Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1700

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“Kill him!”

Old Man Corpse Yin bellowed. The incident has already attracted numerous Immortal Venerables. There were now over a hundred of them in total, still tightly trapping Dragon Shisan within. It was a sure-death situation. It was afraid that even Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to escape from such predicament.

There were eight intermediate Immortal Venerables. The leaders of the eight major powers in Eastern Profound Domain were here. Each of them was gritting their teeth hatefully at Dragon Shisan.

A gloomy-looking sharp saber appeared in Old Man Corpse Yin’s hand and then he thrust it at Dragon Shisan.

The iron staff materialised in Dragon Shisan’s hand. As he had already transformed into a wild ape, he would dare to fight regardless of how strong the opponents were. The iron staff connected with the sharp saber. The void was instantly ripped apart.


A mouthful of blood was forced out of Dragon Shisan by the impact. Old Man Corpse Yin was after all an intermediate Immortal Venerable expert. No matter how heaven-defying Dragon Shisan was, he was merely a late Immortal Emperor. He hadn’t even touched the realm of the half-step Immortal Venerable yet. Therefore, he was absolutely no match for experts like Old Man Corpse Yin. He should already feel proud that Old Man Corpse Yin’s furious strike didn’t kill him.

“Old Man Corpse Yin, don’t kill him.”

A voice sounded. He wasn’t a stranger. He was the patriarch of Nanbei Family, Nanbei Taisheng.

“Why?” Old Man Corpse Yin looked at Nanbei Taisheng furiously.

“Use this man to lure Jiang Chen. This is our chance. As long as we hold him captive, Jiang Chen will appear. Otherwise, we won’t be able to find him as he has already mastered the Great Void Technique.” Nanbei Taisheng spoke.

“That’s true. Patriarch Nanbei is right. Jiang Chen is the real trouble here, and his threat is just too great to us. With Dragon Shisan in our hands, we don’t have to worry that Jiang Chen won’t appear. As long as he appears, we will eradicate him at all costs.”

The Emperor of Great Cloud Empire, Yun Tianzun spoke, agreeing with what Nanbei Taisheng said.

“Jiang Chen must die. The same goes for Dragon Shisan. After killing Dragon Shisan, I can use his corpse to lure Jiang Chen.”

Old Man Corpse Yin’s decision to kill was resolute. Immediately after he spoke, he thrust the saber at Dragon Shisan.

“That’s right. Kill him first, then use his corpse to entice Jiang Chen. This monkey is stained with the blood of so many disciples. We absolutely can’t let him live,” Old Ancestor Yellow Spring said maliciously. With a sway of his body, he charged at Dragon Shisan too.

How could the injured Dragon Shisan be able to resist the two intermediate Immortal Venerables?

*Pu Chi!*

The void had been entirely sealed by countless Immortal Venerables. Dragon Shisan was powerless. Old Man Corpse Yin’s saber stabbed violently through Dragon Shisan’s chest, then through his heart and out of his back. Old Ancestor Yellow Spring pierced two sharp fingers into Dragon Shisan’s eyes, instantly destroying his Fiery Golden Eyes.

Old Man Corpse Yin’s means of attack was incomparably savage. A terrifying qi that radiated from his sabre broke the viscera of Dragon Shisan’s body, and then the body was lifted up by the sabre. 

Dragon Shisan’s body made a few twitches before losing its qi entirely. The iron staff in his hand seemed to have its own spirituality as it had already disappeared. Only God knew where it had gone to.

“Is he dead? Ai! What a pity! A genius of the generation, an Immemorial Battle Spirit has died just like that. If Dragon Shisan didn’t die, he will become an earth-shattering great figure in the future.”

“It’s useless to speak so much. You can only put the blame that his enemies are just too strong, however, Dragon Shisan’s death isn’t worthless as he was able to get two Immortal Venerables to die along with him before.”

“Dragon Shisan has died, but the matter isn’t over yet. I’m afraid that all of these major powers are going to use his body to lure Jiang Chen out. How brazen!”

“They are undeniably brazen to use such a despicable method.”


Many of them were lamenting about Dragon Shisan’s death. Such a peerless genius was only bound to last briefly. The fact that the major powers wanted to use Dragon Shisan’s corpse to entice Jiang Chen was already considered shameless by countless of people. As a matter of fact, the major powers were very concerned about their faces, and wouldn’t take such extreme measures, but given the situation, they couldn’t care about their reputation anymore. Their face had become less important compared to seeking vengeance against Jiang Chen.

“Spread the news now. We’ll give Jiang Chen one day. If he doesn’t appear by then, we will destroy the corpse of Dragon Shisan.”

Old Man Corpse Yin shouted aloud, then made the corpse suspend in the sky above, just like what Jiang Chen had done to their experts.

The surroundings were full of mighty Immortal Venerables, all of whom believed that Jiang Chen would show up given his relationship with Dragon Shisan, they would surely wait for his appearance. As long as Jiang Chen appeared, he would die for sure.

Exquisite Paradise!

Lan Lingji’s emotions fluctuated wildly. She was stopped by an Immortal Venerable of her sect as she flew towards the mountain gate.

“Master, I’m going to save Brother Shisan.” Lan Lingji was grief-stricken.

“Dragon Shisan has already died. There’s no point going there.”

The Immortal Venerable spoke. She seemed to be in her thirties, with a heroic bearing and an exquisite body, wearing a jade green robe. Her figure was full of matured femininity. It was destined that such a woman could only be admired from a distance.

“No, Brother Shisan will never die. He can’t be killed.”

Tears trickled down Lan Lingji’s face. She would never believe that Dragon Shisan would die. Even if it was the truth, she still refused to believe it.

“Accept the truth. The enemy is just too powerful. There’s nothing we can do.”

The master’s eyes were full of helplessness. She wanted to help, but there were numerous things she needed to take into consideration, just like Yang Yu. She truly felt sorry for the fall of such an outstanding genius. 

Lan Lingji seemed to only recover after a while. She faced her master and said in a pleading tone. “Master, let me go and have a look at him.”

Whether Dragon Shisan was dead or alive, she would want to see him one last time, even though she could only see him from a far distance.

“Ai! Alright, I’ll bring you.” Her master sighed, then vanished along with Lan Lingji.

Great Qian Empire, Genius Prefecture!

Han Yan and Tyrant had also gotten the news – Old Man Corpse Yin and Old Ancestor Yellow Spring had killed Dragon Shisan and were going to use Shisan’s body to lure Jiang Chen out. Dragon Shisan’s death had put Han Yan and Tyrant in a state of rage. 

“Now what? We can’t just let the monkey’s corpse hang there.” Han Yan gritted his teeth and spoke.

“Amitabha. Ah Yan, we’ll have to wait. Little Chen will appear and avenge monkey’s death. These major powers are playing with fire. They will surely enrage Jiang Chen, a terrifying and ferocious beast.”

Tyrant had also lost his usual compassion. If it wasn’t because of their incapability, they would have rushed out now.

Dragon Shisan had died, but did everyone had the same conclusion? Dragon Shisan was someone who had cultivated the Life Symbol Art, so how could he die so easily? Perhaps the formidable Battle Saint Ape, the rare Immortal Battle Spirit couldn’t be killed so easily. 

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