Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1726(2)

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Jiang Chen’s eyes opened. Two rays of brilliant light shot out from his eyes, lighting up the night sky.

Suddenly, his eyes felt so much clearer. With a turn of his palm, the Divination Map appeared. Some changes had taken place in the map. As a matter of fact, this map couldn’t be called the true Divination Map, as it was only a fraction of the original.

The map was shining brilliantly. There was a black and white fish-like figures closely intertwined, each had an eye and seemed to be guarding the tail of the other. This was the embryonic form of *Taiji.

“This Taijitu contains the profound meaning of yin and yang. But it’s only a fragment of the Divination Map. If the cultivation of this map reached its peak, it can be used as a solid weapon. Due to the combination of yin and yang, the energy that would be produced from it was unimaginable. I never thought that the Heavenly Will realm will be so powerful. This can no longer be called a pure divination art as it can also be used as a powerful combat technique in the battlefield.”

Jiang Chen was staring at the spinning Taijitu, unable to control the excitement in his heart. After advancing to the Heavenly Will realm, he had gained an entirely new understanding of the Great Divination Art. It was true that Tianji Zi was the one who passed the Great Divination Art to him, however he was afraid that not even Tianji Zi had predicted that there were so many secrets in this divination art.

“Taijitu itself contains the abstruse meaning of divination and conforms to the Eight Trigrams. Based on the records of the Great Divination Art, after reaching the Heavenly Will realm, one will be able to display a formidable force in battle unceasingly and replicate the attacks of the opponent. In the course of the battle, if the opponent’s combat technique was branded in Taijitu, the Taijitu will be able to calculate the cultivation method of the combat technique and its flaws as well. This is undeniably heaven-defying!”

Jiang Chen felt overwhelmed. In fact, anyone who experienced this situation wouldn’t be able to calm their emotions as well. The Taijitu would definitely bring immeasurable benefits to Jiang Chen in his future battles.

Furthermore, he had the five elemental spirits inside his body, which would allow him to display any technique that the Taijitu replicated. This alone highlighted the fearsomeness of Taijitu.

“As I have already reached the Heavenly Will realm, I wonder if I can divine the matters in Saint Origin World.”

Jiang Chen muttered and willed the map to appear once more. An array of stars were twinkling on the illusory divination map. Inclining to Jiang Chen’s will, a vast universe appeared on the map. It was the map of space with planets rolling in different places, blurring Jiang Chen’s vision.

“There is an innumerable number of worlds…the universe is truly vast. Each planet is a world and there are countless planes overlapping with one another. It won’t be an easy task to accurately locate the location of Saint Origin World.”

Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly as there were just too many planes, and Saint Origin World was only one planet amongst the millions upon millions of worlds, just like a grain of corn in the vast ocean.

“Oh, I can try using the Immortal Mark as it was obtained from Saint Origin World. Based on the trails left by the Immortal Mark, I will be able to find the coordinates of Saint Origin World.”

Jiang Chen suddenly thought of the Immortal mark, and then placed it on top of the divination map. The mark turned into a large stream of crystal clear light, drifting constantly on the map. He hastily circulated the Great Divination Art. The gazillion number of planets rolled violently and emitted their own light, colourful and spectacular.

All of a sudden, the Immortal Mark rushed towards one of the planets. Jiang Chen’s eyes shifted towards the planet. He had already told the Immortal Mark what to do. As such, the Immortal Mark had found the world he had been looking for. It was the world where he had left his qi in.

“This is the Saint Origin World. The world where I came from.”

Jiang Chen’s emotions fluctuated once more. He had finally found the location of Saint Origin World. The next thing that he would do was to use the Great Divination Art to divine its fate through the divination map and the boundless universe. Although it was impossible for him to divine the specific situation in Saint Origin World, he should be able to feel if Saint Origin World was as peaceful as before.

He increased the circulation of the Great Divination Art to the maximum. His soul power reached the Saint Origin World through the divination map, causing a buzzing sound.

The planet flickered and shuddered continuously as though it had been hit by some force.

“Not good. There’s a huge turbulence in Saint Origin World.”

He rose to his feet immediately, face darkened. After reaching the Heavenly Will realm, he was able to divine some of the things that he previously couldn’t. The fact that the planet of Saint Origin World was trembling and flickering indicated that the world was in a tremendous crisis at the moment.

He could no longer sit calmly knowing that his past world was in the middle of a crisis. That was his old home. A lot of people who were important to him lived there.

He couldn’t help feeling worried. He knew the situation in the Saint Origin World pretty well. Martial Saint Dynasty had already conquered that entire world. There shouldn’t be anything or anyone that could threaten such a huge force. 

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*Taijitu – A symbol or diagram in Chinese philosophy representing Taiji (supreme ultimate) and both its monist and dualist (yin and yang) aspects.  

*Taiji – A Chinese cosmological term for the ‘Supreme Ultimate’ which meant undifferentiated absolute and infinite potential. 

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