Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1732

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Wu Jiu came to Jiang Chen’s side. At this moment, his emotions were running amok inside of him. He knew his brother all too well. Regardless of how terrifying Jiang Chen was, he wouldn’t feel strangely surprised. In his heart, Jiang Chen was a living miracle. The miracles Jiang Chen created in Saint Origin World were just too many. It was true that Jun Tianchou was scary, but he could never be compared to Jiang Chen.

“Brother, what should we do with these people?” asked Wu Jiu.

“Kill them all. Their hands have been stained with the blood of Martial Saint Dynasty,” said Jiang Chen in a flat tone. He had sentenced all these Great Saints and Minor Saints to death just like that.

“Please spare our lives, Immortal! We have done the wrong thing and we will not do it again. From now on, we’ll serve Martial Saint Dynasty with full earnestness.”

“Don’t kill us, Immortal! We really repent what we have done. Please don’t kill us!”


All of these experts were weeping bitterly on the ground. Although they were all powerful and had formidable force if they combined all of their strength together, they wouldn’t dare to have a single thought of rebelling against Jiang Chen after witnessing how he had annihilated the entire Devil Race.


Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly and gently stretched out a finger. The bodies of all the Saints burst, dying tragically. None of them were left alive.

The coldness on Jiang Chen’s expressionless face was frightening. This had always been his way of punishing his enemies, and the Immortal World was much more cruel compared to Saint Origin World. Based on his experience, he knew that one needed to be ruthless in order to establish a foothold in a world and be free of worry.

As all of these people had been stained with the blood of Martial Saint Dynasty, their death signified that the cultivators of Martial Saint Dynasty who died in the war was avenged. Moreover, he knew that soon, Wu Lang and Yu Zihan would ascend to the Immortal World. When the time came, the foundation of Martial Saint Dynasty would be slightly weaker. Even if these people surrendered now, Jun Tianchou has already instilled his beliefs on them, and it couldn’t be guaranteed that they wouldn’t rebel against the dynasty. So none of them should be left live.

Everyone in Martial Saint Dynasty saw everything that happened, and every one of them find it difficult to breathe. It was too horrifying. Jiang Chen’s ferociousness and ruthlessness was beyond their imagination. He had killed all the powerful enemies with just a casual movement that nobody would be able to do so.

“Brother Jiu, this is the law of the jungle. There’s no need to feel sorry for them. If you have fallen into their hands, what do you think would happen to you?”

Jiang Chen patted Wu Jiu’s shoulder, then strode towards Yan Zhanyun and Wu Tianyang.

Jiang Chen bowed deeply to the two and addressed them as, “Fathers-in-law.”

There weren’t many people in this world that could make Jiang Chen bow. The two in front were among the few.

“Good, Chen Er! If you hadn’t appeared today, Martial Saint Dynasty is finished.” Yan Zhanyun placed his hands on Jiang Chen’s shoulder, unable to control his emotions.

“You have been injured, father-in-law.”

Jiang Chen instilled wood spiritual qi into Yan Zhanyun’s body. Feeling a shudder, Yan Zhanyun immediately recovered, which surprised him once more. The means of his son-in-law were exceedingly terrifying.

The wood spiritual qi had been improving along with the advancement of Jiang Chen’s cultivation base. It had become purer and purer, its effect better and better. Given his current level, he could heal a Great Saint effortlessly.

“Chen Er, quickly tell me how are you all doing in the Immortal World,” Wu Tianyang asked excitedly.

Jiang Chen smiled. He knew that Wu Tianyang was actually asking about Wu Ningzhu. After all, Wu Ningzhu was his biggest concern amongst all of them who ascended.

“Don’t worry, father-in-law, Sister Ning is doing fine. Xiao Yu is also doing good. With me by their side, you two don’t have to worry. This time, I have divined that Martial Saint Dynasty was in trouble, so I broke through the Heavenly Dao and returned. But with my current strength, I can’t stay long in this world. I must return as soon as possible. Now that Jun Tianchou has already been eliminated, Martial Saint Dynasty’s safety is ensured,” said Jiang Chen. 

Even with the Immortal Mark residing in his body, he couldn’t stay in this world for too long. After all, he no longer belonged to and had long been detached from this world. This world wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure he’s emitting. His single sneeze could break the world apart.

Had it not been for the help of the Immortal Mark, the world would have collapsed upon his arrival.

“Brother, let’s go inside and talk.” Wu Jiu came to Jiang Chen’s side once more.

“Alright.” Jiang Chen nodded. Seeing the old and familiar faces reassured him.

In the main hall, all the higher-ups were back to their seats. Naturally, Jiang Chen was sitting at the topmost. As long as he was present, Wu Jiu wouldn’t occupy that seat, even if he was asked to.

