Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1728

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All eyes in the main hall landed on Wu Lang and Yu Zihan, who were both gifted and considered as the number one experts in Martial Saint Dynasty. Even Wu Jiu and Yan Zhanyun were no match for them. Right now, these two most powerful experts couldn’t even withstand a strike from Jun Tianchou. How could they still fight the next battle?

“Emperor, given the overpowering abilities of Jun Tianchou, could it be that our Martial Saint Dynasty can only await its doom?” shouted a tall and burly man. One glance at him could tell that he was a short-tempered person.

“We definitely cannot wait for the worst to happen. Back then, Brother Jiang passed the Martial Saint Dynasty to my care which has become the ruler of this world for a thousand years. If this dynasty were to be destroyed in my hands, I won’t have the face to see my ancestors in the afterlife. I would truly feel sorry for failing the task Brother Jiang has entrusted me with.”

Wu Jiu’s qi rose abruptly. That resoluteness made him fearless in the face of death. As the emperor, he must either live or die together with the dynasty.

“Father, you don’t have to contemplate too much. We’ll just go to war with Jun Tianchou seven days later. Yu Zihan and I will go and heal our injuries now. When the time comes, we will fight Jun Tianchou again.”

Wu Lang said, then stood straight up from his seat and vanished in a flash. Yu Zihan also followed suit.

The departure of the two experts expressed their attitude towards the matter. Everyone else in the hall looked grim as Martial Saint Dynasty was about to face their most dangerous crisis.

However, they knew pretty well there’s no room for escape, giving their all in the war was the only thing they could do. It was impossible for them to surrender as the dignity of the dynasty of such size wouldn’t allow them to do so. Moreover, based on Jun Tianchou’s style of conduct, even if they surrendered, most of them would still be killed. Jun Tianchou was a ruthless man. He always wanted to conquer and massacre Martial Saint Dynasty. He would never give Martial Saint Dynasty the chance to surrender. He wanted to see the dynasty bleed. Only then could he satisfy his desire to kill and feel contented.

“Listen up, everyone. Deploy the grand formation immediately to guard the dynasty. Seven days later, we’ll have a life-and-death war against Jun Tianchou!” Wu Jiu spoke fiercely. 

Anyone that was destined to come would come eventually. Also when the time to face the challenge has come, one must face it courageously. The pressure from Jun Tianchou was enormous, but Martial Saint Dynasty absolutely wouldn’t just sit passively and wait for their doom to come. There were still seven days before the attack of Jun Tianchou’s army. In these seven days, Martial Saint Dynasty must make full preparations. Everyone had to work hard within this period of time. After all, they were the force that had ruled Saint Origin World for such a long period of time. They must display their demeanour and capabilities to the enemy.

Presently, Jiang Chen was still traveling towards the coordinates of Saint Origin World, moving at extreme speed, flickering constantly like one of the stars in the starry space.

He was feeling incomparably anxious. Based on the Divination Map, Saint Origin World seemed so close, but in truth, it was exceedingly far away. Fortunately, he could shorten the distance tremendously by using the Great Void Technique, or else, he was afraid that not only would he not be able to reach Saint Origin World at the shortest possible time, but also be trapped in the spatial crevice and turbulence.

“I wonder what Martial Saint Dynasty is facing right now. Before I left, I had already rooted out all the obstacles. Saint Origin Palace had been annihilated, and the Devil Race had been subdued by Ah Yan.”

Jiang Chen could not figure out the turbulence that was happening in Saint Origin World. Saint Origin Palace had long been eradicated. Although the Devil Race wasn’t annihilated, Han Yan had conquered the entire race after obtaining the Supreme Devil Staff. Even if the Devil Race had been resurrected, they wouldn’t attack Martial Saint Dynasty.

Of course, several hundred years had already passed in Saint Origin World. Anything could happen within that period of time.

Since he couldn’t find the answer to his worries, he might as well stop thinking about it. The only thing he had to do now was to reach his destination as soon as possible. As long as he arrived at Saint Origin World, he would get all of his questions answered. Otherwise, it would be useless even if he knew what was going on there as he couldn’t provide any help at all.

Time gradually passed by. The entire Saint Origin World was in a state of oppression. Everyone seemed to be living in a gloomy world. The name of Jun Tianchou rang in people’s ears from time to time. Currently, Jun Tianchou had become very famous, and his name struck people’s ears like the roar of thunder. No one didn’t know him or the things he had done.

In the history of Saint Origin World, it was afraid that there was only one man that could suppress the reputation of Jun Tianchou. Apart from this legendary figure, there was no one else who could.

