Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1709

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This was the terror of the heavenly tribulation. If it hadn’t been for the tribulation, even if Jiang Chen had already advanced to the early Immortal Emperor realm and used the Sun Divine Feather, he could only run away from powerful figures like Old Ancestor Corpse Yin. By killing Old Ancestor Corpse Yin today, he had eliminated a huge trouble. From now on, the entire Corpse Yin Sect would no longer be a threat to him.

The wails disappeared very quickly in the sea of lightning. Old Ancestor Corpse Yin died in the sea of lightning just like Old Man Corpse Yin. From now on, Corpse Yin Sect had lost their pillar, and would soon collapse as it had no one else to rely on in Eastern Profound Domain.

Everyone was shocked, feeling like their breathing became slightly difficult. The scene was too petrifying. They could accept the death of those early Immortal Venerables as Jiang Chen had killed a dozen of them at the beginning with the Sun Divine Feather, but the death of an ancestor-grade figure was truly inconceivable.

“It’s over. Corpse Yin Sect is utterly finished this time. Even their old ancestor is dead. How else can they survive in this domain?”

“It’s good if they really disappeared. This is an evil sect that refines human corpses, they should be eliminated soon. Such a sect shouldn’t have existed in the Immortal World. I hope that Jiang Chen will root out this evil major power once and for all.”

“Old Ancestor Corpse Yin’s death can be considered tragic. If he hadn’t appeared, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have the chance to kill him. His underestimation of Jiang Chen has lead him to his death. How sad!”

“It’s mainly  because Jiang Chen is overly heaven-defying. He was able to kill an old ancestor even at the later stage of the heavenly tribulation. I’m afraid that only Jiang Chen can do this.”


The fall of an old ancestor, a late Immortal Venerable, represented the fall of a major power. It had been a very long time since an old ancestor died in Eastern Profound Domain.

*Hua La……*

Seeing the death of Old Ancestor Corpse Yin, those Immortal Venerables who were itching to act were scared, fleeing as far away as possible, afraid that Jiang Chen would shift his focus on them. Even though the heavenly tribulation was almost over, no one was willing to joke around with their lives.

Jiang Chen lifted his head, and looked at the thunderclouds. Since he had already closed the doors of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda, there was no need for him to open them again. The emergence of the old ancestor inspired him to make a crazy decision. Today, he would accomplish an earth-shattering task. He would wipe out a major sect, and remove it from the surface of this world.

This was something that countless of major powers wouldn’t dare to do even if they desired to, however Jiang Chen had decided to do it without a frown.

He looked at the direction of Corpse Yin Sect. Previously, he had already destroyed more than half of the sect with the Sun Divine Feather. Today, he would never let go of anything or anyone in the sect.

Before he left, he looked at Yang Yu and the others, his eyes fell upon the melancholic Lan Lingji. Overwhelmed by the empathy in his heart, he whispered to them through divine sense, “You all don’t have to worry. Monkey isn’t dead yet. As he cultivates the Life Symbol Art, there’s still vital force inside of him. I’ll find a way to get him back to life.”

After speaking these words, he moved towards the Corpse Yin Sect. The final heavenly tribulation was about to descend, he had no time to waste. After the tribulation, he would escape once more, so he had to tell them the news of Dragon Shisan before he departed.

“What? Brother Shisan isn’t dead yet?” 

Lan Lingji, who was about to die from despair, was suddenly jolted back to reality, her face brimming with joy. This news was too important to her, making her smile with tears.

“I knew that he wouldn’t die so easily.” Lan Lingji spoke excitedly.

“How can that be possible? Dragon Shisan has clearly been killed by Old Man Corpse Yin and Old Ancestor Yellow Spring. How could he be not dead?” Hua Guyi felt puzzled.

“That monkey is a Battle Saint Ape, a formidable Immemorial Battle Spirit. How can he die so easily? Additionally, Little Chen said that he isn’t dead. That means he isn’t.”

Han Yan said with a smile. He had no doubts about what Jiang Chen said. Now that they knew that Dragon Shsian isn’t dead yet, their depressed feelings were quickly lifted.

“Look! Where’s Jiang Chen heading to?” Mo Wuqing shouted.

“That’s the direction of Corpse Yin Sect. That bastard wants to confront the last heavenly tribulation in Corpse Yin Sect.” Yang Yu sounded horrified.

“Madness! He’s a madman!” Linglong was rendered speechless.

“Corpse Yin Sect is going to be finished.” Hua Guyi sighed.

Knowing Jiang Chen’s intention, waves of commotion resounded once more. Restlessly, numerous silhouettes were also flying where Jiang Chen was heading to.

Something major was about to happen. They were afraid that a historic moment was about to occur in Eastern Profound Domain.

“This is insane! He’s going to annihilate an ancient major power. No one knew how many people will die this time.”

“A blood-thirsty devil! Jiang Chen is going to do something  earth-shattering again. I can’t believe that the destruction of a major sect will be caused by a single man instead of a major power.”

“Quickly, let’s head over there and see. Eastern Profound Domain is going to change completely. If Corpse Yin Sect is really annihilated, there will only be ten major powers left in Eastern Profound Domain.”


The next event drove everyone mad as well. Numerous young men were shouting passionately, their blood boiling, deeply admiring Jiang Chen. They wanted to rush over to witness this historic moment, the true miracle in the history of Eastern Profound Domain.

Currently, Corpse Yin Sect was bustling with people. Everyone was busy rebuilding the sect. One had to admit that Corpse Yin Sect was worthy of being called a major power. In just two days’ time, half of the destroyed parts were restored. Such speed wasn’t achievable by an ordinary sect.

However, all of their efforts was destined to be in vain as the biggest disaster was going to befall Corpse Yin Sect soon.

*Hong Long……*

All of a sudden, dark clouds pressed against the city. Thunder rumbled. Everyone in the sect was startled. They raised their heads and saw a dragonman stepping towards them with flashes of lightning. Within a few blinks, the entire sky above the sect was fully covered with rolling thunder. Countless lightning as huge as pythons flashed down.

*Hong Long……*

It was the end of the sect. Countless  disciples died a tragic death in the sea of lightning before they could even react.

Those restored buildings were instantly destroyed. The last heavenly tribulation didn’t give the sect a chance to react. It was like the punishment of the Heavens. Under the heavenly might, they were like ants that didn’t even have the ability to crawl and could only wait for their death.

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