Jiang Chen scanned the crowd and asked, “Where’s my dad?”

He had been looking for his dad’s shadow when he was outside but to no avail. Even now, with all the higher-ups gathered together, there was still no sight of his father. This undoubtedly raised his doubt.

“Chen Er, your dad ascended to the Immortal World a hundred years ago,” said Yan Zhanyun.

“What? My dad has already ascended?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but exclaim. This was certainly out of his imagination. Plus, his dad had ascended 100 years ago. According to the temporal law of Immortal World, Jiang Zhenhai had reached the Immortal World 100 days ago.

Jiang Chen hadn’t felt the qi of his father in the Ethereal Immortal Domain, but he couldn’t help it as he had been in the teeth of the storm. Furthermore, his father’s cultivation base would be very weak after ascending. It was normal that he couldn’t find him. Also, it wasn’t certain that Jiang Zhenhai had ascended to the Ethereal Immortal Domain. After all, there were nine great Immortal Domains in the Immortal World. There was a possibility that he had ascended to the other parts of the Immortal World.

“What about Ah Nan?”

Nangong Wentian too, was nowhere to be seen. Given Nangong Wentian’s talent, needless to say, he had also ascended to the Immortal World. Jiang Chen had tried searching for him, but found nothing in the end. Now that he didn’t see a shadow of Nangong Wentian in this world, it confirmed his speculation.

“Nangong Wentian has also ascended. It seems like you haven’t met them in the Immortal World,” said Wu Jiu.

“The Immortal World is too big for you all to imagine.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. The harvest of his return was quite bountiful. Not only had he resolved the crisis of Martial Saint Dynasty, but also learned that Jiang Zhenhai and Nangong Wentian had already ascended. The next thing he needed to do was to find a way to find those two. He wasn’t worried about Nangong Wentian at all, that dude’s talent was almost comparable to Han Yan’s. The person he was most concerned about was his father who had no special talent. Jiang Zhenhai was one of the conquerors in Saint Origin World, but in the Immortal World, he was close to a shrimp that could be bullied by just anyone.

Jiang Chen didn’t intend to let Jiang Zhenhai ascend to the Immortal World because staying in Saint Origin World was much safer, at least he wouldn’t have to worry about his father’s safety. However, he understood that Jiang Zhenhai missed him very much, and therefore, Jiang Zhenhai did his best to reunite with his son.

But now, Jiang Chen was worried for Jiang Zhenhai. That was his biological father. If anything were to happen to his father, he would surely put the blame on himself. No one knew the cruelty of the Immortal World more than he did.

Perhaps, in the eyes of Wu Jiu and the rest, ascension was a great honour, but they didn’t have knowledge that they were close to nothing as soon as they reached the Immortal World. Numerous ascendants regretted very much ascending to the Immortal World because they had all suddenly become insects in the new world. They could no longer live unrestrainedly and freely like before and going back to their previous world had become an extravagant hope, because there was no way they could return to the world they came from.

“Little Chen, I will ascend to the Immortal World one day.”

Yu Zihan spoke solemnly. He didn’t hope for the day when he would become as strong as Jiang Chen, but ascending to the Immortal World was his greatest goal. Both he and Wu Lang missed the days when they were fighting side by side Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen patted his shoulder cheerfully. 

He didn’t tell Yu Zihan how cruel the Immortal World was as he couldn’t break the dream of the person. In the past, he had the same dream and longing as Yu Zihan, ascension was his lifelong goal. In both lives, he had a similar goal.

As such, he didn’t have the right to take away Yu Zihan’s goal.

That night, Jiang Chen, Yu Zihan, Wu Lang and the rest were talking and drinking heartily just like in the past.

Yu Zihan and Wu Lang spoke a lot of things in the past as though it had just happened yesterday. Most of them were the miracles that Jiang Chen had created. Laughter filled the air incessantly. 

Jiang Chen left the next day. 

There was a statue in Martial Saint Dynasty. The statue was precisely Jiang Chen. It had been worshipped by the descendants of Martial Saint Dynasty. When he left, he had left a seed of his divine sense in the statue. This seed would never disappear for billions of years which was enough to ensure the eternal peace of Martial Saint Dynasty.

Jiang Chen summoned out the Divination Map, found the route of return, cast the Great Void Technique and vanished out of sight. Thoughts were racing in his mind. He was very worried about his father. The first thing he wanted to do the moment he returned to the Immortal World was to find the trace of his father. No matter where his father was, he would find him and bring him with him. Jiang Zhenhai was one of the most important people in his life.

Currently, the Immortal World had lost its peace. Not long after Jiang Chen left Great Qian Empire, the geniuses of the Immortal Courts had come. Jiang Chen would definitely be in great trouble.   

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