Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1702

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“However, even if Jiang Chen really showed up, how can he deal with these enemies?” Yang Bufan was filled with worries.

“Don’t worry. Little Chen has been through every violent storm and is still perfectly intact. I’m sure that he can find a way. Dragon Shisan’s body won’t be destroyed by them,” said Han Yan. 

He knew Jiang Chen the longest. He had known him as far back in Qi Province. Ever since they were in Black Sect, Jiang Chen had already created too many miracles which inspired Han Yan, and Tyrant to have inexplicable confidence in Jiang Chen. Those kinds of miracles were beyond the understanding and belief of ordinary people.

Looking at the floating body of Dragon Shisan, however, rage was churning uncontrollably inside of them. The stifling feeling of only being able to watch from a far distance when their brother was being humiliated was beyond people’s understanding.

Han Yan and Tyrant wanted to take Dragon Shisan’s corpse so badly, but it was pointless, also Jiang Chen would scold them once he knew it. They couldn’t cause any more trouble for him.

“Ai! Do you think Jiang Chen will show himself tomorrow?”

“It’s hard to say given the situation. Jiang Chen isn’t an idiot. If I were him, I will never show myself.”

“That’s why you won’t become like Jiang Chen in this life. I heard that Jiang Chen is a man who values friendship and loyalty. As there’s a deep brotherly relationship between him and Dragon Shisan, he absolutely won’t ignore the corpse of his brother. I’m sure that he will show up soon.”

“Even if he really appears, it will still be of no use. The scene is too massive. I’m afraid that there are even late Immortal Venerables who have hidden themselves from the scene. Once Jiang Chen appears, he will fall into an inescapable trap. Although the Sun Divine Feather is extraordinarily powerful, it’s merely a feather from the Gold Feather Fan. Also, Jiang Chen has limited strength. Not only will he not be able to retrieve Dragon Shisan’s corpse, he might also get himself killed.”

“We’ll see. I still think that Jiang Chen will appear as he’s a man who isn’t afraid of the Heavens and Earth.”


Ever since the expedition in Golden Horizon ended, Eastern Profound Domain hadn’t been calm. In the past three days, Jiang Chen had killed a dozen Immortal Venerables, and hung their heads to provoke all the major powers, he even attacked Corpse Yin Sect. Now that Dragon Shisan had been killed, and his body being put on display, no one knew what kind of earth-shattering event would happen next.

Time flew inside the spatial zone of the thirty-third level of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. Jiang Chen was in a deep state of meditation. Light flickered constantly around his body. Dragon roars sounded from inside his body from time to time. His dark hair still fluttered in the absence of wind, making him look extremely magical. 

A month passed very quickly. At long last, Jiang Chen opened his eyes. Light shone brightly and sharply in his eyes. The dragon transformation skill had completely evolved. His cultivation base has already reached the peak of early Immortal Emperor realm. More importantly, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had received tremendous benefits from the evolution – the forty-second level of the pagoda had been fully formed. This was what pleased Jiang Chen the most as the condensation of every level of the pagoda represented an enormous increase in power. The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda had always been the treasure he had devoted most of his effort to.

“The benefits brought by the evolution of the dragon transformation skill this time is too good. Not only has my cultivation base improved by leaps and bounds, the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda has also improved tremendously. Additionally, I have mastered the Slaughter Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen turned his palm, a blood-red dragon seal appeared on it, circling continuously. Then, it turned into a lifelike blood-red dragon of slaughter with cold and ruthless eyes, looking like a real divine dragon. 

The heavier the killing intent, the stronger the power. This was the essence of the seal; he was crystal clear about this.

“Roughly two days have passed in the outside world. I wonder what the major powers are doing. I’ll go out and check them out.”

After standing, Jiang Chen exited the pagoda with a flash, but his qi had been perfectly concealed by the pagoda. Although his cultivation base had progressed tremendously, the current situation was still very dangerous. The Sun Divine Feather would still be his biggest reliance if he were to fight the Immortal Venerables of the various major powers.

Of course, he was could only kill ordinary Immortal Venerables under the dragon form.

However, as soon as he walked out of the pagoda, his scalp tightened. A large dark cloud emerged above his head. A feeling which he had felt before rose in his body.

“Heavenly tribulation!”

Jiang Chen exclaimed, his face was instantly filled with thrill. He had terribly missed such a feeling. Back in Saint Origin World, a heavenly tribulation would be initiated every time he advanced. After arriving in the Immortal World, he had never experienced any sort of tribulation. Finally, he felt it again after the evolution of the dragon transformation skill.

“Haha! Great! I have just gotten another trump card!”

Jiang Chen laughed pleasantly and immediately withdrew all of his qi. He had the ability to control when the tribulation would descend.

The mighty heavenly tribulation could deal destructive blows. Most of the cultivators that initiated the tribulation would die. In the Immortal World, only those who were breaking through to the Sovereign realm would cause the tribulation. Anyone below the Sovereign realm wouldn’t be able to bring any tribulation.

This indicated that the law of the Heavens and Earth in the Immortal World was relatively stronger, this was the reason why Jiang Chen hadn’t been able to initiate the heavenly tribulation, not until his dragon transformation skill had evolved once more.

Everyone in the world feared the tribulation as much as they feared the tiger. So it was truly weird that Jiang Chen was bouncing so excitedly. If someone were to see his response towards the heavenly tribulation, it was afraid that the person would spurt out blood.

But to Jiang Chen, the heavenly tribulation was a killing card. The power of the tribulation was even more terrifying compared to the power of the Sun Divine Feather. He imagined that if he initiated the tribulation above the sky of Nanbei Family, it would be an extremely spectacular scene, and even the old ancestor of Nanbei Family wouldn’t dare to do anything to him.

While he was traveling in Eastern Profound Domain, he could sense the dense pressure in the air, which was within his expectation. He saw numerous cultivators flying towards one direction nervously. His curiosity got the better of him, and soon followed them.

“Quickly go there and check it out. The time is up. I heard that Jiang Chen didn’t show up. Old Man Corpse Yin is going to incinerate Dragon Shisan’s corpse in public.”

“Ai! I have guessed that Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare to appear. After all, his life is more important compared to his brother’s corpse.” Two men spoke.


A figure suddenly stood in front of them. When they were about to open their mouth to curse, the person’s cold, hell-like eyes made their souls tremble.

“What are you two talking about? Dragon Shisan is dead?” Jiang Chen was suppressing his anger with force. He wanted to know what was going on. 

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