Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1713

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Xuan Feng and Lei Wang were peerless Venerables from Ethereal Immortal Domain and Radiance Immortal Domain, respectively. The incident had already drawn the attention of the Immortal Courts. In the history of Immortal World, Jiang Chen was the first to have such treatment.

As soon as Venerable Lei Wang emerged, another powerful qi spread across the void. It was coming from another incredible Immortal Venerable. Needless to say, this expert must’ve come from the Immortal Court of Mi Luo Immortal Domain.

Sure enough, he was a middle-aged man filled with strong momentum and was surrounded with dense blue flames. He seemed to be in his forties and his tall and robust body was imposing. 

“Venerable Lan Yan has also come. Never expected today to be this bustling.”

Seeing the arrival of the newcomer, Wang Xuanfeng couldn’t help but greet. He didn’t seem too surprised as though it had been within his calculation.

“Even the both of you are here. How can I be missed out from the fun?”

Lan Tingyan replied with a smile. His eyes immediately fell upon Jiang Chen, glinting with a trace of coldness and greed.

Jiang Chen could feel that this man’s greed wasn’t comparable to the other two who were only curious about the Great Void Technique. Lan Tingyan, on the other hand, wasn’t just curious about the technique, or it should be said that it was his Immortal Court that wanted the technique. After all, the reputation of the Void Sovereign was just too great. Even the Immortal Court coveted such a technique.

Apart from the Great Void Technique, he was also concerned about the sun fire in Jiang Chen’s body. As his cultivation method was of fire attribute, he would most likely break through to the half-step Immortal Sovereign realm after obtaining the sun fire. So, he would never let go of such an opportunity.

“Right now, all the major powers can no longer make the decision. The unparalleled experts of the three Immortal Courts have appeared, all of whom have come for Jiang Chen. It seems like Jiang Chen won’t be able to escape even if he’s gifted with wings.”

“Ai! It’s too bad! If a figure like Jiang Chen doesn’t die, his future achievements will surely be immeasurable, but even if he dies, he will still be crowned with eternal glory and become a bright spot in the history of the Immortal World. People will remember his name even after tens of thousands of years.”

“The three Immortal Courts have appeared at the same time. Obviously, they have come for Jiang Chen’s Great Void Technique. One should know that the Void Sovereign is one of the most powerful Great Sovereigns, and is comparable to the Immortal Execution King. Even the Immortal Courts wanted to find out more about the Great Void Technique.”

“Furthermore, Jiang Chen was too ferocious. He even dared to kill the geniuses of Immortal Court in the Golden Horizon. The three Immortal Courts naturally won’t let him go. Now, it seems like his death is certain. I believe that there will be no more miracles. Unless Jiang Chen can initiate another heavenly tribulation, however that’s clearly impossible.”


Many people were sighing, feeling sorry for Jiang Chen. Given the current situation, Jiang Chen had almost no chance of escaping. Putting aside all the old ancestors of those major powers, these three unparalleled Venerables was beyond Jiang Chen’s ability to handle.

Any one of these experts was infinitely close to the Sovereign realm, one of their legs had already stepped into it. There was no comparison between them and those late Immortal Venerable old ancestors.

Yang Yu and the rest became tensed, but spoke nothing as they knew very well that words were no longer useful at this time. In the face the current predicament, no one could do anything about it except to watch intently, hoping for Jiang Chen to create another miracle.

“Jiang Chen, you do have the audacity to kill the genius of Mi Luo Immortal Court. Therefore, you will follow me back to receive trial.” Lan Tingyan expressed his intention of bringing Jiang Chen back with him.

“Lan Tingyan, watch what you are speaking. Don’t forget that this is the Ethereal Immortal Domain. It should be our Immortal Court that will bring him to trial.” 

Upon hearing Lan Tingyan say that he was bringing Jiang Chen back to Mi Luo Immortal Court for trial, Wang Xuanfeng snapped. What a joke! Wang Xuanfeng had been ordered to come here, and this was the territory of Ethereal Immortal Domain. If Jiang Chen were to be taken by an outsider, he would surely lose all his face in the entire Immortal Court.

“Calm down, Brother Wang. Although this is the territory of Ethereal Immortal Domain, the fact remains that Jiang Chen has killed the geniuses of our Immortal Court. Not only that, disciples of various major powers in Radiance Immortal Domain and Mi Luo Immortal Domain had died in this man’s hands. He has committed a heinous crime. In my opinion, he should be brought to trial by the three Immortal Courts, which is the best option for all,” Lei Batian spoke. 

He was wise enough to know that it was impossible to bring Jiang Chen with him as Wang Xuanfeng would never agree to it. Just as Wang Xuanfeng had said, this was, after all, the territory of Ethereal Immortal Domain instead of Radiance Immortal Domain.

“In that case, the two of you can follow me back to my Immortal Court to hear the trial. Regarding bringing Jiang Chen away, don’t even think about it as that is impossible.”

Wang Xuanfeng sounded so resolute as though he had no fear fighting the other two experts.

Upon hearing this, Lei Batian and Lan Tingyan exchanged a glance and nodded. They knew very well in their hearts that they had all come for the same purpose. It was clearly impossible for them to bring Jiang Chen back to their respective domain. It was already considered a great compromise that Wang Xuanfeng allowed them to return to Immortal Court with him. It would be unwise to continue dwelling on it as they would never get what they wanted. Making Wang Xuanfeng unhappy in Ethereal Immortal Domain wouldn’t do them any good.

Jiang Chen’s face darkened. These three bastards had regarded him as prey which made him extremely uncomfortable.

“Jiang Chen, let’s go.” Wang Xuanfeng looked over at Jiang Chen and said plainly.

However, the old ancestor of Nanbei Family walked out from the crowd, saluted Wang Xuanfeng and said, “Xuan Feng Venerable, Jiang Chen has killed so many of our geniuses, and caused such a great loss for our family. We don’t need any compensation. We just wanted to see Jiang Chen being punished. We suggest that Xuan Feng Venerable cripple Jiang Chen first in front of us before bringing him back for his trial, so that our minds can be at ease.”

“That’s right Venerable Xuan Feng. Cripple Jiang Chen. Only then can the weight in our hearts be removed, and the Immortal World return to its peace.” The old ancestor of Limitless Immortal Sect spoke.

These old ancestors were intelligent people. They knew that the reason the Immortal Courts had interfered was to acquire the Great Void Technique. If it was only to take Jiang Chen’s life, they wouldn’t need to take part in it. Therefore, suggesting the idea of crippling Jiang Chen wouldn’t make any difference to the Immortal Courts. 

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