Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1730

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“Ah…!” “Ah…!” “Ah…!”

The battlefield was incredibly tragic. Great Saints were falling left and right. The void of the entire Saint Origin World was torn, pressure filling the air. Billions of cultivators had hidden themselves, realizing they weren’t even qualified to watch such a battle.

The morale of King Jun’s forces was overpowering. Each of them displayed their power to the extreme while their adversary resisted with difficulty, losing their ground, but none of them backed away. They seemed determined to defend the dignity of the dynasty even if that meant giving up their lives.


Yan Zhanyun let out a wail as a sword was slashed on his chest, leaving a deep wound, exposing the bone, blood was gushing out crazily while the sword was raging inside his body. The agile Wu Jiu quickly pulled Yan Zhanyun back. Yan Zhanyun was the father-in-law of Jiang Chen. If anything were to happen to him, Wu Jiu wouldn’t be able to provide a good explanation to Jiang Chen.

Jun Tianchou looked at the battlefield below, his face suddenly showed an irritated look.

“Let’s finish this.”

An extremely powerful killing intent rushed out from Jun Tianchou’s body. His qi had reached its peak. This peerless figure who claimed to be the Lord finally moved. He wanted to end the war as soon as possible, and become the greatest one in Saint Origin World.

Jun Tianchou thrust his huge palm forward. The target was precisely Wu Jiu. The first person he wanted to kill would naturally be the emperor of Martial Saint Dynasty. No matter the situation, the emperor was always the pillar of the empire and the spiritual sustenance. By eliminating the emperor, the whole empire would crumble on its own.

Wu Jiu suddenly felt a sense of extreme danger, enough to threaten his life. As a mighty Great Saint, he was able to foresee such danger.

His face darkened, knowing that Jun Tianchou was attacking him. The destruction of Martial Saint Dynasty had finally come. They couldn’t change the outcome despite their best efforts.

“Dad!” Seeing Jun Tianchou’s action, Wu Lang immediately leaped in front of Wu Jiu.

“Go away!”

Wu Jiu used all of his might to push Wu Lang away. How could he let his son block the attack for him? If Wu Lang died, what was the point of him being alive?

“A touching father-and-son relationship…in that case, both of you will go to hell together.”

Jun Tianchou’s dark hair fluttered in the air, his killing intent spread out. His terrifying giant palm rushed towards the father and son, locking everything around. This strike would certainly kill the two of them. Their death would signify Martial Saint Dynasty’s end.


At this moment, the world shook. That’s right, the entire world was shaking violently. The tremor came from the barrier of the world. It felt as though the whole world was under some sort of fierce attack.

This was undoubtedly terrifying. Nothing as such had ever happened in the history of Saint Origin World. One should know that every world had its own law, and the law was the most stable thing in a world. Even the strongest Great Saint wouldn’t be able to shake the barrier of the world.

Jun Tianchou’s facial expression changed. He stopped his attack. The originally chaotic war zone had become silent all of a sudden. Everyone suddenly became motionless, face turning unusually grim as the violent shaking had shuddered their soul as well. They could also feel the invisible pressure that petrified them, giving them an indescribable feeling.

“What’s going on? Why is the world shaking?”

“No idea. Could it be that some great figure has come?”

“Impossible. We are the great figures of this world. There’s no one else, I can feel an inexplicable pressure that makes me want to worship it, however.”


Everyone was shocked. The whole world seemed to be frozen in time. Countless people were staring at the sky above, not knowing what’s happening. 

Just as everyone was still puzzled, a ghostly figure appeared in the sky above the battlefield.

The figure was a white-cladded young man, his dark hair flowing gently with the wind, eyes sparkling, and with a handsome face that looked like a banished immortal. His simple gaze could freeze the whole world.

Everyone found it difficult to breathe as soon as the youth emerged and stood in the void. Numerous Great Saints were shivering, having the impulse to kneel. Even Jun Tianchou had the same feeling. They couldn’t detect a single qi from the youth, however the youth still gave them a huge pressure, an unparalleled feeling of pressure. The power that this youth had was beyond all of their imagination.

“Jiang Chen!”

“Chen Er!”


Innumerable voices began to ring after the youth appeared. It could be heard that these voices were filled with astonishment. Wu Jiu, Wu Lang, Yu Zihan, and the rest almost over stretched their eyes, they had never thought that Jiang Chen would emerge at the most critical moment. They hadn’t seen him in hundreds of years. Their eyes were trickling with tears while thinking that they wouldn’t see him again in their lifetime. 

