Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1716

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Xiao Wangqing’s transformation was shocking. In just a minute, the once filthy old man had turned into a youth in a green robe, with a stalwart body, handsome face, silky black hair and a pair of eyes as bright as stars. He seemed to have returned to his thirties, standing there with his dark hair fluttering in the air. The forceful qi emanated from him made people avert their eyes.

Jiang Chen gaped in astonishment and disbelief. How could this handsome and elegant man be the old liar? The contrast was just too great for Jiang Chen to take.

In the past, Xiao Wangqing had lost all his confidence and went into hiding, ultimately becoming a filthy old man and a swindler who always cheats for food and drinks. Now, he had broken overcome his mental state and advanced to the Sovereign realm. Naturally, he had also recovered his past demeanor, confidence, and his true self.

“This was the true Wang Qing Venerable, Xiao Wangqing. No, we can no longer call him a Venerable now. He’s already a formidable half-step Sovereign expert. Rumor says that he’s the most elegant man in the Immortal World, now it seemed like it’s true. He surely has an extraordinary look.”

“Isn’t this man a little too handsome? Look at that face, I’m afraid even women will envy him.”

“This is the original look of Xiao Wangqing. The filthy look from before was just a disguise. Now that he has already become a half-step Sovereign, he has become far more powerful compared to Wang Xuanfeng and the others. Jiang Chen will be safe this time.”

“This explained why Xiao Wangqing said that Wang Xuanfeng and the other two weren’t even qualified to speak to him. Sure enough, they aren’t qualified at all. No matter how powerful a Venerable expert is, he is only a fragile insect in front of a half-step Sovereign.”

“That’s true. Although there’s only a small difference between a late Immortal Venerable and a half-step Sovereign, the difference in strength is like day and night. There’s no comparison at all. Xiao Wangqing was once the pinnacle figure amongst the Venerables. Now that he has advanced to the half-step Sovereign realm, his power had become unfathomable. Whoever dares to stop a half-step Sovereign from protecting Jiang Chen is just seeking death.”


Numerous people were impressed by Xiao Wangqing’s demeanor. At the present moment, the words of Xiao Wangqing was no longer hollow, but a fact. More importantly, his appearance represented a turning point – Jiang Chen’s inevitable death was prevented.

The old ancestors' expression darkened. They knew that it was no longer possible to kill Jiang Chen. With Xiao Wangqing by Jiang Chen’s side, who would dare to attack? Their only reliance now was the Immortal Court. Xiao Wangqing could intimidate them, but not the Immortal Court.

“I have said that you all aren’t qualified to speak in front of me.”

Xiao Wangqing glanced at Wang Xuanfeng, Lan Yanting and Lei Batian with his cold eyes. They were once experts on par with him, but today, they could only look up to him.

Boundless Sovereign might surged out of his body. A shapeless pressure spread across the sky. Even the Immortal Venerables couldn’t resist the force of the pressure, changing their expression, feeling that their body and soul was trembling. 

*Puff…* *Puff…*

Many cultivators with lower cultivation realm fell to their knees and lay prostrated on the ground, their body trembling. They had never seen a Great Sovereign or a half-step Sovereign before. In their opinion, a Great Sovereign was a supreme existence, a deity that should be worshipped.

The aura of a half-step Sovereign was just too great. They weren’t able to bear it.

Wang Xuanfeng’s and the other two’s expression became ashen. They didn’t dare look at Xiao Wangqing directly. They were very clear that there was an insurmountable gap between them and Xiao Wangqing. In front of Xiao Wangqing, they were like ants. Wang Xuanfeng ought to be grateful that he only suffered minor injuries. If Xiao Wangqing didn’t show any mercy, he should be a dead man by now. One should know the severe consequences of violating the majesty of a half-step Sovereign.

*Hua La……*

Xiao Wangqing showed a face filled with arrogance, and withdrew his Sovereign qi. Countless people recovered their breath again, feeling so much more relaxed as though the mountainous force acting against their body had disappeared.  The atmosphere became silent. No one dared to speak. No one would dare to provoke the half-step Sovereign again.

“Wang Xuanfeng, Lei Batian, Lan Yanting, go back and ask the one that’s qualified to speak with me from your Immortal Court. Today, I’ll be waiting at the Genius Prefecture of Great Qian Empire and have a discussion about the matter of Jiang Chen,” Xiao Wangqing said to the three men.

The three of them exchanged a glance and nodded in harmony. “Yes.”

The attitude of the three peerless Venerables changed immediately. Standing in front of them was no longer the Wang Qing Venerable they knew, but a formidable half-step Sovereign expert whom they could never fight.

“Go now.”

Xiao Wangqing waved at the three who immediately wheeled around and left. The dignity of a half-step Sovereign was inviolable. If they violated it even by the slightest, Xiao Wangqing might end their life in just an instant. Then, their death would be vain.

A moment later, Xiao Wangqing looked around, sending chills down the spine of those Venerables who immediately lowered their heads and dared not to say even a word.

“Brat, follow me.”

Xiao Wangqing turned towards Jiang Chen and spoke, then vanished in a flash. Jiang Chen followed closely, he too vanished immediately.

Those old ancestors could only show a helpless look, seeing Jiang Chen disappear in front of them. There was nothing they could do at this time. The emergence of Xiao Wangqing made them powerless.

“Dammit! Now that kid already has Xiao Wangqing as his backer. Could it be that we have to let our vengeance go just like this?”

“What can we do about it? Are you going to confront Xiao Wangqing? That’s a half-step Sovereign just so you know. He can eradicate all of us with just a casual finger.”

“This matter isn’t this simple. The three great Immortal Courts won’t let this matter rest. Xiao Wangqing didn’t say that he was protecting Jiang Chen, he only asked those qualified people from the Immortal Courts to speak to him. This indicates that Xiao Wangqing still has some fear for the Immortal Courts. Numerous disciples from the three great Immortal Courts have died in Jiang Chen’s hands. The Immortal Court will definitely come and punish Jiang Chen for the sake of their dignity.”

“We’ll see what the result of tomorrow’s discussion will be.”


The old ancestors seemed utterly depressed, however, there was nothing they could do except to place their hopes on the Immortal Courts. Unless the Immortal Courts interfere, otherwise no one would be able to suppress Xiao Wangqing. 

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