Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1707

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“Ah…” “Ah…” “Ah…”

Shrills filled the entire sky. Under countless of gazes, the four early Immortal Venerables were incinerated within seconds. Under the formidable heavenly might, they weren’t able to put up any resistance despite their strength. There was only death if one was wrapped around by the lighting.

“It’s crazy! He’s really insane!”

“That’s too brutal. All of them are powerful Immortal Venables but they died just like that.”

“The heavenly might is just too great, absolutely inviolable. I wonder how Jiang Chen became so heaven-defying. Apart from not fearing the heavenly tribulation, he is even leading the tribulation to those Immortal Venerables. Such a method is truly brutal.”


Everyone was startled. The scene had completely overturned their imagination and perception. In their point of view, Immortal Venerable was unparalleled, high and mighty and all-powerful existence that stood on the top of the pyramid, but now, each of them was dying successively, and these deaths were caused by a mere Immortal Emperor youth.


After killing the Immortal Venerables, Jiang Chen went wild, rushing into the group of Immortal Venerables. His speed was too fast for them to react.

He broken into the camp of five or six Immortal Venerables and struck out the True Dragon Palm, grabbing one with his left arm and the other with his right. Those Immortal Venerables were struck to death by the lightning before they had the chance to escape.

In just a matter of a few blinks, more than ten Immortal Venerables had died in Jiang Chen’s hands, including Old Man Corpse Yin. It was too scary, and had deeply alarmed everyone.

Amongst the enemy forces, there were a few late Immortal Venerables with ‘old-ancestor’ status. They had come here to ensure that Jiang Chen had no chance of escaping, and make sure that this huge threat was eliminated once and for all.

But now, even they seemed to be scared to death. They had lost all their courage as they would die as well if Jiang Chen led the tribulation to them.

“Run, quick! Let’s leave this place. He’s a mad man!”

Someone shouted. The Immortal Venerables began to regain their senses and ran away with their tail between their legs.


Jiang Chen laughed pleasantly. The sight of these bastards running away from him as though he was some sort of plague helped him vent all of his stifled emotions.

Numerous spectators were gaping at the spectacular scene.

“It would’ve been perfect if this scene was recorded. But even if it wasn’t, Jiang Chen’s confrontation of the heavenly tribulation will be added into the history of Immortal World. No one had ever done this in the history of the whole Immortal World. All the Immortal Venerables are now running like lost dogs.”

Countless people sighed, not daring to believe their eyes, feeling as though it was just a dream.

Naturally, Jiang Chen had to pursue those fleeing Immortal Venerables as every one of them was a threat to him. And since the hostile relationship between them and Jiang Chen had already been confirmed, Jiang Chen would never be merciful when it comes to killing them, which was in line with the Dao of Slaughter.


Jiang Chen’s speed was incredibly fast. Given his current strength and the Great Void Technique, no ordinary Immortal Venerables could outrun him.

*Hong Long……*

The fourth lightning plunged and struck Jiang Chen’s body, however it was also unable to cause any harm to him. Those Immortal Venerables who were overtaken by Jiang Chen were very unlucky, however. They died instantly in the sea of lighting, completely obliterated.


A sword cry was heard. The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a dragon, moving back and forth in the sea of lightning. It hadn’t experienced the tribulation for a very long time. The force of lighting was the best way of tempering the sword.

Soon, all the Immortal Venerables had disappeared completely from the scene. Jiang Chen scanned around tyrannically, but instead of pursuing those experts, he shifted his focus on the heavenly tribulation. He had killed plenty of Immortal Venerables this time, including Old Man Corpse Yin. The only regret was that he wasn’t able to kill Old Ancestor Yellow Spring, the one who destroyed the Fiery Golden Eyes of Dragon Shisan. He would never forget this score. It was only a matter of time before he takes Old Ancestor Yellow Spring’s life. 

Supposedly, he could still pursue those Immortal Venerables or even lead the tribulation to Nanbei Family, but he chose otherwise because it wasn’t easy to encounter the heavenly tribulation. He had to think about his own interest. No matter how many Immortal Venerables he killed, he wouldn’t be able to improve his strength. He was pretty clear that even if he killed all the Immortal Venerables that appeared today, he wouldn’t be able to annihilate those major powers because there were even more powerful experts in their ranks. 

Therefore, the most important thing was to improve his own strength.

The remaining five tribulations should be able to bring me two kinds of benefits. After absorbing the lightning energy from the tribulation lightning, my cultivation base will be able to break through to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm, however the power of the tribulation would cause me to suffer some injuries, making me vulnerable for a period of time. At that time, those ancestor-level Immortal Venerables will once again attack me. I won’t even have the chance to escape at that time so the benefit isn’t worth it. The other benefit is that the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda could condense at least three levels after absorbing all the energy, reaching forty-fifth level.

Jiang Chen muttered. After a brief contemplation, he had decided to refine the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, although it would only slightly improve his cultivation base. Anyway, he had been advancing too quickly lately, and needed time to stabilize it. The Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, on the other hand, wasn’t able to advance as quickly. The condensation of each level required immense energy. As such, this was a golden chance that he couldn’t afford to miss.

*Hong Long……*

The heavenly tribulation was forming rapidly. Without delay, he opened the doors of the pagoda. Feeling the rolling thunder, the pagoda expressed its excitement. Its wide-open door was like a maw of an ancient beast, absorbing all the lightning energy as soon as the fifth lighting struck down.

The pagoda was very heaven-defying. Even Jiang Chen, who had been its owner for a long time, was still astonished by it. It seemed as though there was no energy in this world that the pagoda couldn’t absorb, it could even absorb the energy of the heavenly tribulation. It seemed to be a little too much.

Moreover, Jiang Chen had been looking forward to the growth of the pagoda, but he hadn’t dared to imagine how powerful it would be when it reached its pinnacle stage, the ninety-ninth level of the pagoda. 

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