Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1708

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*Hong Long Long……*

The lightning flashed intensely inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda as if a catastrophe was happening inside. The rolling sea of lightning was then absorbed by the pagoda and converted into a terrifying amount of energy. Half of the spatial zone of the forty-third level had been instantly condensed. The energy from the lightning was incomparably pure, and was even more beneficial compared to the energy from those demonic devils.

This spectacular scene would make anyone dumbfounded. Jiang Chen just stood there, motionless. Countless lightning was striking his body harmlessly, instantly disappearing right after. Not a single mark was left on his body.

“How could this happen? No matter how heaven-defying Jiang Chen is, he shouldn’t be able to endure that immense energy. How is it possible that he could absorb all the energy in his body?”

Hua Guyi was horrified and could hardly believe such a scene. Although she hadn’t personally experienced the heavenly tribulation yet, she knew how horrifying the tribulation was. Even a Great Sovereign would need to slowly absorb the energy to refine the flesh of the body in order to protect his life. She had never seen anyone who dared to absorb the energy of the lightning so crazily, and without putting up any resistance. Jiang Chen was really a freak.

“Such a man can never be judged by common sense. His existence has already surpassed all the Great Sovereigns that existed in the past. Even divine figures like Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian couldn’t do what he is doing.”

Yang Yu sighed. Jiang Chen never failed to surprise him, it only got greater every time. He didn’t feel something strange about Jiang Chen’s unscrupulous absorption of energy of the heavenly tribulation. Or it should be said that he wouldn’t be too surprised if Jiang Chen created another miracle. 

Han Yan and Tyrant just smiled and remained silent. They knew Jiang Chen’s secrets incomparably well. Just like what Hua Guyi had said, no matter how heaven-defying Jiang Chen was, it was absolutely impossible for him to absorb the energy of the heavenly tribulation without restraint as that was akin to seeking death.

The main reason that Jiang Chen was able to do that was due to the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. 

The air particles around rippled due to the heavenly might. Each tribulation was terrifying compared to the last, and contained energy as great as the ocean, however this horrifying heavenly tribulation didn’t seem to inflict the slightest bit of harm to Jiang Chen. He just stood under the heavenly tribulation like a peerless war god, composed and relaxed. The way he absorbed that energy was as easy as drinking water.

During the seventh heavenly tribulation, the forty-fourth level of the pagoda was already fully condensed. The forty-fifth level would be condensed during the eighth heavenly tribulation.

At this time, fluctuations could be seen in the void. Some of those Immortal Venerables, who had already left earlier, returned. They had completely regarded Jiang Chen as prey now, they were hidding in the dark like a predator. They were all astute individuals, they knew that Jiang Chen’s heavenly tribulation was about to end, by then Jiang Chen would become their helpless prey.

No one would let go of such a great opportunity to kill Jiang Chen as he was just too terrifying and threatening. They had spent so many efforts just to lure him out. If he escaped again, the consequences would be unimaginable. Catching him again would become almost impossible.

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a trace of a cold smile. His eyes fell upon the spot where the fluctuation was most intense and consisted of billowy killing intent and gloomy qi. Unexpectedly, he discovered that the qi belonged to a late Immortal Venerable. And judging from the gloomy and cold qi, he had to be an expert of Corpse Yin Sect.

The expert, needless to say, was the old ancestor of Corpse Yin Sect.

Since you all want to kill me, I, Jiang Chen, won’t be polite to you all. Today, I’ll annihilate you all, making your sect disappear from the Immortal World forever. 

Jiang Chen was truly infuriated. He was a man with great passion and audacity. There was nothing in this world that he wouldn’t dare to do. Before the eighth lightning tribulation was condensed, he closed the doors of the pagoda, used the Great Soul Derivation Technique and Great Void Technique to lock on the old ancestor’s position, and vanished under the dark clouds in a flash.

In the next moment, he appeared near the old ancestor.

“There’s nowhere to go, Old Ancestor Corpse Yin!”

Jiang Chen clamoured, then grabbed the tail of the lightning dragon of slaughter and hurled it to the old ancestor.

The scene was overly heavenly-defying – someone could actually manipulate the heavenly tribulation, and used it to attack the enemy. 

As a matter of fact, this was mainly due to the Slaughter Dragon Seal which contained the Dao of Slaughter. The will of the Ancestral Dragon of Slaughter in the seal coincided with the will of the Heavens in the Nine Tribulations of Slaughter. As such, he immediately resonated with the eighth slaughter lightning dragons when he displayed the Slaughter Dragon Seal.


The Old Ancestor of Corpse Yin sect cursed. His venomous eyes instantly panicked. Without daring to delay any longer, he fled.

He thought that he had already hidden himself very well, thinking of appearing at the final stages of the heavenly tribulation. In his point of view, even if the enemy discovered him, the enemy wouldn’t be able to do anything to him as he couldn’t afford to be distracted. After all, the later stages of the tribulation was the scariest. Allowing oneself to be distracted at that time was similar to seeking death.

Also, even if Jiang Chen was bold enough to risk his life, and pursue him, he would have no trouble escaping.

Unfortunately, one would never understand the scariness of Jiang Chen before truly fighting him. The Great Void Technique could allow him to travel a long distance in a single step. Anyone who underestimated the Great Void Technique was no doubt, doubting the power of the Void Sovereign. These people were bound to have a bad end.

Old Man Corpse Yin was already dead. If the Old Ancestor of Corpse Yin sect was killed as well, then Corpse Yin Sect would be finished for good.


Old Ancestor Corpse Yin was moving very fast, but was still slower compared to the attack. Being hit by the lightning dragon at the shoulder, half of his body was destroyed, leaving remaining half of his body to confront the lightning tribulation. Boundless fiery lightning surrounded his body.

“No, no……”

His voice of despair was heard. As a supreme expert with a late Immortal Venerable realm cultivation base, he always wished that he could achieve the legendary Sovereign realm one day. Being a high and mighty old ancestor of a huge sect, he had never thought that he would die one day. What was even more unexpected was that he would die in the hands of a tiny figure.

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