Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1729

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Yu Zihan’s words made Jun Tianchou’s face darken instantly as he had thought of a name that made him gnash his teeth even in his dream.

“You mean that Jiang Chen? Humph! Unfortunately, he didn’t live in the same generation as me. Otherwise, I would have killed him and become the only legend.”

Jun Tianchou gritted his teeth. In spite of his arrogance, he had to agree with what Yu Zihan had said. The legend of Jiang Chen was pressing against his head like a big mountain, stifling his breath. Even though he was already the greatest one in the Saint Origin World, in countless of people’s heart, the true legend in Saint Origin World was still that white-clad youth named Jiang Chen.

The extermination of Saint Origin Palace and the slaughter of Immortals…no one could transcend such unparalleled deeds. No matter how powerful Jun Tianchou was, he still couldn’t kill Immortals because there were none in this world, and thus, he was bound to be unable to surpass Jiang Chen.

This had been the most depressing thing, and the last thing he wanted to hear, however even he had to admit that even if he annihilated Martial Saint Dynasty and become the greatest one of Saint Origin World, he would still live under the shadow of that man. He would always be the second in the history of Saint Origin World. There would always be a name that was first of the list.

“Whether you admit it or not, his name will always remain above yours. You should be glad that you weren’t born in the same generation as him, otherwise, I’m afraid that you wouldn’t even have the chance to grow to this extent.”

Wu Lang sneered. No one knew the scariness of Jiang Chen better than them. At best, Jun Tianchou was on the same level as Nanbei Chao. Even if he was slightly stronger than Nanbei Chao, the final outcome still remain unchanged if he lived in the same generation as Jiang Chen.

If there was no Jiang Chen, Nanbei Chao would’ve certainly grown to Jun Tianchou’s level today. Unfortunately, he had encountered Jiang Chen, which expedited his doom. Facts proved that those who lived in the same generation as Jiang Chen who became his enemies would end up tragically.

Therefore, it should be regarded as Jun Tianchou’s great blessing that he didn’t live in the same era as Jiang Chen.

“Haha! Wu Lang, Yu Zihan, even if you bragged about the miraculous and divine powers of Jiang Chen, so what? Today, your dynasty is now on the brink of destruction. Do you think Jiang Chen can save you all? This is my world, not his. Jiang Chen has long been the past.”

Jun Tianchou laughed aloud. He was reluctant to talk about Jiang Chen anymore. His purpose of coming here today was to fulfill his wish – to annihilate Martial Saint Dynasty. 

“The worst is only a life-and-death war. We, Martial Saint Dynasty, have never feared anyone.” Wu Lang’s qi fluctuated.

“I’ve already defeated the two of you. What right do you have to be arrogant in front of me?”

Jun Tianchou looked at Wu Lang and Yu Zihan, eyes full of contempt, totally not putting the two in his eyes. In his opinion, cultivators like them weren’t qualified to be his enemies.

Wu Lang and Yu Zihan exchanged a glance, then drew out their Saint Weapon abruptly, thrusting it towards Jun Tianchou with lightning speed.

Both of them had reached the peak of ninth grade Great Saint realm, representing the pinnacle combat strength of Saint Origin World. And given their talent, they couldn’t find any peer who was a worthy opponent, but when they encountered Jun Tianchou, everything changed. The status they had were crushed.

Two extremely terrifying combat swords pierced into the void and appeared in front of Jun Tianchou. In the face of the two incredible attacks, instead of moving his body, Jun Tianchou casually stuck out both of his hands, stretching out his index fingers.


The scene seemed to be frozen in time. The two unparalleled Saint Weapons came to a halt. They were firmly pinched by Jun Tianchou’s fingers.


The whole scene was in an uproar. No one could remain calm. Countless eyes had fallen upon the three people. The two amongst them were the pinnacle strength in the world. Their full-fledged attack with the Saint Weapon not only didn’t do any harm to Jun Tianchou, but was easily caught by the fingers of Jun Tianchou instead.

“What?” Yu Zihan exclaimed, his face full of shock.

“This bastard has become even more powerful than before. We’re no match for him.”

Wu Lang shook his head helplessly. He and Yu Zihan had already exerted their full combat strength, but the outcome was still beyond their imagination. They strained every nerve to move the sword in Jun Tianchou’s fingers but to no avail. This made them understand that the gap between them and Jun Tianchou was too great.

Such terrifying strength was only displayed by Jiang Chen in the history of Saint Origin World. No one else in this world could be Jun Tianchou’s opponent except Jiang Chen.


