Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1720

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The three half-step Sovereigns were looking disdainfully at everyone out of the corner of their eyes, aloof pride was plastered on their faces, as though every being in the world was just like an ant to them.

“Look at that man in black robe. He’s called Li Wangye, a mighty figure from the Immortal Court of Ethereal Immortal Domain. He’s also a half-step Sovereign expert of the old generation, and is very likely to break through to the true Great Sovereign realm. I never expect him to come today. As for the other two half-step Sovereigns, they are from Radiance Immortal and Mi Luo Immortal Domain, however I don’t know any of them.”

Someone spoke with his eyes stuck upon the majestic-looking Li Wangye whose head was wearing a golden accessory, standing with both hands behind his back like an unparalleled king.

“Even Li Wangye has come. I’m afraid that even Xiao Wangqing is no match for him as he has just advanced to the half-step Sovereign realm.”

“That’s right. I wonder what will happen next. It’ll all depend on how Xiao Wangqing will protect Jiang Chen. Li Wangye isn’t an easy opponent.”

The situation was instantly keyed up. The Immortal Courts had proven themselves to be the high and mighty existences. Each Immortal Court had sent one half-step Sovereign and a peerless Venerable. They were afraid that only the Immortal Courts had such powerful forces.

“The Burning Prairie, Li Wangyue. The Thousand-hand Butcher, Qiu Qianyun. The Symbol Glacier, Qin Xuanbing. I have heard a lot about you all. I’m Xiao Wangqing.”

Xiao Wangqing cupped his fists at the three and spoke loudly. These three experts had a great reputation and were peerless figures that he had once looked up to. Now that he could stand at the same height as these experts, he couldn’t help feeling lofty.

“Xiao Wangqing, I know you. I never expect you to broke through to the half-step Sovereign realm. However, don’t even think that this gives you the right to boast in front of the Immortal Courts. The matter of you injuring Wang Xuanfeng yesterday isn’t resolved yet, but if you call Jiang Chen out now, I’ll forget about it.”

Li Wangye looked at Xiao Wangqing and said in an arrogant tone, clearly not putting Xiao Wangqing in his eyes.

This was, of course, normal. After all, Xiao Wangqing had just advanced to the half-step Sovereign realm, and was no match to a senior half-step Sovereign like Li Wangye. He thought that Xiao Wangqing should already feel honoured that he personally came to meet him.

“Good. Even Li Wangye has emerged. We’ll see how he’ll deal with Xiao Wangqing. There is a huge gap even amongst the half-step Sovereigns. Xiao Wangqing thought that he could do as he pleased right after advancing to the half-step Sovereign realm. It won’t be that easy to protect Jiang Chen’s life.”

The old ancestor of Nanbei Family showed a grin. All his worries about the meeting vanished as soon as he saw Li Wangye, Qiu Qianyun and Qin Xuanbing. No matter how powerful Xiao Wangqing is, the fact remained that he had just stepped into the half-step Sovereign realm. He wouldn’t dare to show his arrogance in front of experts like Li Wangye and the other two.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes fell upon Xiao Wangqing. They would like to see how Xiao Wangqing would deal with Li Wangye and the other two experts.

“Li Wangye, I, Xiao Wangqing, have asked you all come to discuss about Jiang Chen, however the way you speak sounded as if you are just here to capture Jiang Chen.”

Xiao Wangqing’s tone instantly turned icy cold. He cast his sparkling eyes to Li Wangye, his momentum was compelling and unyielding.

His response was beyond everyone’s expectation. No one thought that Xiao Wangqing would respond so provocatively. It seemed like he also didn’t put Li Wangye in his eyes.

Jiang Chen understood Xiao Wangqing’s intention, however. In this world where only the strong were respected, strength was a necessary element. Since Li Wangye looked down on Xiao Wangqing, Xiao Wangqing also had to display his strength and abilities. Only then could the negotiation continue.

“Xiao Wangqing, what right do you have to boast in front of me? You’re just a fledgeling half-step Sovereign. You’re not even worth anything in front of me. I have already given you a lot of face by coming here personally. Don’t you take it for granted.” Li Wangye’s qi fluctuated. He seemed ready for a fight.

“Haha! Li Wangye, you are exceedingly arrogant. Don’t think that you can treat others with contempt just because you have reached the half-step Sovereign realm earlier than the others. They may be afraid of you, but not me. Since you said that I have no right to negotiate with you, then we’ll see if that’s the case after this.”

Xiao Wangqing laughed aloud, and flew towards the sky in a flash. With a wave of his hand, he created a new battlefield. Formidable half-step Sovereign qi was unleashed from his body like a torrent.

There was no doubt about it. Xiao Wangqing was challenging Li Wangye.

Such action made countless people widen their eyes in disbelief. Even Li Wangye was petrified for a moment as he had never thought that Xiao Wangqing would start a battle so soon.

“Xiao Wangqing, are you challenging me?” Li Wangye spoke coldly.

“That’s right. Li Wangye, come and fight me, after that, we can talk.”

Xiao Wangqing’s green robe rippled in the air as he looked downwards disdainfully. He showed no sign of fear in the face of the formidable enemy.

“Very well. I will show you my abilities then. I’ll let you know how ignorant you really are.”

Li Wangye, who was a high and mighty expert, wouldn’t be able to resist such a provocation.

“Damn! They started a fight just because of one disagreement? I’m not ready for this.”

“Didn’t they say that they were having a meeting? Why did it develop into a fight? Is there something wrong with them?”

“You two don’t understand anything. Li Wangye and the other two experts didn’t put Xiao Wangqing in their eyes, and felt that he had no right to negotiate with them as he has just advanced to the half-step Sovereign realm. As such, Xiao Wangqing has opted to challenge Li Wangye to prove that he’s as powerful as them. Otherwise, there’s no way for today’s meeting to proceed.”

“That’s true, but can Xiao Wangqing really fight Li Wangye? After all, he has just advanced to half-step Sovereign. Li Wangye, on the other hand, has been a famous figure and has earned the title ‘The Burning Prairie’.”

“We’ll see. Don’t underestimate Xiao Wangqing. I feel that he is very capable. Or else he wouldn’t have challenged the opposition as he knew that once he’s defeated in battle, he would entirely lose the power to negotiate further.”


The scene was stirred. An inevitable fight was going to break out between the two half-step Sovereigns because of a slight disagreement. 

Countless eyes fell upon the newly created battlefield. Just thinking about the battle of the half-step Sovereigns excited them.  

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