Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1714

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Jiang Chen was just too scary. They had witnessed and experienced his ruthlessness. The annihilation of Corpse Yin Sect was a living example. Although his death was going to be certain after arriving in the Immortal Court, they could only relax if they saw Jiang Chen being crippled first before leaving so that nothing unexpected would happen again.

“Not good. It seems these old ancestors are really determined to kill Jiang Chen and want Wang Xuanfeng to cripple him on the spot. If there’s no accident, Wang Xuanfeng will definitely fulfill their wish.” Yang Yu was worried, seeing that Jiang Chen was about to fall into a huge crisis.

Wang Xuanfeng looked at the old ancestors and nodded. “Alright. As you wish, I will personally cripple Jiang Chen.”

To Wang Xuanfeng, it didn’t matter if Jiang Chen was crippled or not, as long as Jiang Chen was still alive. Regarding those old ancestors, they were the pinnacle figures of the various major powers in the Immortal World. As a representative of the Immortal Court, he had a responsibility to placate them. After all, they played a major role in the peace and tranquillity of Ethereal Immortal Domain.

“Many thanks, Venerable Xuan Feng.”

The ancestors expressed their thanks simultaneously, then their eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. To them, the eradication of Jiang Chen was more important than anything else.

“Jiang Chen, you’ve heard them. These old ancestors want to cripple you, and it’s perfectly reasonable for you to receive such punishment.”

Wang Xuanfeng came to Jiang Chen’s front and spoke. His lofty eyes looked at Jiang Chen as though Jiang Chen was an insect.

“Cripple me? Do you have that ability?” Jiang Chen’s blood-red dragon eyes stared at Wang Xuanfeng.

Jiang Chen’s eyes instantly aroused Wang Xuanfeng fury. No one had ever dared to underestimate him. An Immortal Emperor was an absolute ant in front of him. In his opinion, Jiang Chen should be kneeling down and crying while pleading, however Jiang Chen seemed incomparably relaxed. Also, he couldn’t see a trace of nervousness or fear from Jiang Chen’s eyes. Such an attitude made him very uncomfortable as if his dignity had been severely challenged. He had to cripple Jiang Chen personally, and let Jiang Chen know what it was like to offend him, Venerable Xuan Feng.

A chilling murderous intent drifted out of Xuan Feng’s body. Judging from his looks, he would’ve already killed Jiang Chen on the spot if the Immortal Court hadn’t given the order to take Jiang Chen back alive.

Jiang Chen was ready. As long as Wang Xuanfeng attacked, he would hide into the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda regardless of whether he could escape the senses of the unparalleled Venerable or not. This would be his last move as he couldn’t just stand there, waiting to be slaughtered.

“Jiang Chen, if you kneel down now and beg for mercy, perhaps I won’t cripple you. I’m giving you a chance,” Wang Xuanfeng spoke suddenly.

What he wanted now was his face and dignity. As long as Jiang Chen kowtowed now, he would immediately bring the young man away, as Jiang Chen would die anyway.

“Haha! Old Geezer, what are you thinking?”

Jiang Chen laughed aloud. Not just Wang Xuanfeng, even the Great Sovereign of Immortal Court wouldn’t be able to make him, Jiang Chen kneel.


Intense fury surged out from Wang Xuanfeng’s body. He initially wanted to earn back his face, but Jiang Chen’s response only amplified the shame he felt. Given his fame as an unparalleled figure, he was well-known not only in the Ethereal Immortal Domain but also in the entire Immortal World. He was respected wherever he went. Seconds ago, a brat had just called him an old geezer. How could he stand this?

“Brat, since you are seeking death, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Wang Xuangfeng launched his big palm on Jiang Chen.


At this moment, a ray of golden light suddenly pierced through the void and hit the palm of Wang Xuanfeng impartially.


That piece of the void exploded. Wang Xuanfeng’s body was shaken by the impact. His facial expression changed, lifted his head and shouted, “Who is it?”

“Wang Xuanfeng, you’re rather conceited.”

A voice rang from the void followed by the emergence of a silhouette. He was a slovenly old man, but his eyes were unusually bright. The qi radiating from his body startled the people around.

“Old liar.”

Seeing the incomer, Jiang Chen’s expression changed instantly, and his tension was instantly eased as he knew that this bastard was extremely powerful.

In a matter of blinks, Xiao Wangqing appeared in front of Jiang Chen. After examining Jiang Chen from top to bottom, he patted Jiang Chen’s shoulders and said, “Not bad, not bad! You are even more powerful than what this old man has imagined!” The old liar seldom praised an individual, but in front of Jiang Chen, he seemed very generous with his praise. 

“It seems like I have put you to trouble again.”

Jiang Chen shrugged with a face of helplessness, and reverted to his original appearance. With Xiao Wangqing here, there was nothing he needed to do.

“Who are you?”

Venerable Xuan Feng looked over at the old liar who seemed somewhat familiar to him. He knew almost all the renowned Venerables in the Immortal World except for this old man.

“Wang Xuanfeng, I reckon that you have completely forgotten me after I have disappeared for so long.”

The old liar turned to look at Wang Xuanfeng, and couldn’t help but release the qi from his body, the corners of his mouth revealed a trace of a smile.

“Venerable Wang Qing, Xiao Wangqing!”

Having confirmed the identity of the old liar, Wang Xuanfeng, Lei Batian as well as Lan Yanting exclaimed almost simultaneously. A man’s appearance might change, but his qi would never change. How could they not know the name of Venerable Wang Qing? Undoubtedly, below the half-step Sovereign realm, he was the one that they feared.

“What? Venerable Wang Qing, Xiao Wangqing? I never thought that this elder is actually the legendary Venerable Wang Qing. My God! After disappearing for so long, everyone thought that he was dead. Never thought that he would reappear in the world again. Jiang Chen has attracted even such a figure to the scene!”

“The world-renowned Venerable. It seems like he has come to protect Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen is really wise to befriend such a figure.”

“Legends say that Venerable Wang Qing is a famous and handsome man, however he looks more like a filthy old man. The difference is too great, and rather disappointing.”

“Even Venerable Wang Qing has appeared, but there are too many people who wanted to kill Jiang Chen. The three Immortal Courts also wanted his life. I’m afraid not even Venerable Wang Qing can protect Jiang Chen today.”


The emergence of the old liar immediately set off a huge commotion. He was a peerless Venerable who had been famous, but had disappeared for a long time. Today, he had shown up once again to protect Jiang Chen. It seemed like the sure-death situation was going to change once more. The name Xiao Wangqing alone intimidated Wang Xuanfeng and the other two.

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