Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1706

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“Son of a b*tch!” Upon seeing what’s happening, Old Man Corpse Yin’s facial expression changed drastically while also cursing in his heart. 

Instead of confronting the tribulation himself, Jiang Chen wanted to get people killed in the process. Even if he wanted to kill them, he ought to take into account his own life. One should know that the heavenly tribulation represented the Heaven’s prestige, the scariest tribulation in the Heaven. Even a Great Sovereign wouldn’t dare to let his mind be distracted while facing the tribulation, a slight carelessness might plunge him into an irrecoverable state.

This was why the Immortal Venerables hadn’t left the scene. After all, in their opinion, the heavenly tribulation was holy, but at the same time horrifying. Even a Great Sovereign wouldn’t dare to think of other stuff while confronting it. Even if they put all of their focus in dealing with the heavenly tribulation, it still didn’t guarantee survival, it was definitely an act of death by distracting oneself.

They wouldn’t have thought that this wasn’t Jiang Chen’s first time confronting a heavenly tribulation. He had long been accustomed to it, and already possessed the attribute to resist it. Therefore, his resistance was simply not comparable to ordinary people.

It was already too late for Old Man Corpse Yin to contemplate at this moment. Despite his hatred for Jiang Chen, the sight of the bastard coming at him was like a plague. It was the fear for the heavenly tribulation that made his soul tremble.

Old Man Corpse Yin’s speed was extremely fast, but Jiang Chen, who had mastered the Great Void Technique, was able to accurately locate his position. Adding the fact that Old Man Corpse Yin didn’t know that Jiang Chen would charge at him, Jiang Chen managed to caught up to him in an instant.

*Hong Long……*

Right at this moment, the second lightning of the Nine Tribulations of Slaughter fell from above in torrents. The terrifying dragon of slaughter and the lightning strike turned the surrounding into a sea of lightning, instantly enveloping Jiang Chen and Old Man Corpse Yin.


A shrill cry rang from the sea of lightning. That was the voice of Old Man Corpse Yin, who was an intermediate Immortal Venerable and the Sect Master of Corpse Yin Sect. One could imagine that his suffering was horrendous just by listening to his blood-curdling wail.

Being covered by lightning and flames, Old Man Corpse Yin was turned into ashes. Nothing of him was left behind.

When they looked at Jiang Chen, the terrifying lighting dragon didn’t seem to do much damage to him. Countless electricity was dancing across the surface of his body as though he had worn a layer of lighting armour, looking tremendously mighty. Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Physique was so heaven-defying that instead of the lighting harming his flesh, it tempered his body instead. Those lightning would become his nourishment.

Old Man Corpse Yin died a tragic death under the heavenly tribulation, in the sea of thunder. Nothing was left of him. As a Sect Master of the generation and one of the famous overlords in Eastern Profound Domain, his death was extremely miserable.

Everyone was shocked, gaping at the scene which they had never seen before and hadn’t dared to imagine.

Taking advantage of the heavenly tribulation to kill…they were afraid that only Jiang Chen could do this across the world.

“My God! Isn’t this Jiang Chen a little too abnormal? Everyone knows how powerful the heavenly tribulation is, however he seems perfectly fine. Plus, he just used the tribulation to kill the Sect Master of Corpse Yin Sect. If I wasn’t seeing this with my own eyes, I would never believe it.”

“How sad! Old Man Corpse Yin died just like that. This is like a dream. He had killed Dragon Shisan and wanted to kill Jiang Chen as well to avenge his sect, but unexpectedly, this has in turn, brought him such a major disaster.”

“That’s too savage! I have never seen such a shocking scene. Jiang Chen is exceedingly heaven-defying. The whole world will be shaken by him.”

“Those Immortal Venerables are in trouble now. There’s still a long way to go for the heavenly tribulation. As Jiang Chen cultivated the Great Void Technique, no one can tell how many Immortal Venerables will be killed by the tribulation. Goodness! I really don’t dare to imagine it.”


Everyone was appalled. Even those who knew Jiang Chen—Yang Yu, Linglong and the others—had their jaws dropped. They initially thought that they knew Jiang Chen very well, it seemed like they had underestimated Jiang Chen, however.

He is really a person who could create miracles, he has opened their eyes once more, except Han Yan and Tyrant.

The duo were the most composed amongst them. They felt completely relieved upon seeing the heavenly tribulation. They wouldn’t feel remotely strange about the things that would happen after that.

It wasn’t their first time witnessing such a scene. The heavenly tribulation was Jiang Chen’s greatest killing weapon. He could go anywhere with the tribulation over his head. Even Great Sovereigns wouldn’t dare to step into the zone of the tribulation.

“This is too much, isn’t it?” Mo Wuqing and Grandmaster Hao Ran rubbed their eyes, couldn’t believe what they had just seen.

“This is just the beginning.”

Han Yan crossed his arms, his face relaxed. No one knew the terror of Jiang Chen better than him. There were too many Immortal Venerables in front, and Jiang Chen would definitely eliminate all of them at all costs. Jiang Chen never showed mercy towards people who wanted to kill him.


The heavenly thunder rumbled. The third tribulation was formed rapidly. A blood-red slaughter dragon emerged, with emotionless eyes, dense heavenly might and killing intent as though it was going to destroy the entire Heaven and Earth.


Jiang Chen suddenly burst into laughter, his eyes then fixed at one spot where at least seven Immortal Venerables had gathered.

“Not good.”

Upon seeing Jiang Chen looking in their direction, those Immortal Venerables were immediately alarmed. Without a second word, they fled. The death of Old Man Corpse Yin had left a permanent trauma in their hearts. The way they look at Jiang Chen now was though he was a ghost.

It was earth-shattering. They were afraid that only Jiang Chen could make mighty Immortal Venerables flee away so urgently.

These Immortal Venerables moved pretty quickly, however they were still not as fast as Jiang Chen’s Great Void Technique. With just a few blinks, he appeared in front of an Immortal Venerable, spread open his arms and firmly hugged the Immortal Venerable.


The Immortal Venerable let out a shrill shriek before being enshrouded by the lighting, and incinerated into dust.

At the same time, the third heavenly tribulation descended. Several Immortal Venerables around were trapped within the striking zone. 

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