Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1726(1)

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You never knew when opportunity would come or when it would go. Jiang Chen could be described as extremely fortunate that he was able to touch the barrier of the Heavenly Will realm. This was a heaven-defying luck and chance. He would never give it up no matter what.

The incantations of the Great Divination Art was constantly echoing in his mind. The recitations sounded like the singing of ancient gods, thunderous and sweet-sounding. 

Time passed by. Such an opportunity could only be encountered by chance. Jiang Chen knew how fearsome the Heavenly Will realm all too well. Once he broke through it, his Great Divination Art would rise to another terrifying level. And this would play a vital role in his future path.

*Ka Cha!*

As time went by, the layer of barrier suddenly let out a cracking sound, although it still seemed like a shapeless and intangible layer. A line of crack appeared in the barrier. Despite it only being a line of crack, it surprised Jiang Chen as it was a rare breakthrough.

The incantations of the Great Divination Art was racing faster and faster in his sea of consciousness. He could almost see the shadow of the God of Divination. Unexpectedly, the Divination Map which had vanished for a long time suddenly reappeared.

The Divination Map was the core of the Great Divination Art. At the very beginning, he saw it once, but due to his limited strength and comprehension, he wasn’t able to read the map. Now, his divine sense immediately scanned it as soon as it appeared, plunging himself into a profound realm.

His mind seemed to have almost integrated with the Divination Map, inseparable, unlike the time when he suffered injuries right after seeing the Divination Map for the first time and coughed out blood right after.

If Tianji Zi saw Jiang Chen’s current condition, he would certainly be too excited to say anything, the current Jiang Chen had entered the perfect state of cultivating the Great Divination Art. Based on the records of the Great Divination Art, even those supreme experts who had cultivated to the Heavenly Will realm weren’t able to reach the point of integrating with the Divination Map.

Of course, the appearance of the Divination Map didn’t indicate that Jiang Chen had broken through to the Heavenly Will realm. The leap from the Heavenly Vision realm to the Heavenly Will realm isn’t that simple. At least until now, there was only a line of crack in the barrier. As such, it definitely wouldn’t be easy to break the entire layer of the barrier.

*Buzz... Buzz…*

At this moment, the Immortal Mark which had been staying silently in his Qi Sea was shaking violently and let out a buzzing sound as though it had been affected by something. 

“The Immortal Mark is moving again.”

Jiang Chen was delighted. The Immortal Mark was his biggest secret. He didn’t know why the Immortal Mark was hiding in his body even if he had already ascended to the Immortal World. 

However, he knew its divinity and importance. At least, it had saved his life several times. Back when he was ascending to the Immortal World, he suffered an attack from Nanbei Chao. Without the help of the Immortal Mark, he would have already been killed.

Then, the Immortal Mark helped him control the Sun Divine Feather. Today, it appeared once again when he integrated with the Divination Map. He couldn’t help feeling excited because he imagined that this Immortal Mark might help him break through to the Heavenly Will realm.

Hastily, he separated a trace of his divine sense and combined it with the Immortal Mark, and then he began to charge at the barrier.

*Ka Cha…* *Ka Cha…*

As the Immortal Mark hit the barrier, the shapeless barrier began to shake. Countless cracks appeared. The indestructible barrier was now in danger of crumbling. It just needed another wave of attack to break the barrier.


Jiang Chen let out a bellow in his soul. His soul power, strength of divine sense and the Immortal Mark formed a sea of force, and ran straight into the precarious barrier.


This time, the barrier could no longer hold it and shattered.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Jiang Chen’s soul trembled more violently. The moment his divine sense broke through the barrier, he felt as though he had entered a vast ocean or another world.

There was nothing in front of him, except for the abstruse lines that radiated multiple colours.

“That’s the profound meaning and law. It’s the law of divination.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. If it was before, he wouldn’t be able to identify the scene in front even if he saw it, but now was different as he had already reached the Heavenly Will realm. He was able to read the mysterious trails which were the most profound thing in the Heavens and Earth. Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to reach this stage even in their lifetime. 

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