“Jun Tianchou can be considered as a rare wonder that only appears every tens of thousands of years. I heard that he was born from an extraterrestrial meteorite that landed here. He claimed himself to be the son of God and his growth was just too fast. He has used some kind of magical Heaven and Earth Divine Milk to nurture countless experts, and establish his own forces. Now, he will attack Martial Saint Dynasty to conquer the whole Saint Origin World. I’m afraid this dynasty which has been established for over a thousand years will face the greatest disaster in its entire history.”

“That’s true. Jun Tianchou is really too horrifying. He has reached the ninth grade Great Saint at such a young age. I heard that even the two well-known experts, Wu Lang and Yu Zihan were no match for him. Also, if it wasn’t for them reacting a step faster, they would have been killed by now.”

“Jun Tianchou has also gained control over the Devil Race, which has been silent all this while. After reviving the devil race,he will lead his army to attack Martial Saint Dynasty several days later, igniting the greatest war in the history of Saint Origin World.”

“If Jun Tianchou really annihilated Martial Saint Dynasty, then the situation in the entire Saint Origin World will change.”


Everyone was surprised. There were conversations regarding the war everywhere. Jun Tianchou’s name was shining in all direction like a rising sun. He’s gradually becoming a legendary figure of Saint Origin World.

Seven days passed very quickly. The day of the war had come. Countless experts, including Great Saints and Minor Saints, were guarding the formation outside Martial Saint Dynasty, awaiting the arrival of Jun Tianchou.

The facial expression of each expert of Martial Saint Dynasty seemed incomparably unpleasant. The weight in their hearts was stifling. The pressure of confronting Jun Tianchou was enormous. 

Yu Zihan and Wu Lang were standing at the forefront, emitting their formidable qi. After a few days of recuperation, they had completely recovered, however their expression still looked grim as they knew better than anyone how terrifying the enemy was.

*Hong Long……*

Suddenly, there was an explosion in the sky. Dark clouds and terrifying waves were rolling incessantly. Countless powerful qi began to spread across. The scene seemed like the end of the world. Even from thousands of miles away, people could still feel the immense pressure that made their soul shudder.

Powerful figures were descending continuously from the sky like a meteor shower. Soon, they materialized opposite of Martial Saint Dynasty. There were Great Saints and Minor Saints in their encampment. There were more than a thousand of them in total. Most of them were from the Devil Race. These devils were ferocious by nature, but now, they had already been subdued by Jun Tian Chou and had become powerful killing machines.

The size of the enemy force was greater compared to Martial Saint Dynasty.

“Let’s welcome Lord Jun.”

A ninth-grade Great Saint spoke loudly at the sky. Mentioning the word ‘Lord Jun’, his expression became incomparably respectful and full of worship.

A shadow that was walking out from the sky very quickly solidified and turned into a purple-clad youth.

The youth appeared to be only fifteen. His face was handsome, his skin was as white and smooth as jade. There was a mysterious and ancient symbol imprinted at the centre of his forehead, adding a hint of evil in his aura.

“Lord Jun…”

Countless Great Saints and Minor Saints fell to their knees, worshipping him as though he was a deity sent by the Heavens. 

The youth wasn’t a stranger. He was Jun Tianchou who had risen to fame recently in Saint Origin World. He was given the title ‘King Jun’.

The Lord of the Heavens and Earth was the supreme ruler.

Jun Tianchou called himself the son of God, and never put anyone in his eyes.

His sharp eyes immediately fell upon the experts of Martial Saint Dynasty. After glancing around, the corners of his mouth revealed a hint of a smile. He then stood with his hands behind his back proudly. In his opinion, every single one of his opponents should be oppressed and killed.

“Jun Tianchou, you and Martial Saint Dynasty never had any conflicts with one another. Why pressure our Martial Saint Dynasty so hard? If a war really breaks out, the whole Saint Origin World will fall into real chaos, plunging countless of people into misery and suffering. This won’t do you and any of us any good.” Wu Jiu spoke loudly at Jun Tianchou.

“Plunging people into misery and suffering? What does that have to do with me? I, Jun Tianchou, will be the greatest one in Saint Origin World. Your dynasty will naturally be destroyed by me. I’m the only one who has the right to control the whole world. Your dynasty doesn’t deserve it.”

Jun Tianchou showed a cold sneer. His eyes glinted with red light. He was a bloodthirsty man. He wouldn’t care if others were suffering. He only cared about his contentment. When he wanted to kill, people had to die. Martial Saint Dynasty was nothing more than an object to pass time.

“The greatest one in Saint Origin World? Jun Tianchou, you will never be the greatest one. In the history of Saint Origin World, there is always a high mountain which you can never surpass,” Yu Zihan said mockingly. 

Although Jun Tianchou was stronger than all of them, it was impossible for him to be the greatest one in Saint Origin World. 

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