A vast force suddenly burst out from Jun Tianchou’s fingers. Wu Lang and Yu Zihan simply couldn’t endure the enemy’s power and was sent flying several hundred meters away like cannon balls before regaining balance. Both of their swords were tossed away by Jun Tianchou like garbage. He didn’t even bother to look at them, his eyes were filled with disgust.

*Barf…* *Barf…*

On the other side, Wu Lang and Yu Zihan spurted out blood, suffering severe injuries, their face pale, but the shock they felt in their hearts was even greater than their injuries. They simply couldn’t imagine that Jun Tianchou had already reached such a terrifying level. No one else in the world could match him.

Both of them looked at one another and saw despair in each other’s eyes. That was right, they felt total despair right now. This opponent was too powerful for them to fight. In fact, not just them even the whole force of Martial Saint Dynasty combined. They wouldn’t be able to stand even a finger of Jun Tianchou.

If that was really the case, then this war had become meaningless.

The atmosphere on the side of Martial Saint Dynasty had become incomparably stifling. It felt as though Jun Tianchou was pressing against their heads like an enormous mountain, making breathing difficult.

“Can’t even stand a blow…”

Jun Tianchou darted a cold glance at Wu Lang and Yu Zihan. He stuck out both arms, looked at the sky and sighed. “Standing at the top is always lonely…”

The supreme qi radiating from him was lofty, and at the same time, lonely.

However, the moment he couldn’t find a worthy opponent in the world, his life seemed to have lost its meaning.

It made him feel how lonely it was to be invincible!

“Lord Jun, should we attack now?” An elder approached Jun Tianchou and asked with a bow.

“En, kill them now. There’s no need for Martial Saint Dynasty to exist anymore,” Jun Tianchou said plainly. 

The annihilation of a dynasty couldn’t even arouse his emotion as it wasn’t considered a challenge to him.

“Kill them!”

The ninth grade Great Saint elder shouted. Countless experts unleashed powerful qi and killing intent, and charged crazily at the forces of Martial Saint Dynasty.

“Kill them!”

On the other side, Wu Jiu brandished the emperor sword and the forces of Martial Saint Dynasty charged forward. An intense war broke out instantly.

This was the most fierce war in the history of Saint Origin World. The combatants were all saints and the size of the war had occupied almost half of Saint Origin World.

This was the war of saints and generations. The situation of Saint Origin World had changed completely after Jiang Chen annihilated Saint Origin Palace. Nothing as big had happened ever since, until now when Jun Tianchou decided to annihilate Martial Saint Dynasty.

*Hong Long……*

The heaven and earth shook. It was a life-or-death war. Both parties had gone all out; the cultivators of the Devil Race were the most cruel of all. The Devil Race had gotten along well with Martial Saint Dynasty, but no one knew what technique Jun Tianchou had used to subdue all of them and altered the belief of the race, making him the god of everyone. As a matter of fact, Jun Tianchou wanted to become the god of the whole world.

Jun Tianchou was now standing at the very top of the battlefield with both hands behind his back, looking down on the tragic war. Although blood was spurting everywhere, it didn’t seem to excite or affect him.

The war lasted for an hour, but its intensity didn’t reduce in the slightest. However, the forces of Martial Saint Dynasty seemed to be losing their ground. There was a certain difference in strength in both armies, together with the pressure that came from Jun Tianchou, a layer of shadow had enshrouded their confidence, making it impossible for them to fully display their combat strength.

On the contrary, the cultivators on the enemy’s side were filled with momentum. Jun Tianchou was like a God. As long as Jun Tianchou was here, it was enough.

The two severely injured cultivators, Wu Lang and Yu Zihan, also joined the fray. When they realized the situation in the war, the despair in their hearts intensified. At this rate, Martial Saint Dynasty would be exterminated today, considering the fact that Jun Tianchou didn’t involve himself yet. If Jun Tianchou acted out all of a sudden, it would be the doom of the dynasty.

“What should we do now?”

Everyone in Martial Saint Dynasty was filled with despair. They could no longer see hope. The dynasty was facing an unprecedented crisis, and resistance had become incomparably difficult.

Currently, in the spatial turbulence, a ray of light was fast approaching Saint Origin World with extreme speed. The light was precisely Jiang Chen.

“I have finally arrived.”

Feeling the familiar qi, warm tears welled up in his eyes. He kept the Divination Map and vanished, going through the barrier and entering the world. With the Immortal Mark concealing his qi, the Heavenly Dao wouldn’t be able to detect his existence. 

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