Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1731

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Looking at Jun Tianchou’s insane look, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile. The fact that a Great Saint was challenging him made him feel as though he was degraded.


A blood-red red sword materialized in Jun Tianchou’s hand. He then leaped and slashed forward at Jiang Chen, but in the next moment, he let out a miserable wail, fell from the sky and lay on the ground like a dead dog. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t get up from the ground. His body felt as though an incomparably large mountain was pressing against it, making him unable to move; his mouth continuously spurting out blood.

*Hua La……*

The experts were astonished, every one of them were looking at Jiang Chen with a pair of horrified eyes. From start to finish, Jiang Chen didn’t even make a single move. It felt as though Jun Tianchou had fallen from the sky on his own. Jiang Chen wasn’t even looking at Jun Tianchou.

However, everyone knew that it was Jiang Chen who made Jun Tianchou lie on the ground like a dead man. Otherwise, given Jun Tianchou’s might, how could he allow himself to fall from above?

This was too scary. No one could imagine the current extent of Jiang Chen’s power. They knew nothing about the high and mighty Immortals. To them, a Great Saint was the most powerful being in this world, and Jun Tianchou had already reached the peak of Great Saint realm, which should’ve been enough to fight an Immortal if he went all out.

But now, the terrifying Jun Tianchou was so easily pinned down by the legendary Jiang Chen.

They naturally didn’t know that given Jiang Chen’s current cultivation base, he was considered among the top experts in the other world. Despite being only an early Immortal Emperor, he was powerful enough to kill an Immortal Venerable. The gap between him and a puny Great Saint was just too much.

Even though he was unable to display much of his power due to the pressure of the law, a single look from him was enough to kill Jun Tianchou a hundred times over. 

“Terrifying. That’s too terrifying. No wonder he was called a legend. His scariness exceeds our imagination.”

“That’s the power of a true Immortal. Lord Jun can’t compete with him at all.”

“The true legend of Saint Origin World has returned. Lord Jun is really unfortunate.”


Everyone couldn’t help feeling astonished. The outcome had exceeded their expectation.

Jun Tianchou was still lying motionless on the ground, not having the strength to struggle.

“My Goodness! What kind of strength is this?”

The cultivators of Martial Saint Dynasty couldn’t help gulping a mouthful of saliva. Many of the Great Saints and Minor Saints had only made their breakthrough recently, so they didn’t know a lot about Jiang Chen. They had only seen the portrait of him. On the contrary, they knew Jun Tianchou’s combat strength pretty well. Now that Jun Tianchou had become as vulnerable as an ant in Jiang Chen’s hands, they simply couldn’t imagine how powerful Jiang Chen was.

“Wu Lang, how powerful do you think Little Chen is right now?” Yu Zihan shrugged and asked with a smile.

“He has reached an extremely terrifying level. That kind of level is beyond our imagination.”

Wu Lang shook his head. Now, he could only admire Jiang Chen who was once an insignificant figure that wasn’t as good as him, and needed his help to resolve a crisis. Presently, the gap between them had become indescribable.

Jiang Chen moved one of his hand and Jun Tianchou flew skywards, then flying towards Jaing Chen. Even an idiot could see that it was Jiang Chen who made Jun Tianchou fly, otherwise, Jun Tianchou would still be motionless.

“Jiang Chen, could it be that you aren’t affected by the Heavenly Dao and the laws of the world?” Jun Tianchou asked in horror.

“I don’t need to exert any energy to deal with you. Plus, the Heavenly Dao is nothing to me. I, Jiang Chen, will break the Heavenly Dao sooner or later.”

Jiang Chen said flatly. He looked at Jun Tianchou with interest, suddenly feeling that this bastard was even more arrogant than Nanbei Chao. Unfortunately this man wasn’t born in the same generation as him. Otherwise, this man would definitely be another heaven defying genius.

“Haha! Jiang Chen, I’m the son of the Heavens and Earth. Do you know what does that mean? It means I won’t die. You can’t kill me.”

Jun Tianchou laughed as if he didn’t know what fear was. Despite being in the face of a great danger and Jiang Chen’s pressure, he could still maintain his arrogance.

“Really? Then let me tell you this, in front of me, whatever, ghost, god, devil or Buddha, as long as they offend me, they will only have one end – death.”

Jiang Chen spoke his last words. He didn’t want to waste time with Jun Tianchou. In his point of view, it was severely degrading of him to spend time conversing with someone that was so insignificant.