No one dared to believe this. It felt as though they were having a dream and that this was impossible, however the true legend of Saint Origin World, Jiang Chen has really appeared!

“Jiang Chen?”

When the name was spread, the faces of Jun Tianchou’s forces darkened. Everyone knew about this legend in the history of Saint Origin World. But then again, Jiang Chen should’ve already ascended to the Immortal World several hundred years ago. He couldn’t appear again in this world.

“How have you been, Brother Jiu?”

Jiang Chen smiled at Wu Jiu. He was trying his best to restrain his qi, knowing that even the slightest trace of his qi was unbearable to this world and these people.

His eyes couldn’t stop looking at those familiar faces. At long last, he was back. He had dreamt so many times to return to this warm scene.

“Brother, is it really you?”

Wu Jiu was unable to control his emotions. Apart from excitement, he also felt delighted. All the despair he had felt earlier instantly vanished. Jiang Chen’s return would completely change the fate of Martial Saint Dynasty. No matter how powerful Jun Tianchou was, he wouldn’t be able to fight Jiang Chen.

Being the emperor, his disposition was much stronger than the average people. Immediately, he used his divine sense to tell Jiang Chen everything that had happened here.

Jiang Chen frowned and shifted his gaze to Jun Tianchou.

“I never thought that another peerless figure has emerged in Saint Origin World. Unfortunately you have become an enemy,” said Jiang Chen plainly.

Jun Tianchou lifted his head to look at Jiang Chen. Originally, he didn’t dare to stare at Jiang Chen directly, but the shadow of meteorite seemed to appear in his eyes, making him fearless against Jiang Chen’s pressure.

“You are that legendary Jiang Chen that people talked about?” asked Jun Tianchou. 

All these years, he had been living under Jiang Chen’s shadow which had obstructed all of his light. He always felt pity that he wasn’t able to live in the same era as Jiang Chen, however he didn’t expect that he would actually see the real Jiang Chen today.

“That’s right. Jun Tianchou, he’s Jiang Chen, the true legend of Saint Origin World. In his presence, you will never become the greatest one in the world.” Yu Zihan said loudly.

“It’s over. This terrifying figure has actually returned. How is this possible? He has already ascended to the Immortal World. How can he come back to this world? How did he do that?”

“He’s too horrifying. His expression carried a hint of slaughter. I don’t even dare to look at his eyes directly, afraid that I may be killed with just a glance from him.”

“That’s true. He’s truly terrifying. Even though I’m already a ninth grade Great Saint, I still feel the impulse to kneel and worship him.”


The cultivators under Jun Tianchou were shivering with fear. They had never seen such a powerful figure. This kind of power had totally transcended the concept of this world.

“Jiang Chen, as you have already ascended to the Immortal World, you are going against the Heavenly Dao by returning to this world today. You will be punished by the Heavens,” said Jun Tianchou aloud.

“Punished by Heavens? I’m the Heavens. Only I, Jiang Chen can punish.”

Jiang Chen smiled plainly, however he still felt slightly astonished in his heart. This man surely isn’t as simple as he looked. He actually had a certain understanding of the Heavenly Dao.

“Haha! Jiang Chen, what are you so proud of? You were born several hundred years earlier than me. If we were in the same generation as you, you wouldn’t be able to reach your present height. You would be destined to become my stepping stone. Even if you have returned today, I, Jun Tianchou, am not afraid of you, because you will be restrained by the laws of this world, causing you to be unable to display your immortal strength. I want to fight you to establish my prestige as the greatest one in Saint Origin World.”

Jun Tianchou unleashed his qi. The shadow of meteorite in his eyes was becoming clearer. It seemed as though this meteorite had given him tremendous boldness to confront Jiang Chen.

The scene was thrown into chaos once more. Even Wu Jiu and the rest were impressed by Jun Tianchou’s audacity. Sure enough, this man was the most arrogant of all. Taking the initiative to challenge Jiang Chen was no different than seeking death.

“You are challenging me?”

Jiang Chen chuckled. He had already forgotten how it felt like to fight against a Great Saint. No matter how arrogant Jun Tianchou was, he was just an ant in Jiang Chen’s eyes.

“That’s right. I’m challenging you. Given my current strength, I’m invincible in Saint Origin World. I can kill all the ninth grade Great Saints with a strike. As long as I defeat you, I’ll be able to erase the legends that you had created and establish my own, becoming the greatest one in the Saint Origin World.” Jun Tianchou was going mad. 

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