Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1734

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The young disciples of the Heavenly Jade Dynasty had been living under the trauma and pressure of Jiang Chen. Especially those geniuses who recently came back from the expedition in Golden Horizon, their fear for Jiang Chen was infinite. Until the appearance of Tian Yue, only then did they dare fully express their pride out.

In their opinion, Jiang Chen was no longer terrifying after he lost the Sun Divine Feather. At best, he was only an early Immortal Emperor genius with monstrous talent. They admitted that Jiang Chen was endowed with heaven-defying abilities, however they were also certain that the gap between him and Tian Yue was insurmountable. Jiang Chen could never fight Tian Yue. If he really choose to fight Tian Yue, he was destined to die in Tian Yue’s hands.

The scene was rather grand. After all, Tian Yue was a genius of Immortal Court. His presence symbolised the attendance of the Immortal Court, which was why it had attracted so many spectators. Furthermore, people knew that the main reason Jiang Chen was able to stay at the top of the young generation was because of the Sun Divine Feather.

As the Sun Divine Feather, Jiang Chen’s biggest reliance, had been taken away by Xiao Wangqing, he wouldn’t be able to stand at the peak of the young generation anymore given his early Immortal Emperor realm cultivation base. This battle would play the role in determining that Jiang Chen was just as weak as they thought.

Timed passed by quickly. Many of them were losing their patience. Jiang Chen was still nowhere to be seen. 

“What’s going on? Has that Jiang Chen gotten scared already? It doesn’t look like his style at all.”

“It’s hard to say. After all, he has lost the Sun Divine Feather. It’s only normal for him to feel scared. However we also can’t deny the fact that we have been waiting here for a long time. If Jiang Chen really isn’t going to show up in the end, then we all have wasted our time.”

“What the hell has happened? If this is true, Jiang Chen will become a big disgrace. As soon as everyone knew that the well-known Jiang Chen did not have the courage to face the battle, it will automatically help Tian Yue establish his prestige. This will then become something Tian Yue can brag about.”


The waiting time had been too long. It had been two hours since the emergence of Tian Yue. The sun was now hanging high in the sky. Countless people thought that Jiang Chen wouldn’t appear. Some scolded Jiang Chen for chickening out. Some shook their heads. It was supposed to be an unparalleled battle. Could the battle end just like this, because of Jiang Chen’s absence?

Above the mountain, Tian Yue was still wearing a smiling face. Although he had already waited for two hours, he didn’t seem angry at all, instead, his face was filled with pride. Jiang Chen’s refusal to fight indicated his fear for him. He could already imagine how powerful he has become to deter the well-known Jiang Chen from confronting him.

“What’s going on? What’s Jiang Chen doing? Why hasn’t he come?” Dongfang Yu couldn’t take it anymore.

“If Jiang Chen doesn’t appear today, our reputation will be completely ruined.” 

Yang Yu’s facial expression didn’t seem pleasant as well. As a matter of fact, this battle wasn’t just about the battle between Jiang Chen and Tian Yue, it also involve the Heavenly Jade Dynasty and Great Qian Empire. Everyone in the world knew that Jiang Chen was a disciple of Great Qian Empire. If Jiang Chen failed to show up today, the Heavenly Jade Dynasty would have the reason to mock Great Qian Empire. This was something Yang Yu didn’t wish to happen.

“We’ll wait for a while longer. I believe that Little Chen will come,” said Yang Bufan. 

His heart was also pulsating. He would never believe that Jiang Chen had become a coward—the fact remained that Jiang Chen was still not here, however. Jiang Chen was probably handling some pressing matters.

Another half an hour passed. Jiang Chen was still absent. People on the scene began to express their frustration. Particularly the people of Heavenly Jade Dynasty, the language they used to scold and curse Jiang Chen was outrageous.

“Haha! That little monster finally know what dread is. He finally knows that Brother Tian Yue is much stronger than him. He’s so scared that he didn’t even have the guts to come out.”

“Yes. Everyone, please don’t boast about Jiang Chen anymore. He’s just a coward who relied on the Sun Divine Feather. He has gone into hiding after losing it!”

“Also, the people of Great Qian Empire, you all better stay as far away from the people of Heavenly Jade Dynasty as possible and should walk with your tail between your legs, just like Jiang Chen, haha……”


The cultivators on Heavenly Jade Dynasty’s side was exceedingly arrogant, however they do have the right to be arrogant as Jiang Chen hadn’t appeared yet.

Numerous cultivators from Great Qian Empire had arrived at the scene. Each of them was filled with fury, and was rendered speechless. Unless Jiang Chen appeared at this time, or else, they could only force this mockery down their stomach.

“Is that so?”

Just as the mocking voice faded, an icy cold voice suddenly sounded from the void. In the next moment, a white-clad youth emerged from it, walking towards the top of the 30000-meter mountain nonchalantly.

“Jiang Chen?”

Seeing the incomer, all the cultivators of Great Qian Empire exclaimed. Yang Yu heaved a sigh of relief. This little monster had appeared at last. If he didn’t, the emperor wouldn’t know how much shame he had to bear.

“Jiang Chen has come. I knew that he isn’t a coward.”

“Yeah! Based on Jiang Chen’s style, a mere Tian Yue is far from enough to scare him away.”

“Alright. A good show is going to start soon. We have not come in vain today.”


Jiang Chen’s sudden appearance immediately set off a violent storm. Everyone was stirred. Such a scene darkened Tian Yue’s face. The fact that Jiang Chen’s appearance stirred the whole crowd alone made him extremely uncomfortable. This indicated that Jiang Chen’s reputation was much bigger compared to his. Everyone was looking forward to see Jiang Chen fight, not him.

Jiang Chen looked over at the disciples of Heavenly Jade Dynasty who had mocked Great Qian Empire and spoke coldly, “It seems like the lot of you have forgotten how you all fled helplessly in Golden Horizon. You all have criticized me behind my back. Now that I’m standing here, I dare you to criticize me again. You are just a bunch of timid rats. I, Jiang Chen, have come late because a mere Tian Yue isn’t enough to earn my respect. The fact that I’m here says that I’m generous enough to give you all face.”

Every word of Jiang Chen was filled with extreme arrogance, making all the disciples of Heavenly Jade Dynasty at a loss for words. Their face became ghastly pale, however none of them dared to rebut Jiang Chen’s remark. 

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