As soon as Jiang Chen’s voice faded, Jun Tianchou’s body exploded and evaporated, completely vanishing from this world.

From start to end, Jiang Chen just stood there, motionless, while Jun Tianchou was being eliminated so casually. Not a single residue of the bastard was left behind, as though he had never existed.

However, the instant Jun Tianchou died, Jiang Chen couldn’t help knitting his brows. He was sure that Jun Tianchou was already dead, but the way Jun Tianchou claimed to be the son of God made him uncomfortable. Instinct told him that Jun Tianchou isn’t as simple as he thought.

He believed deeply in his intuition especially after his Great Divination Art reached the Heavenly Will realm; he had already experience such a thing in Nanbei Chao.

Could it be that Jun Tianchou was also a clone of some great figure like Nanbei Chao?

Jiang Chen shook his head, and immediately scrapped the idea. Jun Tianchou wasn’t any sort of clone as the current him had become even more powerful compared to before. This was the reason he couldn’t determine the identity of Nanbei Chao. If he had his current cultivation base and eyesight that year, he would be able to see that Nanbei Chao was just a clone of someone at first glance.

Furthermore, he didn’t sense any qi from the clone of Jun Tianchou and was certain that Jun Tianchou was dead. It was just his intuition that told him that Jun Tianchou might not be an ordinary figure.

He then brushed aside all these meaningless thoughts. Jun Tianchou’s death had become a fact. Since Saint Origin World had been thrown into chaos, he naturally needed to unify the whole world once more.


His eyes fell upon the large force of devils, unconcealed killing intent glinted from his eyes. 

*Puff…* *Puff…*

A single look from him made all the devils fall to their knees. Not just them, but also all the cultivators who followed Jun Tianchou. They were kneeling on the ground, shivering.

At this moment, no one else would think about conquering the whole world. As Jun Tianchou was already dead, what qualifications do they have to fight against Jiang Chen? The gap between them was just too great. Jiang Chen was like a God, an unparalleled supreme being to them. Going against him would only have one end, death.

“People of the Devil Race, that year Ah Yan used the Supreme Devil Staff to subdue all of you. Instead of staying peacefully in your world, you have emerged to cause chaos and attacked Martial Saint Dynasty. It seems like there’s no need for all of you to exist anymore,” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“Please spare our lives, Immortal. We won’t dare to do it again. Our race has no choice but to yield to Jun Tianchou under his oppression.”

“That’s right, Immortal. All of these were caused by Jun Tianchou as he had threatened us. We had no other choice. As long as Immortal doesn’t kill us, we swear that we will hide in the Devil World and never come out again.”

“If Immortal doesn’t believe us, we can swear in the name of the Devil Race.”


The Devil Race were scared to death. They too, were afraid of death. Even though the people of the Devil Race were ferocious, the moment they were rendered powerless in front of an unparalleled God, they could only plead for their lives.

“It’s too late.”

Jiang Chen gave no explanation and casually flexed out his finger. Rays of flame rushed out like sharp swords, turning into spiritual serpents and fell into the bodies of all devils.

*Hong…* *Hong…*

“Ah…” “Ah…”

The fire instantly pervaded the devils. Along with the agonizing wails, the devils were all burnt to death in an instant.

“The Devil World don’t need to exist anymore.”

He stuck an arm into the void and grasped something. A world fell directly onto his palm. It was undoubtedly the Devil World, an atypical spatial zone that belonged to the devils.


With a gentle grasp, the Devil World was crushed. Millions of living spirits in that world instantly died. By now, all the devils in Saint Origin World were eradicated. None of their remains were left.

Jiang Chen was crystal clear that devils were unruly and brutal by nature. In order to ensure that the Devil Race won’t mess up again, the best way was to annihilate them for good.


Seeing Jiang Chen’s ruthlessness, everyone couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. He is truly too terrifying. He had destroyed a world with a single grasp. It was so effortless as though it was just a matter of thought.

No devil could emerge in Saint Origin World after they were annihilated.

The remaining forces of Jun Tianchou were lying on the ground, their bodies shivering in fear. Jiang Chen’s might had completely frightened them. It had gone beyond the limits of the human race. There was nothing else they could do apart from feeling afraid.

On the other hand, at the side of Martial Saint Dynasty, every one of them was beaming with delight, but similarly, they also felt extreme shock in their hearts. They never dared to imagine that a person could be this strong. 

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