Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1699

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Dragon Shisan looked to his right and left and gave up the idea of escaping, it seemed unrealistic while being besieged by a few dozen Immortal Venerables. Secondly, he didn’t have the Great Void Technique like Jiang Chen, he only has a secret art that could help him hide. The enemy forces was just too powerful, layers of space had been sealed, and he had become a turtle in the jar.

“Dragon Shisan, do you really think that you can escape the pursuit of all the major powers? You won’t be able to. The same goes for Jiang Chen!”

An early Immortal Venerable clamored at Dragon Shisan. The matters about Jiang Chen had made them very depressed during these last two days. As powerful Immortal Venerables, they were always high and mighty individuals, but during this period of time, they had virtually lost all their faces.

That was why they all seemed enraged. As Dragon Shisan had shown himself at this inappropriate time, he would naturally become the punching bag for all of them.

Although Jiang Chen was still roaming freely out there, capturing Dragon Shisan was already considered a big harvest. At least, some of the anger accumulated inside of them could be vented out.

“Speak no more, kill him straight away!” another early Immortal Venerable yelled, gritting his teeth. 

He was also an expert from Corpse Yin Sect, specifically one of the experts that had been scared away by Jiang Chen while trying to defend his sect. He now felt so ashamed, and his stomach was full of fury. Killing intent soared from inside his body the instant he saw Dragon Shisan.

“Kill me? Then I’ll kill you first.”

Dragon Shisan glanced at the man, and instantly, he lunged forth at maximum speed, striking out the Exterminating Symbol Art that moved like a violent storm at the elder of Corpse Yin Sect.

“What?!” the elder exclaimed. 

He had never thought that Dragon Shisan would dare to attack him in such a situation. He thought that Dragon Shisan surely has already lost his mind.

The Exterminating Symbol Art was a very terrifying attack. It seemed like Dragon Shisan didn’t intend to let his opponent live. Despite being surrounded by a few dozen of Immortal Venerables, he had no fear and he would never wait for his death. He would never hesitate when it was time to strike.

*Hong Long……*

The Exterminating Symbol Art slammed violently at the elder, crushing half of his body. The elder dragged the remaining half of his body and fled to one side. According to logic, a dignified Immortal Venerable shouldn’t be that incapable. It was only because the elder didn’t think that the helpless turtle in the jar would strike, and was completely caught off guard. Also, Dragon Shisan moved too fast in such a close distance. Not even the early Immortal Venerable had the chance to react.

More importantly, the current Dragon Shisan was no longer the same as before. After absorbing the Great Earth Immortal Milk, his cultivation base had advanced to the peak of late Immortal Emperor realm, making him a lot stronger than the time he was in Golden Horizon. At that time, he was already powerful enough to kill a half-step Immortal Venerable genius like Ye Qingtian. So naturally, he would have the ability to kill the elder of Corpse Yin Sect now. In a one-on-one battle, the elder wouldn’t survive.

“Courting death!”

Old Man Corpse Yin was infuriated, immediately launching out a huge black palm. It turned into a cage, completely imprisoning Dragon Shisan within.

Everyone was shocked, but also infuriated. No one had thought that Dragon Shisan would dare to kill an expert under such a situation. Due to all of them having loosened their guard, they didn’t have the time to rescue the elder.

Corpse Yin Sect had suffered too many losses from Jiang Chen. And now, Dragon Shisan has just eliminated one of their Immortal Venerable. This gave Old Man Corpse Yin the urge to spurt out blood and rush forward to shred Dragon Shisan to pieces.

Even if the elder didn’t die, he would only become a cripple. It was fundamentally impossible to restore him back to Immortal Venerable realm.

*Hong Long……*

Being captured by Old Man Corpse Yin, the monkey’s ferocity went out of control and he let out an ear-splitting roar. His body began to enlarge, turning into a golden ape. Circulating the Battle Saint Technique to the limit, he then lunged at the cage.

The irresistible attack had cracked the palm of Old Man Corpse Yin. With another strike of the Life Symbol Art, he found the chance to escape from the imprisonment.

*Hua La……*

However, he wasn’t able to escape from all the experts. The instant he left the cage, he was tightly besieged by all the other experts. Even the Life Symbol Art couldn’t find the possible route of escape under such a situation.


Old Man Corpse Yin was alarmed, including the other experts. Each of them was looking at Dragon Shisan with trepidation. They had never seen such a heaven-defying bastard who almost killed an early Immortal Venerable expert with a single strike and broke free from the imprisonment of Old Man Corpse Yin. They wouldn’t dare to believe it without seeing it with their own eyes.

“Haha! You all will have to pay a high price in order to kill Master Monkey.”

Dragon Shisan let out a crazy laugh. His body was already as tall as a 30-meter iron tower. He was going ballistic. Boundless fiery light shot out from his Fiery Golden Eyes and met the eyes of one of the early Immortal Venerables.


The Immortal Venerable was caught off guard. His eyes locked on Dragon Shisan’s Fiery Golden Eyes, and instantly exploded. Blood spurted out. A shrill cry was heard.

Even Nanbei Chao wouldn’t dare to look directly at Dragon Shisan’s Fiery Golden Eyes with his Eye of Heaven. An ordinary cultivator would only be asking for trouble.


Dragon Shisan went berserk. Casting out the secret art, and moving at extreme speed, he appeared next to the Immortal Venerable whose eyeballs had burst and grasped the expert’s skull with his huge palm. With a boom, the skull burst.

It was too fast. None of the Immortal Venerables was able to react, mainly because the Fiery Golden Eyes was just too terrifying. They were completely taken aback. Moreover, no one had thought that this monkey would be this frenzied even though he had already become their prey.

“My god! What’s the origin of this Dragon Shsian? How can he be so heaven-defying?”

“Dammit! One is Jiang Chen, the other is Dragon Shisan. How can there be so many freaks in this world? Comparing them to the geniuses of the other major powers, those geniuses aren’t even worthy of being called ‘geniuses’.”

“Ferocious and brutal. This is the aggressiveness of an Immemorial Battle Spirit. He even dares to kill at such a situation. Two Immortal Venerables have already been killed by him.”


Everyone was shocked. The movement here had attracted countless onlookers. The name of Dragon Shisan had long been known by them, but most of them hadn’t seen him before. After seeing him today, their jaws dropped, his degree of brutality was no weaker than Jiang Chen’s. 

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