Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1703

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The two men had never seen such a sharp eye expression before. This youth that suddenly came out of nowhere almost froze their soul, made their bodies tremble and lost for words. Despite being mighty Immortal Kings, dread still overwhelmed them.

“Speak.” Jiang Chen’s voice rumbled, shaking the insides of their ears so hard that blood trickled out.

Both of them were scared to death. Without delay, they bowed to Jiang Chen. “I reckon young master doesn’t know about it yet. Yesterday, when Dragon Shisan was trapped by Old Man Corpse Yin and the other experts, Old Ancestor Yellow Spring blinded Dragon Shisan and Old Man Corpse Yin killed him, leaving his body floating in the sky, declaring that if Jiang Chen didn’t appear in a day’s time, he would destroy Dragon Shisan’s corpse. Now, almost a day has already passed, however, Jiang Chen is still nowhere to be seen. We intended to go there and watch the show.”

“Please show us mercy, young master. We didn’t do anything wrong.” Both of them spoke in a quavering tone while wiping the beads of cold sweat on their forehead.


A sudden burst of anger surged out from Jiang Chen’s body. His fury had virtually become substantial, spreading across them like a torrent of fire. Even the void around seemed to be burning.

The impact from the immense qi threw the two Immortal Kings 300 meters away. Blood oozed out from their eyes, nose, and mouth. They were so startled that they burst into tears.

“Please show us mercy, young master. We don’t know what we did wrong.”

The two of them knelt down and kowtowed, tears streaming down their face. They really had no idea what they had done to offend the youth who seemed to be some sort of unparalleled genius that came from some major power. A figure like him was the scariest, and they were totally incapable of dealing with him.

“I’m Jiang Chen.”

After he finished speaking, he turned into a ray of light and flew forward. He left a trail of fury that made inches of the void fracture.

The news of Dragon Shisan’s death made Jiang Chen’s head buzz intensely. Both of his eyes went red. The will of the Ancestral Dragon of Slaughter overtook his consciousness. His killing intent was extremely strong. He wasn’t going to stop.

The rage that he felt right now was unprecedented. He simply couldn’t accept the death of Dragon Shisan.

The two people who had been injured by Jiang Chen exchanged a glance, and saw the horror in each other’s eyes.

“Jiang Chen, he’s Jiang Chen!”

“Jiang Chen has appeared. Something big is going to happen.”

The two of them were immensely shocked. They hadn’t thought that the white-clad youth was the legendary peerless devil king, Jiang Chen. Now that Jiang Chen has appeared, there was bound to be another vicious battle.

Dragon Shisan’s corpse was floating in the sky as usual. The place was crowded with a sea of people. Every one of them was paying attention to the Immortal Venerables above. They were afraid that many Immortal Venerables of the entire Ethereal Immortal Domain had come here. They were the high and mighty ones who would never appear during normal days, but now, all of them had appeared because of Jiang Chen.

The time limit has arrived, but Jiang Chen has yet to appear.

Lan Lingji no longer shed any tears, however her face looked utterly haggard. In just a days’ time, she was brought on the verge of despair and in the state of grief. She couldn’t accept the fact that Dragon Shisan was killed.

“The time is almost up. Why isn’t Jiang Chen here yet? It seems like he wouldn’t dare to come,” Hua Guyi said, seeming to be pretty anxious.

“Jiang Chen will certainly appear,” Han Yan spoke resolutely. No one knew Jiang Chen more than him.

In the sky, Old Man Corpse Yin’s facial expression seemed incomparably gloomy, numerous Immortal Venerables had disregarded their face to guard this place just to wait for Jiang Chen to emerge. If Jiang Chen didn’t appear, all their waiting would be in vain.

“I reckon Jiang Chen won’t appear, given our battle array. He isn’t a fool.” The patriarch of Paragon Sect said.

“If Jiang Chen doesn’t show himself today, what else can we do? Do we really have to destroy the corpse of Dragon Shisan?”

Zhuge Qiong said with a frown. Clearly, although he wanted to kill Jiang Chen, as a huge clan and a major power, he needed to take care of the reputation of his family. Now that Dragon Shisan was already dead, he was reluctant to destroy the corpse.

“If Jiang Chen doesn’t appear, I think we can just let the matter go. After all, this won’t be a glorious thing as Dragon Shisan is already dead.”

The master of Limitless Immortal Sect spoke, agreeing to what Zhuge Qiong had said. They were people who wanted to keep their face shiny.

“You want face, but I don’t. As long as Jiang Chen doesn’t appear, I will personally destroy the corpse of Dragon Shisan.”

Old Man Corpse Yin replied coldly. He no longer attached any importance to his face. Jiang Chen had made Corpse Yin Sect suffer too much. There was no way Old Man Corpse Yin could relieve such hatred. As long as Jiang Chen didn’t come, he would vent his anger and resentment on Dragon Shisan’s corpse.

Many of them knitted their brows. Various major powers of Eastern Profound Domain didn’t have any good impression of Corpse Yin Sect. They would never deal with Corpse Yin Sect during normal days. Had it not been for the sake of killing Jiang Chen, they wouldn’t conspire with an individual like Old Man Corpse Yin to avoid pulling down their standards.

Time passed bit by bit. The scene had become incomparably quiet. Many of them were expecting something, looking worried. If Jiang Chen really appeared, then this was the calm before the storm.

*Hong Long……*

Just as everyone had thought that Jiang Chen wouldn’t show up, a huge crater burst out from the void. A half-man-half-dragon emerged with immense fury and blazing fire all over his body, his hand holding the brilliant Sun Divine Feather. Who could it be if he wasn’t Jiang Chen?

The dragon transformation and Sun Divine Feather…these were the biggest trademarks of Jiang Chen.

“It’s Jiang Chen! He has really appeared. My God! He really doesn’t fear death.”

“Good! We’ll have a show to watch. Jiang Chen is the greatest cultivator in the young generation. The fact that he appeared at this time showed that he’s a man who values friendship and loyalty. Even though the opponent used the corpse of his brother to threaten him, he still showed up at all costs.”

“How domineering! No wonder he’s a rare genius of the world. If I can have such dominance too, my life won’t be in vain even if I die right after.”

“Come on, go look at yourself in the mirror first before comparing yourself with Jiang Chen.”

“Stop talking. We better stay further away from the scene. It’s bound to be a world-shaking and intense battle. I’m afraid that Jiang Chen won’t be able to escape today, even with the Sun Divine Feather and the Great Void Technique, he has just entered the inescapable net.”


Everyone was astounded by Jiang Chen’s arrival. Commotions instantly broke the silence atmosphere. 

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