Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1727

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“According to the development of Martial Saint Dynasty, no major power in Saint Origin World would be powerful enough to fight them, but currently, it’s shaking intensely. There aren’t any mistakes in the divination of the Great Divination Art. Some turbulence must be taking place in Saint Origin World. Martial Saint Dynasty is in danger. What should I do?”

Jiang Chen was always able to remain calm, but this time, he was unable to settle down. After all, Saint Origin World and the Immortal World were two different worlds. No matter how powerful Jiang Chen was, he simply couldn’t save Saint Origin World from this crisis.

“If only I could return there.” Jiang Chen frowned.

“Return? Right, with the Great Divination Art, I can divine some of the trajectories in space that will lead me back to that world. I can use the Immortal Mark to hoodwink the Heavens, and the Great Void Technique to walk freely in the spatial crevice. Perhaps I really can return to my old home. It doesn’t matter anymore even if there’s a price for it. I have to give it a try. I must find a way to return and save Martial Saint Dynasty.” Jiang Chen gritted his teeth, a hint of ruthlessness was seen in his eyes.

It was impossible even for an Immortal Sovereign to return to a world lower than the Immortal World. It was afraid that only Jiang Chen would dare to give it a try.

Such an act was no different than seeking death. Even an Immortal Sovereign would be unable to escape from the laws of the Immortal World. Even if the Immortal Sovereign was able to find the coordinates of the planet and the route leading to it, he still wouldn’t be able to run away from the laws of Heavens and Earth in that planet. Anyone who dared to provoke the Heavenly Dao was doomed to die.

However, Jiang Chen had a very important treasure within him, the Immortal Mark. It could conceal him from the Heavenly Dao. As long as he didn’t spend a long time there, he wouldn’t draw the attention of the Heavenly Dao.

The coordinates in space, the spatial crevice and the concealment of the Immortal Mark were the three most fundamental elements in order to return to the world below. Each element was indispensable. Throughout the ages, no one was able to possess these three criteria, not even the high and mighty Great Sovereign, but Jiang Chen had all three of them.

His Great Divination Art could help him locate the coordinates in the universe. His Great Void Technique could allow him to walk in the spatial crevice without being lost, and lastly, the Immortal Mark could conceal him from the Heavens, escaping from the punishment of the Heavenly Dao.

As such, he had made an extremely bold decision – he would return home.

The situation seemed pretty urgent, so he didn’t spend too much time thinking about it.

Under the control of his will, the Divination Map suddenly enlarged. With a flash, he vanished into the Divination Map before the map disappeared. 

The next moment, Jiang Chen reappeared in the boundless sky. The Divination Map was just right in front of his face. He had accurately located the position of Saint Origin World, and was traveling at maximum speed. The Immortal Mark emitted a dim light that enshrouded his entire body.

In the starry space, Jiang Chen was like a fish which had lost its way, constantly moving, heading towards Saint Origin World.

Saint Origin World!

The whole continent was full of dense smoke and fire as though it was experiencing an unprecedented war.

The Martial Saint Dynasty had already existed for several hundreds of years. It was undoubtedly the strongest major power in the world, but currently, gloomy qi and dark clouds had covered the sky above, pressing against the dynasty.

In the palace, over a hundred Great Saints were seated. There was a time when Great Saints were regarded as remarkable existences in Saint Origin World, but now, there were more than a hundred of them sitting in the main hall.

The one who sat at the top was the emperor, Wu Jiu. Currently, Wu Jiu was already a ninth-grade Great Saint, and there were two middle-aged men sitting beside him. One was Yan Zhanyun and the other was Wu Tianyang, the father of Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu, respectively. Their cultivation base didn’t seem any weaker than Wu Jiu. They were also powerful ninth-grade Great Saints.

There were two more powerful young men sitting next to them. They were Yu Zihan and Wu Lang who were both geniuses of Martial Saint Dynasty. They had also reached a terrifying level, ninth-grade Great Saint.

Surprisingly, Jiang Zhenhai and Nangong Wentian weren’t in the hall. 

Ninth-grade Great Saint was the pinnacle existence of this world. Ever since Jiang Chen took away the Immortal Mark, a Human Immortal could no longer stay in this world, and had to ascend to the Immortal World.

The number of ninth-grade Great Saints they had clearly indicated their control over Saint Origin World. No one would dare to disobey or resist them.

But currently, the hall was filled with extreme silence. Everyone was lowering their heads. Both Wu Ling and Yu Zihan had suffered some injuries, and their injuries didn’t seem light at all.

“Emperor, presently our dynasty is in the most difficult time. Jun Tianchou will launch a large-scale attack on us seven days later. What should we do?” someone said.

“What’s the big deal?! We just have to fight him.” Wu Tianyang clenched his fists.

“We can’t be reckless. This Jun Tianchou was born from an extraterrestrial meteorite. He claims to be the son of god. Within a short period of time, he has grown completely, and has resurrected the Devil Race, creating his own indestructible force. He has cultivated a large number of cultivators with the rare Heaven and Earth Divine Milk. The number of Great Saints in his group is no less than ours. More importantly, Jun Tianchou is too terrifying. We aren’t his opponent.”

Wu Jiu shook his head. The emergence of Jun Tianchou had completely changed the situation in Saint Origin World in just 20 years. Such terrifying speed of growth was even scarier than Jiang Chen.

“Jun Tianchou is too powerful. If Wu Lang and I hadn’t escaped at the most critical moment, we would have died in his hands,” Yu Zihan said with a frown. 

The battle against Jun Tianchou still gave him palpitations. That existence was very terrifying.

“Ever since Jiang Chen left, no one as heaven-defying him has ever appeared in Saint Origin World. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen is no longer here.”

Wu Lang shook his head. Despite his pride, he had to admit the scariness of Jun Tianchou. No Great Saint in the hall was capable of fighting Jun Tianchou. 

At the present moment, people couldn’t help thinking about the legendary figure who had once created the Martial Saint Dynasty and unified Saint Origin World. But now, a person named Jun Tianchou was about to destroy everything that legend had left behind. 

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