Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1698

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The next day, when most of them had expected that Jiang Chen would attack again, Eastern Profound Domain was unusually peaceful. All the major powers had been prepared for Jiang Chen to strike, but nothing seemed to be happening as though he had disappeared completely. Countless Immortal Venerables had searched the entire domain thoroughly, but didn’t managed to find any trace of him.

But clearly, the experts were used to this. They all understood the scariness of the Great Void Technique, and knew that the technique could allow Jiang Chen to hide in the spatial crevice or even in the turbulent air current, making it incomparably difficult for them to find him. The only thing they could do now was to wait for Jiang Chen to appear.

“Could it be that Jiang Chen has decided not to appear anymore?”

“Of course! He isn’t an idiot. If I were him, I wouldn’t show up as well, now that all the major powers have allied together for the sake of finding him, that would only be equivalent to seeking death if he really show up. Jiang Chen is no doubt shrewd.”

“That’s true, but the matter certainly won’t stop here. As long as Jiang Chen still lives, all the major powers won’t have a sound sleep. Jiang Chen has already become an eyesore to them or even their nightmare.”


Innumerable people were discussing about Jiang Chen. The temporary peace indicated that an even more violent storm was coming, and everyone was looking forward to it.

A month had passed in the pagoda. The dragon transformation skill had successfully evolved. The Ancestral Dragon of Slaughter inside of him vanished and turned into a dragon seal branded in the depths of his soul.

“Slaughter Dragon Seal. It’s another powerful combat technique.”

Jiang Chen was pleased. Every time the dragon transformation skill evolve, he would gain tremendous benefits. The Slaughter Dragon Seal consisted of endless killing intent and the will of the Ancestral Dragon of Slaughter. Each attack was like a furious storm, and the substantial killing intent within it was enough to kill the opponent. One could already feel its horror just by thinking about it.


The energy in Jiang Chen’s body let out a buzzing sound. His body began to tremble violently. Jiang Chen was completely thrilled by the changes. The Dao of Slaughter and the evolution of the dragon transformation skill had brought him enormous benefits. And now, his cultivation base was going to make a breakthrough, advancing from the peak of half-step Immortal Emperor realm to the true Immortal Emperor realm. He had been waiting for this moment for far too long.

New dragon marks began to form in his Qi Sea, pushing the total number of dragon marks to 1,300,000 in an instant. Although his cultivation base had stepped into the Immortal Emperor realm, the advancement didn’t show any signs of stopping. The improvement that was caused by the evolution of the dragon transformation skill was far greater than this. New dragon marks were still forming. All the energy that had been accumulated inside of him erupted at once. His cultivation base would certainly reach the peak of early Immortal Emperor realm before stopping.

In his opinion, advancement had always been a very rapid process. Soon, the number of dragon marks in his body reached 1,340,000. As expected, the advancement stopped at the peak of early Immortal Emperor realm, only needing 10 000 more to break through to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm.

“Great! I have finally advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm. I wonder how much have my strength improved, but it’s still far from enough to fight against those major powers. Without the Sun Divine Feather, I will only become their prey. I’m not in a hurry to go out now. I’ll continue staying here to stabilize my cultivation for a while, and at the same time, thoroughly comprehend the Slaughter Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He didn’t intend to go out now. Knowing how chaotic it was outside, he wouldn’t be able to do much if he he went out. He might as well spend his time in the pagoda to comprehend the newly acquired dragon seal as this seal would become one of his powerful attacks the moment he went out.

Currently, there was a trace of indistinct weak qi in the void of Eastern Profound Domain, but despite its faintness, it was still sensed by the numerous experts.

This was because they had already deployed an escape-proof formation. Even the faintest movement in the void would catch their attention.

*Whoosh…* *Whoosh…*

In just an instant, about thirty Immortal Venerables had appeared. There were two intermediate Immortal Venerables amongst them. Such a camp was just too scary.

“Jiang Chen, show yourself now. There’s no need to hide anymore!”

Old Man Corpse Yin said through gritted teeth. His hatred for Jiang Chen surpassed any one of them. Which was why he was the first to sense the unusual fluctuation in the void.

After that, he struck out a huge palm to tear the void apart while the other Immortal Venerables sealed the entire void, not giving the enemy any chance of escape.

Under the great pressure, a figure was squeezed out of the void. He was a youth in yellow robe, with unique salt-and-pepper hair.

“Goddammit! I’m so unlucky!”

The youth looked around, and couldn’t help but curse. He wasn’t a stranger. He’s Dragon Shisan. He had been using a powerful secret art of his clan to hide in the void, but he didn’t have a single clue about the things that had happened outside as he had been in seclusion all this time, refining the Great Earth Immortal Milk.

Due to the Great Earth Immortal Milk, his cultivation base has already reached the peak of late Immortal Emperor realm, which was only a step away from the half-step Immortal Venerable realm. The flush of energy surging out of his body had exposed some trace of his qi and eventually his presence.

Dragon Shisan wasn’t a fool. Seeing that he had been besieged by so many Immortal Venerables, he could almost guess what had happened here. Linking it back to the massacre in Golden Horizon, it was only logical that these experts looked so furious.

However, he wasn’t in the mood to think about all of these. He only knew that he had a bad luck today. Although his cultivation base had advanced once more and his combat strength had improved, he was afraid that he was powerless against all these Immortal Venerables no matter how confident he was.

“He isn’t Jiang Chen,” someone said with a frown.

“He has a strong qi of an Immemorial Battle Spirit flowing around his body. He’s that Dragon Shisan.” Some expert recognized the qi of Dragon Shisan.

“Brat, are you Dragon Shisan?”

Old Man Corpse Yin gritted his teeth and said. Although he hadn’t found Jiang Chen, it was still considered a harvest that he found Dragon Shisan. He had heard about Dragon Shisan’s crimes from his disciples. Dragon Shisan was precisely the one that killed Hei Lang.

“I’m precisely Dragon Shisan.”

Dragon Shisan spoke aloud. Given his nobility, why would he dare to deny who he was? He wasn’t a fool. He knew that it was no use even if he denied his identity. These Immortal Venerable experts weren’t idiots. It was too easy for them to identify him because those disciples who had returned from Golden Horizon must have already described his appearance. 

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