who were standing next to him couldn’t help but turn to him. They had never heard Yang Zanqing giving such a remark before as he was a very proud person.

The greatest Sovereign? No one had ever been given that title since the ancient times even until now.

“He’s now walking his path of being a Great Sovereign. By making the world his enemy, he will trample all his enemies under his feet to pave his path.” Yang Yu said. 

He too had a very high opinion of Jiang Chen. He felt very glad that Great Qian Empire didn’t made Jiang Chen their enemy as that would fill all of them with dread.

If someone like Jiang Chen was given the chance to grow, all of his enemies would be annihilated in the end.

Even Immortal Venerables had their end. In the face of the frenzied Jiang Chen, all of them were in great trepidation.


The heads were retrieved by experts of various major powers not long after they were hung. Instead of leaving any malicious words, all of them wore melancholic expressions.

At this point, no major power would back away because they just couldn’t. They must kill Jiang Chen even though they would suffer great losses, so that he wouldn’t have the chance to grow anymore.

The air was full of the stench of blood. No one knew what would happen next. 

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